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The Seventh Daughter Of The Seventh Daughter


My Grannie Nicholas was an amazing woman, who had fought in the Dutch resistance during the Second World War and had met my Grandad during the liberation of Holland. They had got married and settled in England after the war and brought up their family in my home town of Boston. She played a big part in helping to bring me up when my parents' marriage broke up. My sister and I would often stay at her bungalow and sleep in a big double bed. When it was our bedtime, she would come into the room and say our prayers and buff up our pillows and say 'snug as a bug in a rug.' As we grew up she would tell us all sorts of strange ghost stories related to her own experiences. She always claimed to have a sixth sense to see ghosts as she was the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter.

In 1993, I moved to the Doncaster area and taught history a local school in Mexborough. I met a local girl and settled down in Bessacarr and had my own family. My grandmother always loved children and my mum would often bring her to our house to visit. Unfortunately, she suffered from dementia, but as soon as I put my baby daughter Rebecca into her arms she would awaken and come back into herself. It was a strange and beautiful thing to see.

On the night of her death, my mum rang to let me know that she was close to passing away. I had popped down a few days before to hold her hand and say goodbye. As I lay in bed at about 10. 45 I felt a presence come into our house. It first went into my young son's room, who woke up, briefly cried and then as quickly stopped. It then went to my baby daughter's room and she also woke up, briefly cried and then as quickly stopped and then it came into my room. I felt the presence of my gran and kiss against my cheek and in my mind I heard her say 'as snug as a bug in a rug.' The phone then went; it was my mum letting me know that my Gran had just passed away.

It can be very easy to dismiss these sorts of experiences as wishful thinking, but several years later both my Grannie Kay and my sister who lived in Seattle reported similar experiences. My Grannie Kay was pretty much chair bound and often could only sleep sat up because her breathing problems At night her carers would make her comfortable and would turn off the TV at the socket as she was always worried about an electrical fire. Shortly before my Grannie Kay died she told me several strange things which had happened to her, but she told that on the night of my Grannie Nicholas' death her TV had turned on and my Gran appeared on the TV outside of my mum's house, where she had died, waving goodbye. I then told her about my own experience. Spine-tinglingly, my sister told me exactly the same story, but in her case she was doing some housework at the time in her home, thousands of miles away in Seattle in the USA.

Occasionally, our new house is still occasionally visited by a presence, which I liked to think is my Gran popping into to check on me. On one occasion, I even recorded the glass beads on my bedside light moving in a most peculiar way on my mobile phone. The phenomenon continued for about 30 minutes, but I recorded it for about 10 minutes and have posted it to this link on Youtube:

Notice how the crystal is being pulled up and is not going fully back.


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Cuddlebear (4 stories) (173 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-12)
huggybear ~ Great name by the way

The Video is very compelling. I'm glad you answered many of Bibio's questions. I too would like to know what happened when you stopped the bead from swinging. I have a similar experience with a chair in our family. When I've stopped it it just stopped, nothing else.

Hope to hear more from you
RSAChick (115 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-11)
I watched this video on youtube and got sucked into a spiral of watching ghost videos for a large part of the weekend, I am ashamed to say!
Check out Ghosts of Carmel Maine's account for some interesting videos!

As far as this video is concerned, I have no idea if it is real or not and agree with Biblio's analysis.
Hope hugybear returns to read Biblio's comments again and answer the questions.
What happened, or what did it feel like when you stopped the crystal?
And what is supposed to be on the wall?

Thanks for the mention, Biblio, but sorry, no special opinions or insights.
Sleeping-with-steve (guest)
5 years ago (2019-02-09)
Hi Huggybear2000, and RCRuskin,


I just watched your YouTube video. Interesting indeed. You sure do snore loud.😵Lol.

Thanks for sharing your post.


I up voted you and when I came back your karma point was removed. Strange, it happened to a couple of other members too that I upvoted in the last few days.😱

I usually upvote every member, its my way of knowing who's comments I've read. Better to give than take.

Best wishes
Miandra 😘
hugybear2000 (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-09)
Hi Bibliothecarius

You are right to pick up the issue between my account and the posting on YouTube. There have been a number of events, some nice and some not so nice, I included the link in the video to help illustrate my account of my Gran and that there have been some supernatural goings on.

In terms of what happened after the video, I woke my wife up who looked at the light and told me to 'stop messing about.' I then followed up on some advice of my mum from a long time ago and turned over, closed my eyes and said a prayer and went to sleep! That normally works, but with one exception.

