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Most of my life I have experienced a lot of paranormal activity, just small little things that you notice but just accept. Because we do after all have to coexist with one another. However there are 5 particular incidents that took place, that I personally feel are note worthy. This is my # 4.

The year was 1994 and I was 17 years of age at the time.

I was living in Pocatello Idaho with my ex husband's parents. The house was an older unfinished two story, that was situated on a dead end street. It was one among four others. My ex husband, whom was my fiance at this time, had gotten into some trouble with the law and was sent away for eight months. Because of my abusive situation at home, I had no other choice but to stay at my fiance's parents house. Honestly I would have rather stayed somewhere else, but my options were very slim.

Around the fall of that year, one of the local cemeteries had been vandalized by a couple of teenagers. Several tombstones had been destroyed, including my ex husband's Grandfather's. To try and save a buck, my ex husbands father brought the pieces of the gravestone to his house and attempted to fix it.

It must of been a difficult task for him, because I recall seeing it sort pieced together in a makeshift wooden box just sitting in the basement in his work area.

That was around the time I had my first encounter with what I'm assuming was my ex husband's Grandfather's ghost. It was late at night and one of the other teenagers that lived there had to go to bed for school in the morning and as they were leaving my room asked me if I wanted him to turn out the light on his way out. Not thinking much about it, I said it would be fine and with that he exited my room and the light went out. Here I was just sitting on my bed kind of letting my eyes adjust to the darkness and getting ready to climb into bed, when I hear a heavy thud at the other end of the room. I fixed my eyes in that direction to see what could have made that noise and was completely horrified to see a shadowy figure just standing in the moonlight. I wanted to run away, but was afraid it might lunge at me as I had to run right past it to get out of the room. It didn't have any facial features, but I just know it was looking at me.

It didn't move or anything, it just stood there. I got the silly idea that perhaps if I simply slid into bed and turned my back to it, then it would go away. I was wrong! As soon as I did this, I could hear footsteps scurrying across the room and stop right next to the bed where I was laying. I could feel my heart begin to race. In a panic I pulled the blanket up over my head. I then heard it walk to the foot of the bed. I was absolutely terrified at this point and didn't know what to do. My heart was beating so fast and so hard I thought it might burst. In that moment I got yet another silly thought that if I was asleep, then this being would lose interest and go away. So I began to make snoring sounds. It didn't seem to be working because it was still there, I could hear it move it's feet at the end of the bed. But I persisted with the snoring sounds. I then felt the bed next to me sink in as if someone had climbed into bed with me. I remained under that blanket making snoring sounds, unsure of what was to come. I must of eventually fell asleep because I awoke the next morning and the thing was gone.

At that point I was terrified to sleep alone in the room. It just so happened there was another girl also staying in the house that came to me and asked if she could stay in my room. This worked out perfectly for me.

I explained to her what had happened the night before and she became creeped out. We made a pact that if either of us ever had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night we would go together. She learned quickly that I was not making up my ghostly encounter on one of our nightly ventures downstairs to use the bathroom. She had gone into the bathroom and as I sat out in the living room waiting for her to return, I heard the door to the stairs leading to the basement open and close. I sat there listening and hoping for a sign that it was just my fiance's Mom making sure the house was secured or something of that nature. His Mom's room was down the hall from the door. So there I sat waiting to hear her footsteps, which would have been followed by the sound of her bedroom door closing. To my surprise, I heard neither. A few moments later the girl came back into the living room and asked me if I had shut that door to the basement.

As I was trying to tell her that I had thought it was her Grandma, we heard the door open and close once more. Followed by footsteps running down the hall and then stop right where we standing. Which happened to be an unfinished open staircase. We looked at eachother and took off running up the stairs, sort of pushing eachother out of the way. When we made it back into my room, we decided that we would try to hold our pee all night from now on. For the most part we were able to do this.

During the eight months that my fiance was away, I learned that his Mother had also been hearing things. Since I had that girl bunking with me and we would no longer venture downstairs at night things were pretty uneventful.

There was another occasion when I had a friend stay over and my usual bunky was gone on this particular night, my friend had asked for something to drink and I didn't want to deny her a drink. We headed down to the kitchen and made some juice. I was standing there at the cutting board stirring the juice when we heard a low very deep groaning coming from the hallway. We look at each other and listen, and just like before, we hear the door to the basement open and close. I dropped the spoon right in the juice pitcher and begin to run for the stairs, my friend followed. Once we were in my room I told her all about the visitor I had before. For the remainder of the eight months nothing else really happened. My ex husband was released from prison and we got a place of our own.

Ten years later, we were moving from Missouri to Boise and found ourselves passing through Pocatello very late at night and needing a place to stay. Naturally we ended up at his parents. It was an extremely long drive from Missouri to Idaho and we were exhausted. We took the room at the top of the stairs and put our kids in the room next to ours.

