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All my life I have spent every summer in Montana at the pow-wow. I learned the way of the Warrior but it was the summer I turned 18 that I first learned of the Spirit Warriors and met my first teacher. It wasn't until later I discovered my teacher had been dead for almost 200 years.

I was sitting in my tent working on some new moccasins when I heard someone outside call my name. I stepped out into the open and saw an old man standing beside the trees on the edge of the firelight. He had a white owl on his shoulder and a black wolf sitting at his feet. He smiled at me and said "My name is RavenWalker, come I have things I must teach you." I had never seen him before and many will call me stupid for following him but I felt no malice about him.

I followed him away from camp to a small clearing where a single tent was set up. We entered the tent and sat down. The wolf and raven settled down near him and he began to speak "I have watched you for some time and feel you are now ready to be shown a path few can or will follow, it is the path of the Spirit Warrior. I know about your experience in the abandoned house and your triumph there. It was that triumph which told me you are ready to begin your true calling."

He told me there is a timeless war being fought between good and evil and both sides have champions to fight for them. The gods themselves can't enter the war on earth or they would destroy this world and all the others with the sheer amount of power they wield. Therefore the Light and the Dark call for Champions to fight in their place. Some answer the call to become Healers and others become Warriors.

He told me it was my time to choose which path to follow. If I chose the path of the warrior he had much to teach me. I chose the Warriors path and he did indeed have much to teach me. I still do not remember every detail of what he taught me but as I need it or as I can understand it I remember more of it.

I sat with him in his tent talking and learning for what seemed a few hours. When we were done I stepped outside and walked back to my tent. When I got there I found my brother, grandparents and several others frantically searching for me. When they saw me they asked where I had gone. When I told them they shook their heads and my brother said " we looked all over for you, you have been gone almost a week!"

I took my grandfather and brother to the clearing where I had been and was shocked to find no sign of a tent or the old man. When I told my grandfather the old man's name he nodded thoughtfully and said "then you have been called down the path of the Spirit Warrior." he laughed at my shocked look and said "one of your ancestors who lived many years ago was named Raven Walker he was a powerful Shaman and Spirit Warrior. When he grew to be so old he could barely walk from swollen joints he walked off into the woods and vanished, this was sometime in the year 1797. Ever since then those in our family who are Destined to become Spirit Warriors or Healers meet him."

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Aguilleg (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-01)
I know this is an old thread but I just want to point out that no one picked up on another point.
Amber said this experience with Raven Walker happened the summer she turned 18, and from her comments on previous stories she said her birthday is in June.
Now the abandoned house story happened over Halloween and again in other comments she said she was 18 at that time.
So, how was Raven Walker aware of the abandoned house story if it hadn't yet happened? Because the only time she would have been 18 at Halloween would have been after the summer she writes of here.
AmberMoonPriestess (15 stories) (158 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-17)

It was not Raven himself, it was an ancestor of mine who shared his name. My guardians are very different, more feline than birdlike, except one who is not a Raven. Raven has many different aspects, unfortunately I do not know much about him other than he is extremely curious.

I would suggest looking up Native American myths about Raven, or any other cultures, many are similar.
Aibell (guest)
12 years ago (2012-07-10)
Hi...I just read your stoty and I'm in awe, cause, it has many similarities with mine... Can you please tell me how did he look like~? There's a big chance we have the same guardian...:)
I met this friend of mine when he was 18, and he already had a wolf spirit~ and I had the raven... He told me his ancestors were shamans and that he is a spirit warrior like you. And I told him that it was not a coinsidence, the Raven wanted to teach him something too.
I have Raven since 13-14 years old... And he has helped me in so many ways... I don't want to lose him... Could I ask you to tell me more things about him? I ve always wanted to come in real contact like you did...:)
AmberMoonPriestess (15 stories) (158 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-10)
thank you for the link galley.

