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The Walker Ames House


I've been a paranormal investigator since 2005. I started this because I've always been fascinated by the paranormal not because I had any experiences (that I can remember) as a child. So I was a bit skeptical of most people claiming to have ghostly encounters, although I do have a very open mind.

When I first started out I took some classes on learning what to do, at the end of the series of classes, our instructor, a man named Neil McNeill took us to an amazing town called Port Gamble, WA. The last day of the class we got to investigate an abandoned mansion called the Walker Ames house. This house is beautiful but it hasn't been lived in for decades now. The town keeps it up as much as they can for special events, etc. But it isn't up to code to have anyone live in it permanently.

Neil told us the history of the house and the ghost stories, in my mind, I was thinking this was just going to be a fun night exploring an old historic lumber mill home, I didn't think it would change my life forever.

As I said, I'm a skeptic. My mind cannot easily be changed or fooled by people, I have to see things for myself. There were 6 of us in the house that night. Neil split us up into two groups. One group went down to the basement and we stayed on the second floor. He had just warned us to stay out of this little hallway by the attic door, it was between the bathroom and the landing, because he was feeling a strong presence there of something. In my mind I just thought, 'surrrreee you did' (sarcastically) and walked to a far bedroom.

I heard him in another room answering questions of the other investigator, but when I came out, I saw his shadow in the hallway (the little hallway he just told us NOT to stand in). As I started to walk over there to see what he was doing, the shadow quickly came toward me and disappeared. I started for a second and was stunned. I still heard Neil and the other person talking but the shadow was GONE. I couldn't process it. I went around the corner and saw them talking in a little room right around the corner of the bathroom. I interrupted them, "WHO, WAS JUST STANDING IN THE HALLWAY?" I said WAY to loudly.

Neil looked at me for a second and said, "UM, June, no one was standing in the hallway." I said, "NOooooooo, someone was standing in the hallway, I saw their shadow and it's gone now." He looked at me and smiled and asked what the shadow looked like. I saw a dark, black shadow, looked a little short, thick middle and bald or round head. It was still light outside but the sun was setting, all of the shadows were elongated, this one was standing straight up and down.

I even went downstairs, outside and found a leaf and tore it in the shape of a person and put it up at the stained glass window, just in case it was natural. Nope, definitely not that.

I was at a loss for words. When finally I had NO explanation for it, Neil told me that (unbeknownst to me) several people had seen shadows of people upstairs and several people reported seeing the shadow of a short, fat, bald man. I wasn't the only one.

At that moment while he was telling me this, we heard a yelp from the stairway. Another person coming up the stairway said she swore she just saw the shadow of a person running across the landing and it disappeared.

After that night, I realized I was hooked forever being a "ghost hunter" and now I'm Vice President of one of the oldest ghost hunting teams of the Pacific Northwest, The Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma (A.G.H.O.S.T.).

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LightMight (4 stories) (133 posts)
1 year ago (2020-10-12)
Hi divinemsjunebug, and welcome,

I think it's great you went from open-minded skeptic to having a profound experience that turned you toward believing some things paranormal. I do hope you come back to share more of the unusual experiences you've had and findings you've uncovered as an investigator!

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