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Lifted In My Sleep


I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night.

The front half of my body was high off the bed. Not sitting up but neither lying down. Not doing a crunch or a sit-up. At that angle that's impossible (especially for me) to hold. My stomach and my muscles weren't strained. This wasn't me holding me at a 45 degree angle.

I'd never experienced anything *like this* so my instant reaction was to move. I couldn't. I waved my arms around to sit up, nothing. I waved them to get back on the bed. I couldn't. It was if my bed had lifted with me. Whatever was behind my back - it was solid. And holding me there.

I wasn't processing what was happening with fear. I never do when I experience something this unusual. I always try to think of what's rational. But right now I was stuck and I couldn't work out why. Was I having a back spasm or some physical reaction? I couldn't move but I felt no tension or discomfort.

After a few minutes of struggling, everything changed. I wasn't let go of. I didn't fall back to my bed.

I was pushed. With force. And as I hit the bed hard, I felt a strong presence, like a strong wind go through my body. It's a strange thing to describe. It went through me and the bed. Through my face. It felt abrupt & angry.

As with all of my experiences, they don't happen often. Maybe once a decade. But this was recent and by far the worst. I'd like to know how I can stop them. They've happened ever since I lost my grandmother. I was with her when she died. I've seen theories from other people who've experienced near death and afterwards begun to see or experience things that weren't visible before. Any advice or experiences any one else can share, I'd be grateful for. Thank you.

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outofthemirror (guest)
3 years ago (2020-11-15)
Are you a loud snorer. Maybe spirit did not like noises you make while sleeping. 45 degree angel. Maybe you stopped breathing spirit helped you. Thanks for sharing.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-05)

I honestly had hoped that your answer would be "no difference." This would have convinced me to join those who suggested sleep paralysis caused your peculiar experience.

I like straightforward, reasonable explanations for peoples' unusual experiences; I do not like to be an alarmist who leaps to the worst possible explanation as the likely cause. That said, I suspect that your levitation, paralysis, and subsequent sensations may have been consistent with an attack by a negative entity.

I don't want to give you the impression that this event was demonic, for example, as there are a great many other potential spiritual encounters with negative associations. It may have been an encounter with the spirit of an angry deceased person, even the a manifestation of an unpleasant astral projector's willpower, but the diminished light and your sensation of being pushed around indicate that this was a deliberate attack of some kind. Manifestation of that level of willpower can require the use of localized available energy, hence the diminished light phenomenon.

As I look over your responses and clarifications, I think that there may have been someone with a personal score to settle who retaliated against you with a negative spiritual attack.

I want to stress that this is speculation on my part, but it is consistent with the details you have provided. You may want to consider positive meditation techniques, prayer, or a spiritual cleansing ritual to prevent accumulation of negative thoughts & experiences that may allow someone/something to reach out in a similar manner in future.

Just an odd suggestion, I know, but it would be a positive spiritual action for you to take that would also function as a deterrent to any similar experiences in future.

Take care,
Beenie (2 stories) (7 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-04)
Greetings Biblio,

The previous experience was a long time ago - maybe 10 years, in a different home. So I no longer sleep with the light on, not for a long time.

Normally the light is off but the blinds are up and my room fills with street light. I live in London and there is a building overlooking my window that's lit-up brightly 24hours. Bright enough to see in my room, but not as bright as a night light, if that makes sense. I choose normally not to put the blinds down. When I woke up, it did seem darker than usual.
When I go back to the previous house now, to stay with family, i'm literally plunged in darkness and nothing happens.

What makes you ask?
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-27)
Greetings, Beenie.

How well-lit is your bedroom? I recall your sleeping with the light on for a month after the apparition in your previous narrative; sleeping with a night-light or a nearby lamp would be a perfectly normal way to deal with residual fears from that encounter. I'm asking this because I wanted to know if the light level in your room was increased, normal, or reduced on the night of the event when compared to your *usual* sleeping environment.

Beenie (2 stories) (7 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-25)
Thank you to everyone who has responded to this post so far - I really appreciate your time and effort to help me.

So far, there have been a lot of responses focussing on a couple of aspects of my story; the fact I was asleep in the beginning and the fact I couldn't move back onto the bed.

To help clarify - let me give a few more details...

I'm a light sleeper. The physical lifting of my body woke me up. As stated, I could move my arms and also neck and head, but couldn't get myself to drop back down towards the bed. I wasn't paralysed - I was being held above the bed.

I don't think I was floating out of my body, (though it's a good suggestion). There was nothing beneath me and the bed but air when I looked back. When I was pushed back onto the bed, it was with force and hard. It hurt. And I switched the light on straight away.

I appreciate that people have probably heard similar stories many times, and there has been a rational explanation. I've been searching for one too. But I don't think, given the details, that sleep paralysis is the cause. Could I have been asleep? Anything is possible and i'm open minded. It's also easy to dismiss someone's story because it happened in the middle of the night.

