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The Fate Of A Beautiful Soul


Been some time since I have posted something here. But a heartbreaking incident happened a couple of months ago. I lost my mother after she battled with pancreatic cancer for over a couple of years. To see the amount of pain she went through, I almost wished her a painless death everyday. While God answered my prayers in part, the best aspect here was I got to spend a whole 3 months with my mum and she peacefully breathed her last in my lap.

I quit my job to stay with my mother and my wife took care of the kids. All of us lived together. Before I proceed to the story, a bit of philosophy to all the lovely souls here, please spend a lot of time with your parents. They become kids towards the last stages of life and crave for our attention. Please do not alienate them at any cost. After all, they put up with our tantrums when we were young and we should return the favor. Please. There is no point in regretting later.

Now, going back to the story, like I mentioned earlier, I spent 3 whole months with my mum. I caught up for all the lost time, only for her. She was very happy and I gladly did everything for her. We used to talk for hours together and my mum would go on and on about everything that has happened in our life ever since I was born. During one such day, she felt emotional and told me how I used to cry non stop as a kid asking for my dad (my dad passed away when I was young). Then she paused. Looked skywards and said "only if he had listened to me". That shook me off balance. And I asked her what happened. She hesitated and told me that she had kept this a secret all through her life.

Story from my mum on the first day of our discussion -

My mom and dad lived a very short happy life together. I am the result of their happiness. As per my mom, dad always made fun of my mum for believing in paranormal and her reading through tarot cards. I cannot blame my dad, because as far as I know, he is a very religious person and believed that fate is to be faced than predicted. My dad has always been a busy person at work and used to work long hours. My mum could feel my dad being depressed, but when checked with him he refuted the claim and said he was fine. After her tarot readings, my mum asked my dad if he has been disturbed by anything. My dad refused to answer and said he does not want to discuss it. Then one fine day, my dad opened up, saying he senses death soon. He felt that he is going to leave his family soon. My mum comforted him saying everything is going to be alright. The next day when she woke up, mum noticed that dad was still sleeping. She has never seen him like that as dad used to leave for work early every day. Mum let him sleep for some more time and by the time dad woke up, he was very late for work. After his shower, mum asked him why he woke up late to check on him if he was feeling alright. Dad mentioned that he had a dream as if he was burning to death with people watching and not able to help him, and that left him very disturbed. Mum, being herself, took her tarot card kit, did her reading and told him not to leave for work in the morning as the signs are not in favor towards his health. Dad refused to listen and left for work. He never returned.

He met with an accident when a young driver jumped a STOP sign and hit my dad's car from the left side. Dad's car was crushed between a sidewall and the other car and was burned alive as he was stuck.

Mum told this story and looked at me without shedding a tear. She said "I did not tell you this story because I never wanted you to feel bad about your dad. Your dad was a great man and so are you. He would be proud that I brought you up as a gentleman". I was uncontrollable. I fell on my mother's foot and was crying. What a strong woman she was. The amount of pain, the young lady went through 35 years back was unimaginable. She never married again, because of the fear of me not getting enough attention. She is the angel of my life.

Love you, ma!

After a couple of days went by, I asked my mom. So, where did dad get this feeling all of a sudden? Why was he scared and depressed? How would someone get that feeling for no reason?

Mum looked a bit anxious when I asked her these questions. She said dad had a very tough childhood and was deviating from my question. I stopped her and asked her sternly. WHAT HAPPENED?

Complete story on day two -

Then she opened up. Dad is a very religious person. He always believed that there is an energy watching over us and that will guide us. And that was the reason he never believed in tarot predictions as fate will find its own way to reach you.

A month and a half before his death, dad was coming back from work on a rainy night. It was quite late in the night and he saw a lady standing near an overpass. It was quite late for someone to be standing there so he stopped and asked her if she needs to be dropped somewhere. Dad asked her if he needs to call someone, she said she is lost after her walk and would like to get dropped at the hospital closeby. Dad took her in and dropped her at the hospital. During the drive to the hospital, she had mentioned to dad that she has had a very rough childhood and she ended up here because of her parents as they used to abuse her. She said her parents died of drug overdose and she was left with nothing. Since my dad had a rough childhood too, he empathized with her and said he will come and meet her often with his family and she will not feel alienated.

