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A Praying Soul


I was in my fourth year on my University years of Engineering at Baguio when this happened, I believe it was year 2000 then.

As a student living an hour away from Baguio, I would always go back every Mondays just in time for my class. Sometimes, I bring my baggage at my first class then just go home to the boarding house when I get a free time before my next class. I wasn't alone doing this, but many lowlanders does this.

One tragic Monday, there was a typhoon that hit Northern Luzon. To get back to Baguio, People would pass Naguilian Road, Kenon Road and Marcos Highway at their own risk. I did took the risk just like any others who wouldn't want to miss a quiz. At school, there was a news spreading about a Colorum Van fell from Kenon Road with a guy friend of mine in there. The van was expected to be in Baguio at 8:45AM when it did not reach its destination. Five hours later, it was found into ravine with covered rocks and muds from the landslide, heavily identified. The news circulated said that the only lady survivor was air lifted to Baguio General Hospital and fell into coma but later died on the same week.

Sadness was all over me then. I was crying in silence and just remembered those happy thoughts with a good friend. In one class that I attended, he is supposed to be there as we were classmates, though he is seated away from me. So the professor came in and announced the accident that happened to one of her students within the class and she had no plan giving us any lesson for the day but instead, she asked us to stand and pray for his soul.

It was raining still that afternoon, and windy too but the atmosphere inside the class was different, it was too cold that I couldn't understand. I was at the front seat in the class, and one of my classmate happen to have a third eye, was shaking and could not stare in front. By the way, the classmate I was referring to who has a third eye doesn't even know who was that schoolmate who just got into accident. Just when we were praying for a soul, there he was praying too beside the professor and in front of me. He was clearly identified by a schoolmate with a special gift.

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sushantkar (16 stories) (533 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-18)
Midnight, your narrative had made me dit confused... I personally don't believe in third eye concept... Moreover I believe in having a strong consciousness and abilities of feeling or sensing things which had happened or is about to happen through the environment or touching things.
Your classmate have extra sensory ability (3rd eye) was not properly described. It was moreover getting the feeling of having loosing someone... Although only few person have such ability of sensing things but what I have experienced is that this bad feeling do come when the incedient are already happened. Only little of them have the ability of sensing it early.
All my opinion though... Thanks for sharing.

Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-14)
Hi Midnight Reader, what a tragic thing to happen - I'm sorry for your loss.

I know that the Philippines experience several tropical storms every year and not every one is classed as a "typhoon". As a matter of interest, do you remember what the typhoon was called?

I'm also interested in knowing more about your classmate with the third eye. Did he give you any details, description etc on what he saw? How did he know who he was seeing if he didn't know him? Was there any special sign, glow or flashing lights?

No disrespect meant here. Your story just made me rather curious, that's all... 😕
L_Melb (220 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-08)
A little curious, did they use a helicopter to take a survivor to hospital in a typhoon? You say it was raining and windy all day and I think that could have been rather dangerous (or I have totally misunderstood!) Thanks!

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