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Confused And Bruised 10/30/2019


I am in my mid 40s and until now never gave much thought to paranormal experiences. And I certainly never experienced any. I moved into my house April 2019 and the evening of Wednesday October 30, 2019 I laid in bed watching tv, after a couple hours I turned off my television & I tried to fall asleep. Somewhere between 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm I drifted off only to be awaken by what felt like someone was tucking my comforter under my body. Upon waking up the sensation lessened, and I thought it must have been a dream. While trying to fall back to sleep I felt something moving up my legs, traveling across my back to the back of my neck. At that point I threw the blankets back turned over and jumped quickly out of my bed. Nothing was there, no mouse, no evidence a mouse had been in my bed. Just me freaked out and now wide awake. I thought to myself, maybe too much coffee or maybe it was the Halloween candy. So, I attempted to sleep for the rest of the evening.

The next night was Halloween, once again I laid in bed turned on my television watched for roughly and hour or so, then turned TV off. I rolled onto my stomach to fall asleep. Within minutes I felt something once again traveling up my legs under the blankets, it felt as if a mouse or small animal was running over my legs. I kicked my legs up to scare off the mouse, only to feel it yet again as soon as I settled back in under the blankets. Still thinking it could only be a mouse I was now very irritated. Then I thought am I really feeling something or am I imagining it? Either way I was irritated and exhausted from two nights of little sleep. I thought if it's mice there's no way I can live with them in my house. So, I bought mouse traps. Still thinking I had mice in my house.

Now its day four, no sign of mice or any other animals for that matter. Glue traps untouched.

Each night however, was the same thing, watch Tv with no interruptions, then once I shut off television and roll over on my stomach to sleep. THERE IT IS! Except now, it felt like someone was wrapping my legs up to my thighs in cellophane, tightly wrapping my legs together. Start at my feet and work it's way up my body tucking the blankets under my body.

It felt like the blankets were vacuum sealed under my legs and up my body. I laid or tried to lay as lightly as possible while my heart was pounding in my chest. Not wanting to admit what was happening or maybe not wanting to upset it. But to feel the sensation start at my feet, travel up my legs, my thighs, across my back up to my shoulder and feel it touching my hair or cheek... At that point I threw the covers off my body and jumped up out of bed. Heart racing, but not afraid exactly, but definitely, concerned.

My first thought now was to tell it "This house is a home of Love and Faith for Jesus Christ! You are not welcome here, you must honor The Lord, I need you to leave!" It worked, WOW it worked.

Clearly someone was visiting me, I thought I sensed a female because she was gentle nonthreatening, and almost concerned I needed to be secure and comfortable in my bed, but she is gone now. Well for one night, the following day she was back. She started at my legs and worked her way up my body, I really tried to ignore her, but she just wouldn't stop. Up and down my body and at the point she would touch my hair I would yell "go away! My home serves the Lord!" or "leave this house you don't live here anymore.!" I told her she was dead and needed to rest now and stop touching dozens of times. She nudged and continued tucking my comforter under my body. What ever fear I may have had was replaced with exhaustion and aggregation. Just wanted her to leave, after 8 days of this night after night I decided I had to act.

I spoke over the phone with a lady (Renee) who has a local group that go to homes, businesses or anywhere there is unexplained experiences such as ghost, angel, demons ect...

I walked into my bedroom, as this is the only place it would make its presence known. Very quiet, no sense of her anywhere... Well until I began telling Renee how this "Thang" would touch me and prevent me from sleeping. It became irritated, nudging me with some pressure, more than before, the sensation of moving from my feet up my body had become up and down both legs, then a tight wrapping feeling on my legs again. Renee and I then changed the topics, we talked about our families. Within minutes It completely stopped touching I couldn't hear or feel her. Until Renee asked more questions about her and wanted to plan a visit. Immediately It was irritated by this conversation. This night I admit I was scared.

I didn't want to stay home, so had dinner with a friend at a restaurant that just opened. We sat at the bar and the bartender out of the blue began to tell the history of the building and why people think they never stay open long. The building had been haunted for over a hundred years and the Ghost would throw dishes, trip servers and even shut down the power source to the building. I couldn't believe after my week that of all the topics we could have covered he wanted to share a ghost story. That night I made my friend stay with thinking I would be able sleep better if I had company, that It would surely not bother me. It barely touched me. And my friend never felt a thing. I thought Praise God I could sleep tonight!