And yes it sounds like it could have been something like their experiences. I have had several very similar incidents happen to me. I have also had some fun experiences here in the new home, for example I live a cpl miles from a place called Beardslee Castle and have had some interesting experiences but those are stories for another time, if you are interested you can find the Castle on the web.
AmberMoonPriestess (15 stories) (158 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-25)
thank you and yes lifes been crazy to say the least but hopefully its settled down now, altho I have a feeling I am in for all new encounters in the new home area:)
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2009-10-24)
Good to see you back, AMP.
Again, sorry I took over your page there for a couple of comments. I really did not intend to. I was just... Well, I already explained that out. No need to beat the dead horse. 😊
Sounds like life has you running crazy there.
Congrats on the engagement and the move! I can hardly wait to see your new posts.
Thank you again, and welcome home.
AmberMoonPriestess (15 stories) (158 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-22)
No worries WB I have been offline for awhile and someone needed to respond. I believe you handled it very well and I have little to add.

Just this, galleygal, Thank you for the Link it was very helpfull. As for what's passed between me and WB its the past and I would like to leave it there. All holgding on to past negative experiences does is create bad energy and I am shedding as much of that as I can and recreating a better life for myself.

I have learned the hard way that bad energy can manifest itself in horrible ways and the more bad energy you cary inside you the more powerfull the "monster/demon/evil spirit" you must face will be.

When I have time I iwll be posting some more experiences that have happened since some HUGE changes in my life, moving from UT to NY and getting engaged among them.
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2009-10-01)
Excuse me please, AMP.

Though I have no clue where all this hostility is coming from, galleygal, I do feel you need a bit of an answer.
While I will not go into reasons why, I must say that at least one of those persons you mentioned as having felt my wrath is the exact opposite of what you have perceived. I do not know why you should wish to pick apart my comments, as in doing so, they have been taken out of context. A sentence or two taken out of the entirety paints a distorted picture.
Jealous? No. For what purpose? Honestly, WHAT is there to be jealous of? This is not a contest, nor a site to deem who has the most, scariest, dealt with a situation better, experiences. This is a site to share our experiences and to see if there are others with common situations.
In that I ask questions, that does not mean that I do not believe a story, nor does it mean I am pulling it apart. What it DOES mean is that I was not understanding something, or was wondering if the author noticed something that was not written in the story line. Since when has it become irrational to ask a question?
No one has ever posted that I am insane? Maybe not outright, but I do have several instances in my own stories in which someone has "called me out", so to speak. And No, they have NOT been deleted. I do not do that. I can count on one hand how many posts I have actually deleted.
I am still trying to figure this part out, What mighty powers does a moderator have?
My apologies for questioning unclear parts of stories, I tend to do that before posting an idea or thought. That is just me. My tone can not be heard in print, and the intent might get misinterpreted, as with so many others, as we are not face to face. That is the problem with the written word.
Thank you.
galleygal (3 stories) (150 posts)
15 years ago (2009-09-30)

Another question occurred to me, and I think maybe you could help.

Funnily enough, your own stories, many of which I've read, are indescribably unbelievable...I mean, they are full-fledged flights of fancy, and yet, YOUR comments sections are full of nothing but glowing praise, warm acceptance, and heart-felt congratulations on your success as an omnipotent sensitive, free-spirited moon cricket, mother of a demi-god, and all around great gal.

Whitebuffalo: I am a seeker of truth, just like you. I ask in all seriousness: are you using your mighty powers of moderator to delete uncomplimentary posts from your stories? Please help me to understand. I really want to know why NOBODY has posted to your stories that you sound insane!