Dad went home and narrated the ordeal to my mother and both of them decided to go check on the girl over the weekend. The next weekend, when they went to the hospital to check on her, they found out that the girl had died 3 weeks earlier by electrocuting herself. Dad was shocked as he met the girl a few days earlier. A confused dad, walked back with my mum to the car and out of the facility. On the way back, dad stopped near the overpass and told mum this is where he met the girl a couple of days back and was just getting extremely paranoid. Mum was trying to understand the situation, when, he turned back to my mum who was near the car door and was frozen for a few seconds. My mom was puzzled. When asked, he said that he saw the girl right next to my mum and then she disappeared. My mom felt very worried for my dad and never left him alone for the next few days.

Dad was never the same after this incident. He used to wake up suddenly from the sleep sweating and gasping for breath. He said the girl follows him everywhere. My mum felt that dad has attracted an entity and whenever mum tried to help him, dad never cooperated. After many failed attempts to convince my dad, mum gave up and started praying for my dad's health. And everytime she did that, she said, she will never be able to complete the prayers as there will be some distraction.

Mum felt dad was attracting more negative energy with his behavior and the failed prayer attempts were of no help as well. Before she could figure out a way to help dad, he passed away.

I felt so heavy that day. I don't know what to comprehend. My mom cried as well, so I did not bother her with more questions. The only thing she said was, "I have helped so many people in these situations, but I couldn't help your dad".

I have more questions than normal. The reason being, why would a spirit randomly follow someone and disturb their peace. My dad meant no harm to the girl or the spirit, he just stopped and helped like any person would. So is that seen as a sign of acceptance to let the spirit follow you? Maybe dad's accident was just coincidental, but why should he meet such a fate after being so sincere his whole life.

Life can be cruel sometimes. All I infer is, Dad was right. You can predict anything but you need to face your fate, be it good or bad. And his fate, was to meet his end in a fatal accident.

P.S - I will definitely reply to the comments but with some delay as I will be shifting to a new place next week!

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aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-06)
Wow,I can relate to your fathers account in more ways than one because I had the same dream and chose to stay.

I believe we all have a few exit points here in the earth matrix and we are often given an opportunity to leave if we want or an opportunity to stay.

Like me, I believe your father was given a choice to stay or go probably the young lass he picked up 6 weeks earlier was probably a part of this not in a negative way at all, he may know her from one of his past lives and she may have helped him make his decision by bringing the dream to him however it was your fathers choice to leave? Believe me when I say this, going home when your time is up is a beautiful transition only those left behind grieve and suffer your father chose to go home because his mission was over.

In my own dream, I saw my death in a vehicle accident on the way home from work, the dream gave me chills it was so real and lucid, I do know how your dad felt waking up, I also knew the street and suburb and avoided the street the very next day.

Sadly, the accident still happened on the day I avoided the road and a person died I actually wrote about it here on a sister site a few years back.

I was later told in a dream by my spirit guide I would live to 77, so still another couple of decades for me however there won't be no dodging bullets when my time comes around the next time.

Thank you for sharing.

Regards Daz
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-28)
Greetings, Nalchen, it has been a while!

When a person with some skill in prediction, foresight, or prophecy definitely sees/knows there will be an event in the future, that event will occur. I've lately read accounts, some on YGS, that suggest the impact of the events may be diminished, but the event does occur to some degree. Given your assertions about your mother's capacity to predict the future with some accuracy, then she did know your father's death was imminent.

That said, his future death also may have been obvious to the spirit of the misguided girl who committed suicide. No one knows what she was thinking or why, but there is a precedent for people who are approaching the ends of their lives suddenly becoming more attuned to supernatural presences and experiences. I'd guess that this phenomenon may work both ways, allowing the supernatural to recognize those who will be joining them in whatever afterlife awaits. (I wonder if they could hitch-hike a ride to the afterlife if they missed their own opportunity at their time of death?)