Then the next two nights were horrible, It would not allow me to fall asleep. Room felt very occupied. This night I felt more than just her. There was definitely stronger, bigger or maybe a different kind of presence in my bedroom and I felt them intimidated. Forget sleeping, one was at top of my bed moving my hair around touching my neck and face. I had my body covered from head to toe with all my blankets but could still feel them. The new IT, felt like "Male It" firmly felt his way from legs up my body, I felt pressure on both breasts and my abdomen. My arms felt as if I was unable to move them. I kicked my legs up pulling blankets up and it felt like they were off the bed. Immediately grabbed my blankets and wrapped myself as tightly as I could. The Male was on top of me I felt the weight of him and again couldn't move either of my arms. I felt it move up my legs and it physically moved my thighs apart. I began to scream NO! STOP! NO PLEASE NO! I don't want this! I tried to kick my legs up but it was like a dream where you are in slow motion. I felt him squeezing my breasts and pushing hard on my stomach, and touching me across my panties again me screaming NO NO NO! PLEASE STOP IT! I thought I was kicking my legs but he was clearly still able to touch my panty area. Then it felt like I was pinched on my arm. I was able to move both arms at that point. In a split second everything stopped. But I couldn't get up I felt completely wiped out. Like all the energy was sucked out of my body. Oddly enough I fell asleep. I woke up in the morning covered head to toe to the pillow I had over my face pulled off hard, I got made the bed, undressed get into the shower. I had a hand print across my face a four bruises on my arm. It was then I felt nauseous, like I had been used to please this Thing that has come into my home.

The next few nights, Female It will still come in, touch my legs then start tucking me in. Then I feel the Male It climb on top on me he goes right for panties, I feel pressure on my stomach. I yell at him to get off me, No! Get off I don't want you touching me! He backs off but will try again when he thinks I'm asleep. I had pjs, 5 blankets and pillows all around me but it doesn't matter. I finally left my bedroom two nights ago to sleep on my sofa. Laid down peace at last... She came out and began to tuck me in. I pleaded with her to please just let me sleep tonight. I asked her what I can do to help her rest, asked who she is, who he is... But no communication at all. Only touching, they have been in my home for two weeks now, lights flickers, touching me, bruising me, slapped me, keep me awake, and I feel they won't leave on their own and he could hurt me.

Last night I slept with Tv & lights on, also a wrap around massager on my neck hoping the distractions would keep them out of my bed. It seemed to work for a while. Any advice? I feel like I am crazy talking but this is beyond exhausting and very real.

This Friday I have a Monsignor from my church coming to cleanse my home and Bless it. I pray this is the answer they need to move on.

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LilZebra (3 posts)
2 years ago (2020-06-29)
"I had pjs, 5 blankets and pillows all around me but it doesn't matter."

I've experienced Incubus since October 2014. My experience says that spirits can pass through covers or anything that is non-organic (non-living, man-made). They cannot do that once they reach an organic being (flesh). It's got to do with frequency vibration.

Therein lies the difference.

A sex demon can change genders, so the succubus that tucks you in could be the same demon who changes genders and becomes an incubus that starts touching your private area.
Fearnotisokay (2 posts)
2 years ago (2020-04-16)
Do not call a spirit medium again. As you have experienced, it will further intensify your situation. Call a Priest, have him over to exorcise (bless) your house, and you will be okay!