Incidentally, I don't post to your stories myself because it is my personal policy to not comment unless I believe the story to contain a ring of truth, so don't worry, you won't see me there!
galleygal (3 stories) (150 posts)
15 years ago (2009-09-30)

Yes, attack. It's lovely that you two have mended the rift and all, but the rift DID begin with your unprovoked and bitter attack on amber's story and her credentials, followed shortly thereafter by a furious show of personal offense which contained a veiled threat. I not only find the following quote telling, but incredibly ironic, as well:

"Gross misrepresentation is NOT something that I feel Kin to [ed. Note: yeah, right!]. And Naming yourself, YOU have made a relation TO ME...Anyone who knows ME, knows you do NOT mess with my family.[ed. Note: or what?] In PREVENTING me from further research (as you implied it was "all in the bag") YOU have prevented ME from doing what I KNOW must be done for HIS future." [ed. Note: gimme a friggin' break!] Whitebuffalo, 2009-01-29

AmberMoonPriestess is not the only contributor you've jumped all over, either: ghostseer, dantheman, and others have also felt your wrath. Many comments sections devolve into brawls due to your presence. Often, the contributors that get the most flak are those whose stories attract a lot of attention.

Rarely have I seen you post on newcomers' stories, but if someone's tale garners enough interest, you're all over it, launching a malicious, third-degree-questioning campaign.

Hence, I ask if you are jealous...are you? Vendetta is a strong word, whitebuffalo, you shouldn't bandy it about indiscriminately. Like you, I too am a simple seeker of truth and would really like to know, that's all.

Amber, your story makes me think of incidents in which people have lost time, but are unaware of having done so. has a section full of "time-slip" stories that are eerily similar to your own. I include a link so you can check it out, if you like:

whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2009-09-28)
Forgive me, please, AmberMoonPriestess.

Attack? In February of this year, both Amber and I (as you can see by the postings) agreed to disagree and even thanked one another for showing each other a different side of the coin that we did not previously see, and that had it not been for the conversations we had here, and elsewhere, may have never learned.
What about you? What is with your personal vendetta?
Thank you.

I am sorry, Amber. I do know our agreement, but this needed said.
galleygal (3 stories) (150 posts)
15 years ago (2009-09-28)
whitebuffalo: why do you attack ambermoon so vehemently? Why do you accuse her of misrepresentation? Her stories are no more ridiculous than your own, yet you question relentlessly and accuse of her of using non-existent "tones" in her responses to you, so that you may justify your untenable position as critic.

Is it because you are jealous of the attention her stories receive? Or because you are trying to mask your own ignorance by drawing attention to that of others?
AmberMoonPriestess (15 stories) (158 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-15)

Someone who has a "warriors spirit" is someone eho believes in themselves and the rightness of their beliefs, whether they be Chrisyian, Jew, Pagan or whatever else.

I define myself as a Spirit Warior, it is a path I have been following since I was small, I have alays stood up for myself my family friends and beliefs.

I have rarely used violence to do this, only in defense of myself or others.

I use words and knowledge instead f my fists or other weapons.

But there are times when one must realize that words are not enough.

Thats the warrior part, the spirit part comes in because I am Spirit magnet, I can't go wnywhere without seeing one or more.

Not everything in this world or any other is good there are some very realvery evil things out there. I happen to be one of those people that can see and feel those things because of this I am also a target for those things.
SmokeyKnight (3 stories) (193 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-25)
Hey Amber... What exactly defines "Warrior's Spirit" in your own words? Not what someone else says, your very own personal opinion? Are there restrictions? Does everyone have the potential? Is it a destiny thing? Can you change or alter your path?

Do you have an animal guide? I may have missed that somewhere on the board, so forgive me. Was it there during your experience? If so, what was it doing? If not, why (or better put why do you think)?

AmberMoonPriestess (15 stories) (158 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-04)

The Sioux perform a ritual called the Sundance in which wooden skewers (now days sanitary needles) are pirced through the flesh of the chest and then ropes tied them to an object, in some tribes a wooden pole in others a buffalo skull the person had to pull them out without using their hands.
AmberMoonPriestess (15 stories) (158 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-04)

I am 29 almost 30.

I am sorry I confused you, does this help?

