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Lately, I've been feeling watched when no one is there (a bit more so than usual). Just yesterday, I was looking for something in my closet and the door was opened all the way so it'd stay put. I was looking in the lower section of the closet and the door starts to close on me. I can feel someone/thing pushing it so I push the door back to where it was and say "Stop it! Go away and leave me alone!"... then I finally felt alone... and know I'm the only one there.

Later that night, when I'm trying to get to sleep, I feel again the "watched" feeling. I search my whole room but no one is there. So I lay down and try to sleep. The feeling is still there, so I turn to my other side and pull the blanket over my head. I fall asleep for a little while, but I wake up again, turn over, and I see shadows shifting slightly where there shouldn't be any shadows. I go to put the blanket over my head again, but just before it gets over my head, I feel a breath of cold air on my face. I also notice my vision gets a weird tinted fog over it. I finally get to sleep.

Since the encounter in the story First Real Fright, I've been a bit afraid of being completely alone, I can ignore the weird feelings more easily when I'm with my friends. It only seems to bother me when I'm completely calm. When we moved 5 years ago, we moved into a house my dad built himself just for us and we lived on what used to be just a corn field.

My mom also hears things. She'll hear footsteps and knocking at her bedroom door and also feels the presence in the upstairs hallway. I also feel it and hear it. I think there are 2 different ones though, the one in the hallway seems more like a guy and the one in my room seems to be a girl. My mom and I are the only ones to hear or feel anything. We're also the only ones to believe in them in my family, as my brother and dad do not.

What are your opinions?

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NightMaiden (6 stories) (21 posts)
14 years ago (2008-01-06)
I have a feeling of being "watched", too, but I guess it likes watching me, because it has never taken evasive action against me. I know it sounds hard, but try not to be scared 😆, and I'm sure the ghost(s) will get the meaning that you aren't afraid of them.

Thank you for sharing your experiences! 😊

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