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I've lived in my current apartment with my three flatmates for almost two years now and nothing weird ever happened before. However, we've had some things going on in the past month or two, I'm not quite sure they are even connected or really paranormal (I guess you can explain away a lot of things when you really try), so I've decided to submit them here and get a second opinion from people who are interested in the paranormal and possibly more knowledgeable than me.

One evening about two months ago I was home alone, just hanging out, reading, that sort of thing. It was already dark outside, so the light in the room was on. I was lounging on the couch, facing the wall. Suddenly I became aware of movement so I looked up just in time to see a black, shadowy, cloud-like substance projected on the blank, white wall in front of my face dissolve/evaporate into thin air. The whole thing lasted for a few seconds. I quickly turned around to look around the room but as I expected, nothing looked out of place. I'm a 100% sure that I saw it, I don't normally go around seeing random clouds on my walls. I tried to explain it as seeing the heat coming from the radiator or something like that but the radiator is further along the same wall so there is no way it could cast a shadow like that. I ended up shrugging it off and going back to whatever I was doing.

The next event occurred about a week or two later, although I'm not sure how legit it is. I share a room with another girl who is also my cousin. I have of course known her all my life and we have been roommates for about four years now, we've shared a room in a previous flat as well. She's sometimes prone to muttering or snoring in her sleep, so occasionally needs a light prod or two, but she's never had any extreme reactions while sleeping or dreaming. Last month, though, I woke up in the middle of the night to her almost crying in her sleep, hysterically repeating 'oh no, oh no' over and over. She sounded really troubled so I decided to put her out of her misery and give her a poke. It shut her up alright, so as far as I was concerned that was it and I too went back to sleep. I had a very vivid dream of a distorted shadow figure with glowing white eyes and it was, for a lack of better words, out to get me. It was tugging on my ankles and pulling me off the bed when I suddenly awoke to the sound of my own voice, saying 'oh no' in the exactly same voice full of hysteria my roommate did earlier. It was still dark outside, I was quite shaken up, I felt like my ankles were almost vibrating. I just pulled the covers over my head, never opening my eyes, and went back to sleep. I asked her the next day if she had nightmares but she said no, she actually said she remembers dreaming about a fruit or something silly like that, definitely no shadow figures hunting her down. I do tend to have very vivid, colorful, even bizarre dreams almost every night but I almost never have nightmares and I really never wake myself up. Maybe she sounded so desperate in her sleep she somehow managed to subconsciously freak me out and that's all it was. I certainly hope so.

The last thing that also prompted me to write my story happened just a couple of days ago. It was morning, around nine or so, and my roommate and I were home alone. I was still dozing on and off and I could hear her walking around in the kitchen that's across the hall from the room. Suddenly I was completely awakened by a whisper that came from the other end of the bed. I couldn't understand what it said but I think it must've been about two or three words and spoken in a really girly voice. I started thinking about what it could've been but eventually drifted back to sleep. When I got up a couple of hours later I would've forgotten all about it but then my roommate mentioned she woke up to whispering early that morning, around dawn. She said it was a woman's voice and as far as she could tell it was a foreign language because she couldn't make out any of it. My jaw dropped. We weren't too upset about it as it didn't sound overly scary but we did agree that it's quite trippy. I'd say out of the three experiences this one was the most 'real' because it was both of us that heard nearly the same thing. The other two flatmates just laughed it off but have asked about our 'ghostie' almost every day since.

Another peculiar thing I've noticed since is a mark on the lower part of my leg and it looks a lot like a bite mark of sorts. I'm thinking it could be related because I first noticed it around that time and I can't think of engaging in any activities that would logically leave me with one and my roommate doesn't bite, as far as I know. I'm not sure what to think!

The apartment we rent is the second floor of a house, I'd estimate it was built in the 60's or 70's by our landlord who lives on the first floor. His wife passed away from an illness about 20-30 years ago, we're not sure if in the home or in the hospital.

I'm sorry if this story seems like a lot of blabbering about nothing but I wanted to share it and I'm just really curious to hear your opinions, am I just way too paranoid or might some of these occurrences actually be connected?

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elnoraemily (guest)
10 years ago (2014-07-11)
Is there a way that light could have reflected off something, like a passing car, and caused your first experience? I have thought I have seen shadows and then realized that it was a refection/shadow caused by a moving light source.

Your roommate's dream could have influenced yours- as odd and scary as it was. It is possible that you were dreaming about watching her dream (I know that sounds like the plot of Inception, but it happens). Dreams are often influenced by our surroundings.

It's possible that if you both heard the voice, that it was coming from a nearby source (such as passing through vents in an apartment, or someone on the street outside).

I don't think you are being paranoid, but try not to psyche yourself out. The more worried you are, the more likely it is that you will start to interpret things as paranormal. Try to think of them through earthly ways first if you are unsure.
fineandmellow (3 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-02)
Hi! Thanks for your comments. I think I might try to talk to the landlord, he's a very chatty 80-year-old and loves to talk about everything that was going on before cca. 1980.
What I understood from his previous stories is that the second floor apartment is owned by his daughter who'd moved out because she'd bought a house and started renting out the place - my two roommates were the first tenants, before that the family members were the only ones who had lived in the house.
That's also why I don't believe the whispering sound came from a TV or radio - our place is really quiet because we're virtually the only ones in the house and the walls are quite thick. Our landlord would sometimes blast some opera but it's distinctly opera 😉
Griff84 (5 stories) (289 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-30)
Hi fineandmellow, welcome to YGS.

I am in agreement with Beppy07, the death of the landlords wife could just be coincidental, but then again, it could not. Although it could be a tricky subject to broach, even after 30 or so years, do you think its worth asking your land lord if he, or any previous tenants have had similar experiences?

Like you have already said, the dream could be you subconsciously freaking yourself out, the shadows could have been floaters in your vision against a white wall and the whispering could have been the sound from another tenants TV or radio being conducted into your apartment, all probably unlikely, but certainly worth considering.

Please keep us posed, and let us know if you or your cousin experience anything else. 😊
Beppy07 (2 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-29)
I don't necessarily think you're being paranoid. It seems all the experiences relate. When the landlord's wife died... Did they live upstairs at all? Maybe you and your roommate live in the landlord's old room. Also, if it is his wife, maybe she feels threatened by other women and cannot make sense of things. I am no expert but I think more research into who lived in the upstairs/room would bring you answers.

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