I had my first kid at barely 16, my oldest daughter will be 14 in september.

My son is turning 12 in october and the twins would both have just turned 9 if both were still here.
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2009-02-03)
OK. 😐
As I stated, "I have a LOT to learn, it would seem! Thank you for patiently walking me through it and not getting all weird when I ask for things to look up. I really appreciate that..." however; it would appear that the tone in which I question (I do get a bit excited and throw in a few! And upper case words...) our differences of knowledge is being read in a VERY different way than it sounds in my head as I write out the words.
That IS one of the dangers of simply READING words and not being face to face to catch the INTONATIONS. (See, there I go with the capital letters again)
Apparently we are BOTH getting frustrated as neither one of us is understanding what the other is REALLY trying to say, even though I have taken a new "running start" each and every time.
I never intended to ARGUE anything. My intentions, as always, were to obtain knowledge from a different point of view. I have supplied bits of my own opinions and thoughts (thus words like "for me...") as well as a few examples of the legends that formed said opinions, in order to SHOW you where I come from. And so giving YOU the opportunity to supply your OWN thoughts and opinions. NOT to argue. Which is how ALL of my comments appear to read.
These comments that have gone "off track" from your story, while they taught me well, were NOT received in the manner in which they were GIVEN, for that, I apologize. Apparently I am not really good at communicating a thought.
If we continue with our commenting in the same manner as we are, the only thing it will serve to do is to show how stupid we BOTH can look. And, I do not know about YOU, but that is not MY intent. So, it is apparent that the only place that our shared comments are getting US to is separate ends of this site, and NOT to the fields of knowledge 😢.
With that being said, I HONESTLY appreciate what I have learned from you. I think I can agree to coexist... Separately 😊.

Good Luck, Good Health and may The Great Spirit bless you.

** Let's agree to cut our ties, As to tie a knot would only serve to make THIS rope... A noose. **
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-03)
Can you tell me what cow bones would have been used for. I am curious? I was told once it was to do with a ritual or something.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-03)
Of course you DO understand why I chose to put "..." istead of completing my thoughts! Just remember that using a different name doesn't necessarily mean you CAN fool everybody on this site!
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2009-02-03)
No, that is NOT what I said. WHY would I say that women were INFERIOR?!
It is an OLD teaching and beginning back when rose bushes got thorns.
A replenishing vessel does not simply MEAN to HAVE children. We can "replenish the earth" WITHOUT that we BEAR children...

"...OLD CHRISTIAN teachings"? Nah, THIS one is Alogonquin. I NEVER said a female PERSON-THAT is Christian Teachings. I SAID "female".
The Algonquins (or Algonkins) are an aboriginal North American people speaking Algonquin, an Anishinaabe language.

"An Algonquin Legend
The Great Earth Mother had two sons, Glooskap and Malsum. Glooskap was good, wise, and creative; Malsum was evil, selfish, and destructive.

When their mother died, Glooskap went to work creating plants, animals, and humans from her body. Malsum, in contrast, made poisonous plants and snakes.

As Glooskap continued to create wonderful things, Malsum grew tired of his good brother and plotted to kill him.

In jest, Malsum bragged that he was invincible, although there was one thing that could kill him: the roots of the fern plant.

He badgered Glooskap for days to find the good brother's vulnerability. Finally, as Glooskap could tell no lies, he confided that he could be killed only by an owl feather. Knowing this, Malsum made a dart from an owl feather and killed Glooskap.

The power of good is so strong, however; that Glooskap rose from the dead, ready to avenge himself. Alive again, Glooskap also knew that Malsum would continue to plot against him.

Glooskap realized that he had no choice but to destroy Malsum in order that good would survive and his creatures would continue to live. So he went to a stream and attracted his evil brother by loudly saying that a certain flowering reed could also kill him.

