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Daughter's Night Terror


I haven't written in some time, I don't have a lot of experiences to write about, but when my eldest daughter was about 6 years old she woke up one night to something that really terrified her. She did not have a history of night terrors. Only one time before did she wake up to a bad dream. Also night terrors have an element of amnesia, as the child experiencing it has difficulty "snapping out of it" and when finally roused, are usually confused and don't remember what scared them in the first place. That wasn't the case here.

So anyway, I was asleep and it was the middle of the night when I was awoken by my daughter calling for me. Since she sounded so frightened I immediately rushed to her bedroom. She was sitting up in bed, wide awake and just had this look on her face like she had just seen a ghost. She told me she had simply woke up - she didn't mention she had had a scary dream that woke her up, she just woke up suddenly. When she looked at the open doorway she described to me that someone wearing a hooded robe was standing in the door, and this figure was glowing but was black where the face should be. She obviously was scared to death, but was still able to call for me. "Then you walked right through it and it disappeared."

I've written it off to a nightmare. My daughter never had any other experience like that before or since. As for me "walking through" this thing, whatever my daughter saw with her eyes, I certainly felt nothing. No weird vibes, cold spots, I wasn't even anxious or scared, other than the stress of seeing my daughter so scared.

My daughter is now 31. She is smart and very scientifically minded, studied physics in college, and doesn't put a lot of stock into things of a supernatural nature since she has to be able to have a logical explanation for everything. Yet she still recounts that story exactly as she described it that night, and still insists that I "walked through this thing" when I came to her in the night. She isn't denying what she saw, but only recounts it as a nightmare or bad dream.

Has anyone else experienced something similar. I've also heard of lucid dreaming, where the person is aware of having a dream, often with terrifying elements, but do young kids have these? My daughter have never mentioned having anything like this happen to her as an adult.

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Caz (342 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-23)
'What is real?'...that's a very good question DM and I hope you won't think I'm psychotic when I say that personally I believe it's 'what we can see and touch' that's not real!
Desertmoon (4 stories) (23 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-17)
Caz Thank you - I guess we really don't know the nature of what we "see" that doesn't make sense or is outside of what we think of as "real." Especially at night when you've been asleep and maybe out of it. But the question is what is real? Is it what you can see and touch? Is it just what you see, even if only just for a few seconds? Certainly what my daughter saw was not something I experienced with any of my 5 senses -but does what is real also have to be verifiable by another person? We dismiss people with psychosis as simply having hallucinations, and therefore what they see or hear that others don't is not considered "real." So why, for others, is seeing spirits or ghosts that others can't are labeled as being sensitive, or psychic, and not psychotic? My take is that there is more to the physical world than just the physical.
Desertmoon (4 stories) (23 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-17)
BART43 This must have been an isolated incident, since she has never recounted anything of this nature since. Just like my own "shadow" I saw (in my other story) it was just that once, and like you I guess a lot of people have single-episodic experiences. So no, it hasn't had any impact on her life that I am aware of. The only other "weird" story she related to me was a while back when she was at a friend's apartment, maybe about ten years ago, so she would have been in her early twenties. She told me her friend had mentioned to her things sometimes happened to him that he couldn't explain. So on this particular night she was visiting and someone knocked hard on the apartment door, but no one was there when her friend answered it. This happened a couple times more, and whoever was knocking was gone when the door was open; she told me the knocking was more like a pounding - so hard it rattled the door. They decided at that point to both stand next to the door in case it happened again so they could open the door immediately to see who was messing with them. So when the pounding repeated itself yet again, they were ready and flung the door open. No one was there. My daughter said there was no way anyone could have done that and got away without being seen. I believe her, as she isn't the kind of person to make up stuff like that. She has no explanation. She still doesn't really consider that it was paranormal, but figured there is some logical explanation, which she just hasn't figured out yet.
Caz (342 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-15)
DM...My first thought was how likely or unlikely is it that a 6 year old girl could conjure that image up out of her own little head... Unless she'd seen something on TV. Hooded robed figure? Black where the face should be? Glowing? I think it's more likely than not, that she 'did' see this figure. If so... I can't help feeling this spirit meant no harm. For one thing, it never returned to scare her again and for another... I think you probably would have felt or sensed 'something' when you walked through it, but I'm no expert. These were just my first thoughts on reading this. Very interesting and well written Thanks for sharing it with us!
Myst (63 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-14)
Desertmoon-Yes, young kids can have lucid dreams. I had my first one at age 4. Fortunately, it wasn't scary.
BART43 (5 stories) (21 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-13)
Hi Desertmoon.
Scary story. I can relate to what happened to your daughter. It happen to me once. Luckily it's just that one time only. Did your daughter still see the thing? Does what happened had affected her life in any way?

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