Demons understand authority, and Jesus is King. Also, pray the Rosary! The demonic can make your life a living hell if you don't practice spiritual warfare or pray regularly. The Divine Mercy chaplet is an alternative, if you are very worried about the 'Hail Mary' prayer.
Energy02 (1 posts)
2 years ago (2020-02-01)
! Hey! I know what you need to do. In order to get rid of these spirits, you have to *ignore* them. I know its going to be hard but theyre only using you for your energy, that's why you felt extremely tired... Theyre trying to milk your energy since you made some psychological or energetic connection to them... (like praying or meditation, etc). But its okay. Just relax, don't get paranoid... Just turn your thoughts off of them and ignore them. Once you remove your attention from them, don't think about them or anything so they can't connect to your energy. You are in control of your mind and energy, nobody else can technically hurt you unless you are allowing them to. But the thing is, humanity is unaware of this and I don't know everything about this world and I hate to throw religion in this mess and risk losing your trust in all the things I say, but I really do believe religion is a way to prevent people from accessing true spiritality. Everyone has spiritual inclinations but when they do, where do they turn? Not in themselves, to God. When you pray to God, who are you praying to? Who are you connecting your energy with. Not saying it isn't possible or someone didn't create us but please keep that in mind. Anyways, these spirits use our ignorance to their advantage. They hurt you and try to scare you so you will keep your focus on them... Don't let them do that. Relax and ignore. Thats the best advice. When you are feeling drained, you need to clean your energy/aura out. And again, I cannot stress enough and I just want to recap... I know you said you are praying to God but personally I don't think that is a good idea. God isn't cleaning your energy, you are. You don't actually know who you are praying to and when you pray, especially consistently, you are sending your energy out there to connect with a stronger, unknown entities. Be careful what you are doing with your energy. This world is full of people who use others... Like a feeding ground. Theyre all just trying to survive. Dont let them do this at your expense. If you accidentally focus your attention or think about them, just relax and start over again... Like an exercise. Stay positive. So I said you needed to clean your energy/aura... This is how you do it. If you want to control your energy how would you go about doing that? Your imagination. Your intention and your imagination controls your energy. When you want to cleanse your energy, imagine yourself as a bright, white light and feel good while you are doing this. Imagine that everything in your body is feeling clean and light. It actually works. (: good luck and I hope you research more about spirituality, its not bad, its just learning about your own soul. Sending love your way. You are not alone, there are others experiencing this too... Just pull through. ❤
ATARAH (guest)
3 years ago (2020-01-02)
Hi Dazed,
How are you? Its been a month since you have posted this. Did the cleansing works?
Hoping that you are doing alright having this kind of incident.

Also, praying for your safety and may Angels guide you on those bad spirits.
Floga_Pano (2 posts)
3 years ago (2019-12-23)
Hello Dazed,
I friendly advise you to install a spirit box on your smartphone/iPhone,in case the house blessing is not working at all... I guess it won't,cause the Monsignor must be ecsorsist priest...,so you can distract the demons with a conversation with the spiritbox... And to prevent any further sexual interrogation...
You can ask for help as well any well known ghost hunters, depends in which country do you live.
They can help you for sure and lead you to the way out of demons you are roomy with.
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
3 years ago (2019-12-10)
Succubi and incubi have always been associated with demonic activity. Recently, these activities have also been associated with reported alien visitations and abductions, although I do not believe this is the case here. As for ridding the premises of these beings, individuals of high and impeccable spiritual repute are necessary to cleanse the area. I understand though that belief and faith on the part of the individual being haunted is also necessary for a successful cleansing - regardless of the power of the spiritual cleansers. I hope that you are able to succeed in ridding yourself of these entities.
jabond99 (3 stories) (61 posts)
3 years ago (2019-12-09)

This story is concerning. I hope to hear an update from you after the cleansing/blessing from the monsignor. Since its been almost a month since your story posting, any further details you could give may help someone to be able to give you advice.

James Bond
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
3 years ago (2019-12-08)

What you have said is a great way of putting this into perspective! That is the best possible advice.
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
3 years ago (2019-12-08)
How did the cleansing/blessing go? It might ramp up things for awhile but don't give up. You are in a battle right now. Stay strong and keep resistance against this. In my opinion, it's really no different than a stranger breaking in to attack/rape you. No means no. Do not reason with this thing or make a bargain... From stories I've read here and elsewhere the bargaining method of asking what they need to move on doesn't work but it's an opportunity for them to gain more control. You are in charge. You tell them to leave. You set your own rules. They are not allowed in your bed. You don't let them set the rules. Keep fighting until they let you alone. I know it's hard, but keep strong.
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
3 years ago (2019-12-07)
Hello Dazed,

I also pray that the cleansing will rid you of this spirit.

It seems to me like it is the same being. I think it starts out gentle and becomes aggressive after time.

Please keep us updated and let us know if the cleansing works.

- Maria ❤

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