Glooskap then pulled a fern plant out by the roots and flung it at Malsum, who fell to the ground dead. Malsum's spirit went underground and be-came a wicked wolf-spirit that still occasionally torments humans and animals, but fears the light of day."

The FERN was considered FEMALE.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-03)
Excuse me Amber, I'm a little lost here! How old are you to have four children who are old enough already to follow their path? I thought you were 27 and 29 as you claimed.

Then again I might be confusing you with another poster...
AmberMoonPriestess (15 stories) (158 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-02)

I have always had a warriors spirit. I have always stood up for what I believed in and not backed down no matter what. I have always defended myself against an enemy, whether that enemy was from this world or another.

Whether that defense was with words or with weapons I don't quit.
AmberMoonPriestess (15 stories) (158 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-02)

Siiiiigh where do I even start?

First of all I have NOT claimed that I myself am a Shaman. I don't know enough to even begin to think I even could be (aside from the sexist ideals). All I have EVER claimed is SOME knowledge and training, the equivelant of a Medicine Woman.

I have NEVER fit the common role society has tried to put upon me. I have never been a traditional girl or been interested in the traditional womanly arts for the most part.

I have always been running with and learning with the boys.

I do not know how Chris and his father cheated I was not privy to the council meeting.

I did my part to be quote "a vessel to be used in the manner in which Mother Earth will have it be used. It is either in replenishing the Earth from those who have LEFT it"

I had 4 children, 3 of which are still on this eath and learning both sides of their heritage. 2 girls and 2 boys.

My oldest girl is learning all the traditional womanly activities, and she enjoys them.

My youngest son is following a teachers path not learning the arts of war but of teaching and peace.

My youngest daughter is following the warriors path, her twin brother was on the same path until he left this world.

"As woman was the FIRST to out and out SIN, there are certain things that woman CAN NOT do, as they are too much of a temptation!
Hello?! BASIC Indian Knowledge. Taught in the kindergarten's around HERE. But only during American Indian week."

Ummmmm okaaaaaay well this is NOT a legend from my tribe. The only place I have heard of a woman being the first to sin and therefore inferior to man because of it was in OLD CHRISTIAN teachings.
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2009-02-02)
"Many Spirit Warriors fight to save their people from being crushed into oblivion..."

NOT the females in active, hand to hand combat.
The female body is a vessel to be used in the manner in which Mother Earth will have it be used. It is either in replenishing the Earth from those who have LEFT it, or it is in TEACHING the ways, from those who have Forgotten.

Spirit Warriors are JUST that. A warrior FOR the Spirit. The Spirit is part of the SOUL. The Soul is the very thing that sets HUMANS apart from every other living thing on this earth.
For example: You can BREAK someone's Spirit, but you can NEVER take their guarded Soul. (Newsflash: We should ALL, no MATTER your Spiritual affiliation, GUARD our souls. We only get ONE chance at THAT one)

FEMALES who are Spirit Warriors are so ONLY in the "church" sense. They CAN BE, and ARE religious teachers, and molders. They are ushers and singers. They can chant (SOME chants) and praise, but they can not NOW, nor have they EVER been free to mortally wound another human. We are to CARRY life, NOT destroy it.
Our SOUL could NEVER be freed.