It was unfortunate that your mother spent years blaming herself for not detaining your father & keeping him at home that day. I'm glad she helped many others, but there was nothing she could do to prevent it after seeing ill omens in her cards, especially as she undertook this reading in reaction to the dream in which your dad had *already seen* what was going to happen to him later in the day.

Knowing/seeing/glimpsing the future can be a difficult experience. On several occasions, I have taken definite steps to prevent events I have predicted; none of these precautions has worked. In order to see the future, the future must be there to be seen; perhaps extra precautions may reduce the consequences, but they will not magically prevent it from happening.

You have my sincere condolences on the loss of your mother, Nalchen. It is good that you got to spend time with her; I hope that her sharing her burden of unwarranted guilt with you gave her some measure of peace, too.

nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-23)
[at] Lealeigh

Am so glad and happy to hear that you have talked to your dad. Well, am so proud of you and glad that you did this.

See, its not difficult after all:)

Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-21)
I talked to my dad. We didn't mention our falling out or the eight years where we didn't talk.
He was just happy to talk to me.
He's seventy years old and the thought that he isn't going to be around forever has been nagging at me for some time.
He heard from my sister that I'm in a precarious situation and he was worried.❤
nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-20)
[at] Lealeigh.
Thanks for your comment. I feel so too everytime I think about it. Dad is right.
And am glad that this incident has convinced you to talk to your dad as well. Please do. I am happy for you.

[at] Silverthane61
So nice of you to stick around to your old mum. I think that's something many of us fail to realize. Am glad you are doing it. Am sure your mum is very happy that you are close to her.

[at] Tace.
Your message actually makes me think about an aspect I never thought about. You maybe right. Maybe the spirit felt my dad was being so considerate and helpful that it was basically seeking solace in him. And my dad maybe got a bit paranoid. Thanks for giving me this outlook to the incident as well.
And absolutely right. We never listen, do we? Life would have been much better if we do listen to advices sometimes. It doesn't hurt one bit.

[at] RCRuskin.
Hi there. Been really long. Hope you are doing good. Thanks for your lovely message. Absolutely right. Its all about what steps we take to come out of a pit when you fall in it. If you just stay there, you are probably doomed. I think that is exactly what happened to my dad as well. He never took a step to take assistance. Maybe, just Maybe, if he had taken it, who knows, he would have been right next to me now.

RCRuskin (9 stories) (834 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-19)
Hope you have as stress free a move as possible, Nalchen.

"Do you want to be healed?" is something Jesus asked in one of the miracles reported in the Bible. We all have problems, but the real question is whether we want to overcome those problems, or are we going to keep using them, for pity, for something else? Not that I think your dad wanted to keep his problem, but perhaps he did not want 'that sort of help' specifically.

May his Memory be Eternal.
tace (37 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-19)
So sorry for your loss. Maybe the girl spirit attached to your dad because of his kindness and he could see her... Maybe it was a gift he had to see spirits and didn't know he had the gift and the spirit was drawn to him because he could see her and was kind to her. Just my thoughts. As far as your mom not being able to help your dad... I think that when it's your time... It's your time. Your mom tried to pray for him and was distracted... She tried to find other ways but he didn't want to know or hear... We never listen to those who love us... Don't know why we are so pig headed, but that happens about so many things when love one want to help or give advice. Just know that your dad was a good man and tried to do good in his life... And sometimes the good leave us sooner then we want, but he is there with your mom and you will see them again. I truly do believe that.
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-19)
Very inspirational. My dad died when I was 17. My step-dad died 2 years ago. My Mom is now 90 years old. I have moved from my place in Georgia to Oklahoma to be near her. I really do empathize with you and your story.
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-19)
It breaks my heart to read about your father. He was probably right that it's not right to seek to know the future.
I had a falling out with my own father eight years ago and haven't spoken to him since.
Your story is probably about to inspire me to call him. ❤

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