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Sleeping Terror


This took place when I was a child, living with my grandparents home was also with my mother and uncle all under one roof.

Now mind you, when I was a kid I was used to the feelings and seeing of entities as long as they were nice. Most where thankfully kind and understanding.

When I was young I was afraid of the dark and when it was my bed time I would turn on my christmas lights, which used to be on my bedpost just so I can sleep. It was pretty nice and I always loved it, making it easier to rest and sleep; however, one night in particular was frightening.

On that night I was being bad and my mother decided to punish me by taking the lights away. I was terrified and was crying, pleading for my mother to not take the lights. No matter what I said she wouldn't listen and put them in her room. Now I was a young, crying child in the pitch black, darkness that was the night in my room alone and afraid. I looked on in fear in the dark void that was my room now and suddenly felt an overwhelming tiredness over me out of nowhere. I tried to fight it, but with no prevail and soon past out in a deep sleep.

Unknowingly, when I fallen asleep, I woken up in my astral state. This particularly astral projection was like what you see in the insidious movie. The room was my room, but a dark version of it. I was facing the wall that my bed was against and instantly felt something behind me, breathing on me. I was breathing heavily and was terrified, but something awoken in me. I was tired of being afraid of the dark and built up the courage to turn around and let out an angry yell. As I did, I could hear a man yelling back. It was deep and almost an echo. Only a second past before I bolted awake. I was shaken and looked around in my room to only find nothing.

Ever since that night I was never afraid of the dark and slept without my christmas lights.

I always thought of that experience and how so real it was to me. It wasn't until years later that I found out a man killed himself in our gurage.

Could it have been that man? Could it be my dead family members? Could it have been just a wild kid's imagination affecting their dreams?

I don't and probably will never know. Tell me what you guys think and let me know if you had any similar experiences.

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lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-28)

I'm a bit puzzled with your questions if, after all, as a kid you were "used to the feelings and seeing of entities as long as they were nice."

What did you feel/sense when 'encountering' this man?
Was it common for you, as a child, to have out of body experiences? If so, were you aware of what was going on and of the difference between astral projection and OBO?

Anyway, it seems like something good came after this experience. Thanks for sharing.

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