Here is the thing.
I KNOW this comment is going to have all the feminists up in arms, but I do not give a rip. This is The Way, and this is how it has been for as long as the Red man was called Red, so DEAL, folks. Just sit back and DEAL.
I am a feminist as well (to a degree) and I WISH that there were a LOT of things that I could do, that my husband CAN. BUT...
I can make a mean rabbit stew, but I CAN NOT fall a tree.
OK, I sensed THAT. Unrelated things? NO. Complimenting jobs that are needed to survive. Without fuel (wood: a "male") the fire would not burn (fire is a "male") so that I (a female) could COOK (the ACT of cooking, is a FEMALE thing-not the "job"... The THING) the stew (sustenance is Female) to replenish what the body has used (BOTH male and female).
Balance. All must be in perfect balance to be... RIGHT.
I should THINK that a Spirit Teacher would have pointed that out. I know MINE would have. I further would have thought that ANYONE involved in the "training/teaching" that you hint at in Brat-brat would have pointed out that only extenuating circumstances could create a Shaman out of a woman.
Medicine Woman, YES. Shaman (first, you have to live and be in the correct Indian Nation to BE a Shaman), Hell NO.
I guess the thing that I am really struggling with figuring out is...Why? I could SEE if you were an 18 year old girl with a draw to the American Indian Way. I could SEE where all of these "near hits" were coming from. It would just be in simple misunderstandings. There is NO way that someone who has never LIVED with, gone through a SWEAT beside, (by the way, when WAS your first sweat?) gone on a vision quest (and I am sorry, did you say this was NOT a vision quest?) could even get a SHADOW of the experience while reading it on the Internet. Or any OTHER encyclopedia, for that matter. A twenty nine year old with a ceremoniously introduced blood brother, of ANY clan, tribe or NATION, SHOULD be able to have clear and precise answers.
SHE should KNOW the male and female positions. What is acceptable and not. What is deception or not. As woman was the FIRST to out and out SIN, there are certain things that woman CAN NOT do, as they are too much of a temptation!
BASIC Indian Knowledge. Taught in the kindergarten's around HERE. But only during American Indian week.
Adonvdo uYi, YES, I AM frustrated, as from day ONE...
*Looking over shoulder...*
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-02)
I have a question, how did you awaken the warrior spirit inside of you? Or how did you teacher tell you how to awaken it?
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2009-01-29)
I just have to say this:

"My bloodline is Anishinaabe, more commonly known as Chippewa, or the Little Shell.
We don't have our own reservation in Montana yet so we attend a lot of the other tribes pow-wows. That is how I met my brother.
I used the word tent instead of wigwam because a lot of people wouldn't know what a wigwam is."

First, I pray that you NEVER "get to have" your "own" reservation. It is MY thought that a res is merely a place to set us back from the rest of society. It is MY thought that in order to "forget our past mistakes", it is necessary to put US up on a shelf so that we can be forgotten. A RES was USED so that those moving into this "free land" COULD HAVE free reign. Take away OUR land, take away our name, and give us a square of farm able field, and we will be happy. After all, it is not as if we are PEOPLE, or anything.
I have GOT to say, even those that I have talked to who are comfortable in their life station, I have NEVER heard ANYONE state that they WISHED they had a res to be affiliated with (all those of you who are ALSO of The Way, am I right?).
Have you really PAID ATTENTION to the Reservations that still stand? Have you SEEN the things that the government gets away with "letting pass" as the "land is ancient" and the people "are less than receptive to change"?
Well, Hell, we have SEEN what "change" MEANS... WHY would we BE receptive to it?

I have BEEN to Turtle Island (In fact, I have written a tale about it on this site), so I am VERY familiar with the Anishinaabe's. They are NOT "commonly known as the Chippewa". They ARE, however a DIVISION of (Chippewa are a division of the Anishinaabe's) them. Are you of the Little Shell nation, or the tribe?

And just about EVERYONE knows what a wigwam is. That was NOT the point I was trying to make there. YOU were in the middle of a Pow Wow (anyone who does not know... HUGE block party. People come from ALL AROUND and join in one HUMONGOUS gathering of like people with common aspirations in life) and went missing, and NO ONE thought to look in the TENT. Of ALL the Pow Wow's I have EVER attended, your CLAN takes over one section of the land, so that you are ALWAYS near a clan member. Safe. In the "folds" of family. Your DAD could be on the other side of the fires, but your FOURTH COUSIN is at your side...
Yep, I AM getting frustrated. Gross misrepresentation is NOT something that I feel Kin to. And Naming yourself, YOU have made a relation TO ME.
The Cherokee ARE affiliated with the Chippewa. In that I claim to be a Choctaw Cherokee's Clan member (no, I am NOT registered, as it is NOT through Blood. Blood RITUAL, yes, Blood LINE, NO.) I am NOT trying to...
I am disappointed. That is all.
I really thought I was opening my heart, and explained it all out. I TOLD you that I was seeking help for my son. Anyone who knows ME, knows you do NOT mess with my family. In PREVENTING me from further research (as you implied it was "all in the bag") YOU have prevented ME from doing what I KNOW must be done for HIS future.