We were just about to settle into bed when we hear very loud, very slow footsteps ascending the stairs. We knew it wouldn't and couldn't have been either of his parents because they were older now and not as mobile as they once were. I thought it was our oldest boy returning from the bathroom and maybe stomping on his way back upstairs. So I asked my ex husband to pop the door open to tell him to be quiet, but when he opened the door there was nobody there. I had him go check on the boys and he told me they were fast asleep. We shut our bedroom door and once again the footsteps began. So he popped the door open once more and still no sign of anyone, but the footsteps were unmistakable. He shut the door one more time. Within moments the footsteps started up again, until they reached the landing outside our door. We sat there just listening and there was silence. Suddenly there was a faint tapping on the door, to me sounded like a kid's fingers. Convinced it was somehow our oldest boy we quickly popped the door open and again there was no one there. When he checked on the kids for a second time, they were still fast asleep. I was starting to feel uneasy and being reminded of the visitor I had when I was 17. My ex husband was just standing there with the door in his hand with a puzzled look on his face and I said " SHUT THE DOOR!" As he was shutting the door I watched the door be pushed in the opposite direction and out of his hand. He quickly grabbed hold of the door and shut it.

That's when we could hear something running up and down the hallway hitting the walls as it went. We were tired, we needed sleep and we didn't have the money for a hotel room. So our only choice was to try and get some rest before we finished the drive to our destination. With the obnoxious noises just outside the door we proceeded to get into bed, when I started to smell a very rancid smell. It was awful, smelled like something rotten. I asked my ex husband if he could smell it, he could not. I certainly could. It seemed like the more I complained about it the stronger it became. Determined that it was a dead mouse we tore that room apart in hopes stop find the carcass. Never did find anything, but the smell persisted all night. When we woke up the next day, we drove out of there never to return again. Since then his parents have passed and the family replaced the Grandfather's headstone. I wonder if the new tenants have ever had a visitor?

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Dar77 (6 stories) (29 posts)
1 week ago (2019-09-09)
Taintedprincess, thanks for reading! I am so glad you enjoyed it. As far as sharing my story on your podcast, I thank you for wanting to include my experience however I feel it be best for it to just stay on this site.
Dar77 (6 stories) (29 posts)
1 week ago (2019-09-09)
Bru- thanks for reading and I enjoy knowing that it affected you as it should have, because when it happened I was pretty scared myself. That's why I wanted to share, so that others could sort of experience the fear I experienced. I believe however that it really was the grandfather, who had become restless because of his gravestone being busted. Also when I had told my ex mother in law the details of the figure I had seen, she explained that it fit the description of her deceased father in law. Thanks again for reading and for the input
Taintedprincess (20 posts)
1 week ago (2019-09-09)
wow what a story, I just started a new paranormal podcast and I am in desperate need for content. Would you mind if I shared your story?
Regards taintedprincess ❤
Bru (3 posts)
1 week ago (2019-09-09)
One of the best stories I've read in a while. Had me at the edge of my seat. I feel like it might not have been your ex's grandfather. Seemed like an angry, or miserable spirit. Then again, I don't know the person his grandfather was.
Dar77 (6 stories) (29 posts)
2 weeks ago (2019-09-01)
Faith_2000, I do realize the paragraphs are lengthy. However I am not a writer by any means, just someone who wanted to share my personal experiences. I do apologize for that anyway & thanks for taking the time to read it. I am glad you liked it, and yes there were many 'scary' things I lived through... Which made me the weird, yet colorful individual I am today
Faith_2000 (1 stories) (6 posts)
2 weeks ago (2019-08-31)
Being dyslexic I kind of found the long paragraphs of your story kind of difficult to read. Despite this you seem to have some very scary experiences in your past.

I can't wait to here more from you as your stories are quite interesting. ❤❤❤
Dar77 (6 stories) (29 posts)
3 weeks ago (2019-08-25)
Alliejade, thanks I am glad you liked it & thank you for checking it out.
alliejade (1 posts)
3 weeks ago (2019-08-25)
Really nice story! Thanks for sharing. I was intrigued the whole time.
Dar77 (6 stories) (29 posts)
3 weeks ago (2019-08-23)
LuciaJacinta, I am glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to read it. Having lived through both experiences, I can say that each remain disturbing for me, as well as the other ones I've shared. Between me & you I am always afraid that when I'm in bed at night I'm going to see something standing in my room. As far as the little girl goes, I just simply do not look out windows. Sad really, but I'm just thankful I am able to share these things with you.
LuciaJacinta (7 stories) (234 posts)
4 weeks ago (2019-08-23)
Wow. Great story. I was reading this and got to the end before I realized who wrote this. Another very interesting tale Dar77. "The night gown" is still to me the creepiest. But, this one is pretty scary too.

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