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Foggy, Heavy And The Whispering


I own a motorcycle with a side-car, you know, the famous Russian ones. I bought it quite cheap but since it was quite old, restarting the thing took nearly my life long working payment... (I kept a secret that I won a jackpot, nah... Joking)

I was lucky that the mechanic guy was volunteering to give me old useable parts to make my motorcycle work again.

Me and the mechanic guy became friends (it has been 2 years now) and since I was quite "into the spiritual world" we use to talk and bring up spooky stories, fake or real (I usually will tell real ones either my friends' or mine).

OK, enough of the long long intro.

So me and that mechanic guy planned for a winter side-car ride event at the area where I am. There were people from around Japan who would love to experience the breezy winter ride (I am not sure if I can write the brand of the motorcycle, so I wrote Side-Car).

We went along the countryside early in the morning. It was quiet but with our side-car the place was vibrating with the sound of the motors. Some kids heading to their school were looking at us with a "what the..." look. I love kids with a surprised face lol Just some riders passing by, we won't hurt you little one lol.

We were at a point where during the World War Chinese and Korean labors worked and died and had their cemeteries. I don't know why but it is called "Chinese Cemetery". If any of you know the place, keep it for yourself because I do not think that it is a good place to go... You will see why.

I have the habit of drinking maté and like to drink it in the traditional way and not tea bags.

I and my friend were having a little rest near the "Chinese Cemetery" while I was seeping on my maté. I felt some weight on my back and the bombilla (the metal straw for drinking maté) started to become a little foggy, I thought it was the temperature difference but it was not that.

My maté cup was those stainless ones and I had a traveling pot for hot water, the cup never fogged up like that even at the coldest days. (for people who does not know maté or bombilla I would want to post a picture later).

I hear a few people around whispering in Asian languages not in Japanese because I would have notice what they are whispering by now. I thought there were some non Japanese speakers with us and so I asked my friend. He hooked his head and asked me why.

Since it was early in the morning and it was sunny but very snowy. He did not suspect that it was something else other than people, he told me it may be some tourist... Now that I think of it there were not tourists but only us! Only the Side-Car people! And all of us (except me?) only spoke Japanese but not other languages! What is all this whispering and the weight on my back and the fog...

Everything was so strange at that moment but fortunately when we leave the area nothing more strange happened...

Do you think that is only my tiredness or is it the spirit around the cemetery appealing something to us?

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blosomes (12 stories) (74 posts)
4 months ago (2024-02-09)
Alright! I may need your help again 😆

Yes, I have been here quite long enough 😁
And yes everyone here is very very helpful and curious about every event of each stories 😉
Linjahaha (24 stories) (142 posts)
4 months ago (2024-02-07)
blosomes: I enjoyed your account, but am fascinated with the responses that you've gotten.
I agree with lady-glow, & Val that there 'could' be a scientific explanation to what occurred. I, also, try to rationalize something before I 'accept' it as something paranormal. I, like you, don't 'want' any unexpected visitors, lol!
However, the explanations that you got 'do' make sense. I, also, have a winter coat for sub-zero temperatures. Would you believe that I feel a weight on my back when I bend over too? It's even felt so heavy that it gave me some back pain, & at my age "I" don't need 'that'.
I did enjoy the story, & 'you' had questions, & this site is for people trying to figure out what happened to them. The bulk of the people on this site are truly serious, & interested in discussing these subjects openly to try, & help each other understand what they've experienced. I've read some very intelligent, & sensible comments on this site. I'm glad if they helped you!

All the Best! 😆 😊
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
4 months ago (2024-02-07)
Roy, I'm happy to have been of help. And YES the atmosphere of a place can really mess with us!
blosomes (12 stories) (74 posts)
5 months ago (2024-02-07)
Well that make sense then 😲
Perhaps this experience that I have may not be super nature at all but just the place 😕
But I am glad because I don't want extra neighbors around me lol
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
5 months ago (2024-02-05)
"The fog... I don't know how to explain, but it was not of the coldness, I mean I know it will steam up a bit during cold weather but not really fogging up like if I have just took the bombilla out of a fridge during a hot day... Or is that what you mean?" Yes, it is. Only compounded by the elements you were in. I imagine that straw as well as the cup were quite cold from the ride. Colder than the -5c, experienced when standing still, because of the windchill caused by being in motion (the wind rushing past you). Even inside a saddlebag, the cup and straw would have been well beyond freezing.
blosomes (12 stories) (74 posts)
5 months ago (2024-02-05)
Maybe you have a point here... I was leaning at the side of the side-car side while resting... Yea, maybe it was my coat...