I take BACK that power...
Thank you.
AmberMoonPriestess (15 stories) (158 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-27)
what I am doing has a bearing on how much I sleep or how long I go without sometimes.

Especially if I am Gaming or get really into a book I can be up for days on end.

I have actually had my Guild leader threaten to boot me from the guild if I didn't log off and get some sleep.
AmberMoonPriestess (15 stories) (158 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-27)

I try to include as many details as I think are n

"What do you think stood out the most in this situation?"

To me the one thing that stood out the most was the knowledge raven had about me and my past experiences.

"Did anyone follow the tracks you left (if any) to see where you had gone (including yourself to find the place again)?"

I led my brother and my grandfather right back to the clearing where I had been.

"Do you think you remained in this world or do you think you slipped into a parallel universe/dimension/world/what have you?"

I can't say for sure but it is possible.

"Was there any distinguishing features to the place you went (with your "teacher")?"

It was a clearing in the woods, it seemed to be a normal clearing.

"What did his familiars do during the whole story? Did they just kind of vanish? Did they do anything that led you to believe they were sentient creatures (above and beyond normal actions)?"

The Owl perched on the mans shoulder and seemed to be lsitening to what was being said, every so often he would stare at me and I would get the sense he was measuring me. The wolf lay beside the man and rested its head on its paws, ears swiveling to catch every word.

As for the sleep thing, I typically go off of only about two hours of sleep a day and many times have not slept for a week or so, yes when that happens I am usually dragging and feel ready to crash.

I can't explain what happened it just did.
SmokeyKnight (3 stories) (193 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-27)
All I'm saying is make sure to include the details. In the military we call it attention to detail. Usually the smallest detail is an important one. Again, by you saying you were only gone for what seemed like hours (but was actually a week)... Lack of sleep. So again, I have to either challenge your sanity or your integrity. If you were only gone for "hours", you wouldn't have felt the need to sleep, correct? And if you did, falling asleep near a stranger out in the open? I'm trained to fight and I'm not that arrogant.

I just find it interesting that you'd choose to tell stories that everyone questions. Either you don't understand we want the details so we can make a fair assessment of the situation, or you think us fools. I have read several stories that I have never felt the need to question. Don't get defensive when we're asking questions about your story, we want to know more. It's not that we don't believe you, because in your story Brat-Brat, I didn't question it at all. When you leave out so much and get defensive, it makes people question your motives.

And I'd like to point out the Mortal Kombat similarities. Don't take me as mean, I see myself as an observer to these situations, not an active participant usually.

So again, I will try to give the benefit of the doubt here. What do you think stood out the most in this situation? Did anyone follow the tracks you left (if any) to see where you had gone (including yourself to find the place again)? Do you think you remained in this world or do you think you slipped into a parallel universe/dimension/world/what have you? Was there any distinguishing features to the place you went (with your "teacher")? What did his familiars do during the whole story? Did they just kind of vanish? Did they do anything that led you to believe they were sentient creatures (above and beyond normal actions)?

Sorry if you've answered these, I'm a little pressed for time and I didn't exactly catch the answers.

AmberMoonPriestess (15 stories) (158 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-27)

Thank you and your welcome. I am always glad to help someone learn more about anything I have learned.

There are some more experiences coming that involve native american, mostly along the lines of the dead horse camp one but one that was pretty freaky.

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