I'd still love to hear more from people who may have (or know anyone who has) experienced something similar. Thank you everyone.
aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-20)
Hi Beenie
If I had a dollar for everyone of these types of accounts over the last 40 years I'd be a millionaire so first of all don't let them worry you the worse thing you can do is start allowing yourself to believe something is wrong.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience inside a universe that is basically dreaming up a macroscopic playground for us to all enjoy the separation of being the self or the I probably because knowing we are eternal beings might be a tad boring? Anyways,

The brain is the physical receiver or transponder unit that works in unison with our spiritual self who is basically transmitting it's energy to and from another dimension. There is a little gland in the back of our brains called the pineal gland and it's job is to take us in and out of dimensions via the process of what we know as sleeping... When we sleep we basically transcend ourselves into the quantum world where for the most part process junk the brain has collected throughout the day or run off and entertain ourselves for all sorts of reasons via the imagination.

However, on occasions our spiritual self takes the front seat and occasionally as we are waking up that little old pineal gland in it's process of bringing us back to physical reality has a slight melt down alas the whole ordeal with sleep paralysis and the type of experience you accounted for.

Are you really floating outside your body? Anything is probable with quantum calculations however I like to sum it up by this famous quote.

Mind don't belong to body, body belongs to mind physical life is just an illusion!

Regards Daz
lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-20)
Hello Beenie - would it be possible that you were having an spontaneous out of body experience and woke up before you could realize what was going on?

Perhaps you could keep a journal of these events and, if this happens again, try to see if your body is still in bed.

As a teenager, once I experienced something very similar to what you have described in your narrative, except that I could see my body floating from the head down while aware of another "me" laying on the bed.
I was able to move my arms and my body was swaying from side to side, all of a sudden the "floating me" landed back to the bed.

It was a cool experience that hasn't happened again. 😢

Enjoy your holidays.

Thanks for sharing.
Beenie (2 stories) (7 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-20)
Hi everyone,

Thank you for your comments and insight so far. I'm actually on holiday at the moment with limited access to internet. I submitted this story quite a while ago and it's only just been published.

I'm open-minded, and the first thing I was hoping when it happened was this might be something physiological. Will definitely research sleep paralysis to see it could possibly be that. What doesn't make sense to me at the moment is the angle I was held at, the fact I felt no tension or even strain (it was a light as air beneath me), the strong pushing back on the bed, and lastly the sensation I felt run through me into the mattress. Those parts don't make much sense to me. If anyone has experienced anything like this - i'd be really interested to hear your insight. Will be more online mid- next week. Thank you everybody, much appreciated ✌️
Sleeping-with-steve (guest)
5 years ago (2019-09-20)
Hello Beenie,

It doesn't look like your commenting or responding to comments here but regardless, just in case you do see these members trying to help you. I'd like to add my 2 cents worth.

Firstly, what a scary ordeal. I sympathise with you.

When you are in the middle of the haunting/ sleep paralysis, it's really hard to differentiate. I find it hard myself and post my experiences asking for help. I have had amazing help and support from members here on YGS.

You've come to the right place.

Keep us posted.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
annie16 (13 stories) (53 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-20)
I don't think the commentators are reading this properly. How can "sleep paralysis" hold someone "at a 45 degree angle" as stated. And how after struggling as Beenie states "I wasn't let go of. I didn't fall back to my bed. I was pushed. With force. And as I hit the bed hard..." There is no way "sleep paralysis" can explain this.

I'm sorry Beenie, I cannot help you, but maybe someone can, IF they read your account properly.
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-19)
The thing that has helped me to deal with sleep paralysis has been keeping a dream diary. I know that seems like a lot of work for some people but over the years it has helped me to recognize patterns and be able to wake myself up when dreams turn to nightmares.
I started keeping a dream diary after one terrifying episode of sleep paralysis. I woke up in the dark, unable to move. There was a dark shape at the end of the bed that grabbed both of my ankles and pulled me off of my pillow.
When I was able to move again, I was alone and I was still on my pillow.
Keeping a dream diary, in my opinion has helped to train my mind to recognize this scenario and keep me from being afraid.
Like I said earlier, I'm not any kind of an expert but this practice has helped me.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-19)
Beenie - I read the two previous comments and I lean towards Lealeigh's opinion.

Sleep paralysis is just what the word "paralysis" means, being unable to move, speak, or to have any control over your body, although the brain is active. I have often experienced it, together with the hallucinations. What I eventually realised is that I tend to go into panic mode, which only makes things worse.

I've had some woppers during sleep paralysis but can honestly say that most of my fears were ungrounded. I don't agree with most people who write it off as having no supernatural cause whatsoever. I think that the two experiences, ie sleep paralysis and supernatural, can sometimes happen simultaneously. Emphasis on the word "sometimes".

I'll just mention something as a "by the way". I used to experience a lot of out of body experiences, not by design but totally involuntary. This eventually became a mite scary to me and I actively resisted them every since. I won't go into all the detail but I know that at least one of these experiences has led to sleep paralysis. Perhaps something similar happened to you? I don't know, just putting it out there.

Regards, Melda
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-19)
If these experiences happen to you once or so a decade, then I am guessing you have had to live through maybe three incidents like this. If this one was the most violent, then I do not look forward to the next occurrence. It is hard to protect oneself from something that happens so rarely and unexpectedly. I'm reaching, but maybe you could go to sleep wearing an object blessed by a holy man.
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-19)
I'm not an expert but it sounds to me like sleep paralysis. When you're woken up suddenly during deep sleep your body is still asleep while your mind is awake. It can be terrifying. Many times hallucinations accompany this.
This happens to me from time to time.

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