The heavy breathing that you can hear in the background is me, I do suffer with various allergies which impact on my breathing.

In terms of follow up to the video, the reason why I originally posted the video as on another occasion which has caused some debate in our household. I should preface this next account ny adding that my wife believes that I sufer from night terrors. On another occasion, I did feel a negative force come into my bedroom and lift me up, move me about 8 inches to the right and then drop me onto the edge of the chest of draws that you can see in the video. The result of this was that my back was heavily scratched by the corner. I still have a faint scar on my back.

In 2016, I decide to follow it up after several other experiences by visiting a native American Shamen who claimed that they were able to remove the negative force that had attached itself to me. It seems to have worked and certainly my night terrors seem to have stopped. I decided to share my Grans story as way of bringing closure to what at the time was some pretty frightening events.

I entitled it the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter as both my mum and my Gran cliamed to have the gift and have shared soem pretty shocking and interesting experiences with me over the years.

Everything that I have told you above is true, if there are any inconsistencies then I apologise as I have written them down as I remember them.

Thank you for your interest, let me know if I can answer anymore questions.

Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-09)
Roy, a quick follow-up question:

You stated, "Occasionally, our new house is still occasionally visited by a presence, which I liked to think is my Gran popping into to check on me. On one occasion, I even recorded the glass beads on my bedside light moving in a most peculiar way on my mobile phone." Fine, but in the description on the decade-old video link (Published on Feb 17, 2009), you stated "I was woken up in the early hours of this morning by a strange presence in my bedroom. It felt really angry and nasty." The two descriptions of this event seem incongruous. Would you mind explaining this?

Additional Youtube information: "I finally decided to record it with my phone. It continued for another 10 minutes until I decided to stop it." What happened when you stopped the swinging crystal? Was there any particular sensation or reaction to your interfering with the motion?

Your comment on Youtube ends with a question and an instruction: "Do Ghosts exist? Look at the wall!" What is on the wall besides normal shadows that seem to move slightly with the angle of your telephone? What is it that I am missing, here?

I'd love to see RSA's opinion on this, also.

Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-09)
Greetings, Roy, and welcome to YGS.

We had a similar spectral visit in our family, decades ago. I'm inclined to believe the peculiarity of the visits your great-grandmother made, and I'm using both meanings of "peculiar." They were unusual event for each person, but each event was specific to the person receiving the message.

I watched your video three times. The first time was to determine if there is a method for faking your clip; I noticed two possibilities. The second time was to verify that these methods were or were not being employed in manufacturing a hoax (it has happened before) or in a mis-representation of a natural phenomenon (also happened before). The third time was because I could neither see nor hear evidence to support either of my hypotheses, but I noticed two factors that would make my guesses unlikely: the second crystal & your phone.

The obviously-swinging crystal immediately grabs the audience's attention. The hanging crystal behind it is *also* swinging. However, the second crystal slows and stops swinging, as is common for pendulums, while the first crystal continues swinging with approximately the same vigor at the end of the clip as at the beginning. I can hear your somewhat-congested sounding breathing (given your Grandmother's breathing issues, I'd mention that to the doctor); your exhalations are not synchronized with the crystal's movement. However, with the volume turned up to hear your breathing, there is no sound of a secondary source to cause the pendent crystal to swing.

Secondly, your phone is in your hand. You have a pretty stable grip, but you do change the angle of the phone slightly from left to right during the 90-second clip. This means your phone was not left unattended, propped up against a stand, while you were elsewhere in the room perpetrating a hoax. The potential for your generating a silent hoax *without* transferring any of your body's motion to the camera is infinitesimal.

There's still room for doubt in your video, but it's damned odd that one crystal (out of 5 visible crystals) swings in a consistent arc for 90 seconds without an obvious energy source.

"'Curiouser and curiouser' said Alice."

silverknight (1 stories) (25 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-09)
Hello hugybear2000. Thank you for sharing your story, I think it is very heartwarming. God bless your granny's soul. Your experience shows that you have a loving grannie and her love transcends the boundaries of physical life. I too can relate to your story as I encountered some strange stuff too on the morning my granny died too. 😊
RCRuskin (9 stories) (817 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-09)
Ghost stories make the best bedtime stories. 😁

I don't have much to say, other than to pray your relations' Memories be Eternal, but this isn't quite a ghost story, just family visiting family. I like how grandmother comforted your children.

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