The fog... I don't know how to explain, but it was not of the coldness, I mean I know it will steam up a bit during cold weather but not really fogging up like if I have just took the bombilla out of a fridge during a hot day... Or is that what you mean?
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
5 months ago (2024-02-05)
Roy, a thought just popped into my head about the weight on your's cold, I assume you were wearing a heavy coat?
And were you, perhaps, squatted down during the making/drinking of your maté? Were you near a campfire of some sort?
Bare with me here.
I have a heavy coat that's great for our subzero temps; the only problem I've noticed is that sometimes, especially if squatted down doing something, the weight of the coat will shift and it can feel as if something is on my back. This might be an explanation for you too.
As far as the fogging, if near heat, in the cold, it can produce a fog effect, as the cold surrounding air collides with the warmed air. Is it possible, that your bombilla (assuming one of the newer steel ones) as well as your cup, were cold enough from the ride, that between the hot water and fire heat, reflected this?
blosomes (12 stories) (74 posts)
5 months ago (2024-02-04)
Hello Valkricry!
Wow! That's a bull's eye 😳
Yes, it is URAL and they seemed to have this winter ride every year, for me this time is first and the last time perhaps... Frost bites are irritating and it hurts.

Yes, I did a more scientific research and perhaps the sound wave theory is right 😊 we constantly learn new stuff here really.

The weight on my back... Is perhaps... Tiredness? So far I am good and I don't hear any of the members during that day having odd events 🤔
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
5 months ago (2024-02-04)
Are you by chance talking of the URAL motorcycles?
For those who are Celsius impaired: -5c = 23F, that's darn chilly!
Lady-glow does have a point about sound waves. You can hear someone from 360 meters away (about 1,180 feet) and in the cold even farther. Then you have to take into consideration the terrain (mountainous it can echo around for quite the distance) and the atmosphere, it might even travel 10 miles! Or so I've been told.
But the weight on your back...hmmmmm
blosomes (12 stories) (74 posts)
5 months ago (2024-02-04)
Hello lady-glow!
Hmm... 🤔 Interesting fact...

Oh, yes I do remember the temperature,
It was -5℃, and yes, all these side-car owners are crazy enough to ride in the breeze! (I know, crazy... I swear I will not want to go anymore lol)

Hmm... If you say a cold spirit is coming around and wanted to share my drink... I am willing to give it some warmth... 😢

Hey Rajine!
What an observation 😳
Maybe that is why that place is known to be haunted.

Well, I did not feel any vibe... I think the spirits felt that following us will not do any benefits lol
lady-glow (16 stories) (3160 posts)
5 months ago (2024-02-04)
Hi blosomes.

A possible logical explanation for the whispering could be that sound waves travel longer distances in colder temperatures. Perhaps what you heard was a conversation taking place some where not too close to your location, hence making it difficult to make the words with clarity?

Do you know what the temperature was at that moment? Although I supposed it couldn't be below freezing if you were able to ride a bike.
And of course this wouldn't explain the weight on your back... So, maybe a cold spirit was trying to warm up drinking some of your mate.

Thanks for sharing this puzzling experience.
Rajine (14 stories) (813 posts)
5 months ago (2024-02-03)
Hi blosomes

As the name suggests, I think the spirits in the "Chinese cemetery" probably want to go home, it's one thing to be stuck in a foreign country and without anyone familiar, but it's something else and I feel it's tragic to be a spirit trapped in a foreign country.

Did you get any sort of vibe or anything to suggest the spirits may be angry or possibly malevolent?

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