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A Blue Light


I have had many weird things happen to me in my life. This one happened only last Friday. I went to bed around 1 am after watching a movie on tv. I noticed it had started to snow. I wasn't heavy snow but wet and melted as it touched the ground. I woke up in the middle of the night because I felt cold. I glanced at the bedside clock but it was off. It was really dark in the room and I noticed that even my night light in the ensuite was off.

I got up to check outside and by that time there was quite a bit of snow. All the electricity was off in our house and in the neighborhood. No street lights either. With the snow it was bright enough to see my way around in the dark. I went back to bed and I was lying there thinking how strange it must be if we had no electricity as we relied on it so much and also wondered how long it has been off as it was getting chilly.

I was lying there when I noticed that there was a strange brightness, a bluish light of some kind coming from the hallway. There is nothing at that end of the hallway but a mirror at the end. As I watched it, it got brighter and then slowly dimmed and disappeared. I thought maybe it was a reflection from across the street at the neighbors as his driveway was facing our window. I went downstairs to check and the truck was still sitting in his driveway with the headlights facing towards the garage door. Also the window had wood shutter blinds and they were closed. If there was a light from his truck it would be red because of the taillights.

I have no explanation as to what the source of the light was. It seemed to come out of the end of the hallway and looked similar to the kind of light when a tv is on in another room and the house is dark. But my husband was sleeping, my younger son slept in the basement bedroom and the older one was staying over at a friend's house.

I have never seen a light like that before and wonder if anyone else had seen something similar or maybe can give me an explanation. From what my neighbor told me the lights were out for about two hours and came back on about 4:30 or so. Except for the light in my bedroom from outside there was absolutely no way any light could reach the hallway. It seemed like it was only a few seconds, starting out as weak and got really bright and faded. My husband thought maybe it was from the smoke alarm (?) but it is connected to the electrical power and has no backup battery. Why would a smoke alarm shine anyways?

I am not sure if it was electrical as there was no electricity so his explanation makes no sense. I did have another weird experience involving lights about a month ago. It was late in the evening and I was working late on my computer. The stupid thing started acting really weird as if it had a life of its own, opening and closing programs etc. I checked the program I use to see if anyone was trying to hack in or something and everything was ok.

Then the lights in the office started flickering. I thought maybe because it was a bit windy outside and caused problems with power or something. As I was thinking that, the lights started to dim and brighten. It did this three times! I don't have a dimmer switch and the bulb is a neon bulb. It was as if someone was trying to get my attention or something, but there was no one in the room and I could see the wall switch from where I was sitting. I went down to the basement where my son was watching tv and asked him if the lights were flickering or anything. He said no. Apparently it was only in my office. I have never heard of a power surge in one room only.

We have lived in this house for 16 years. We are the second owners and as far as I know no one died here as it is only about 27 years old. But from day one I have had weird stuff happen, both to myself and to my children. Hubby naturally blames everything on the wind. Inside the house with all the windows closed in the dead of winter?

The blue light was like when someone opens a door at the end of the hallway and the light shines then when they close the door it fades. No door, only a large mirror and the length of that hall from my bedroom door is only about 5 feet to the wall.

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Gabethebabe (1 posts)
6 years ago (2016-09-23)
I am truly stumped! But one night my girlfriend and I were watching a movie in our apt. (We are on the first floor. We have a big window facing the street so car lights hit our window all the time but hardly any light seeps in our apt. With the blinds closed.) our couch is backed up against the window and leaving little room between the wall to our right and the couch. We had no electonics near that corner. But a bright LED had filled that dark corner. I was focused on the movie directly in front of me, so this light was bright enough to draw my attention away from the movie. It stayed lit for a total of 4sec. I was scared and slowly turned my head toward the light, bc I knew that kind of light was unfamiliar. The light dissipated slowly before my eyesight could reach it. I looked to my left where my girlfriend was sitting and her face said it all. "What the hell was that?" I jumped off the couch and literally flipped the couch to see what could have possibly made such a scene. Nothing. I quickly ran outside on the patio to see if anyone was there. Nobody. There was nothing in our apt. That we could have used to try and reenact this event. Nothing was bright enough. My initial thought was that my ps4 controller had randomly turned on. Nope. But we don't own any device that could have caused this bright light.
Michelle198527 (5 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-02)
I don't know if anyone reads these stories on this forum anymore but I too have experienced seeing a bluish white light. About 5 months ago my niece passes away and I went to spend the night with my parents house. I woke up around 5 am to feed my baby. I then laid her down and then got back into bed. I tossed and turned for about 10 minutes and all of a sudden the whole bedroom lite up in a bluish white color. It lasted about 3 seconds. I thought I was seeing things but then it happened again. I panicked and ran into the living room until my mom woke up to tell her what I had seen. She then told me after her father passed away many years ago, she too has seen her bedroom light up in a bluish white light. We both know it wasn't lightning and the house is way out in the country so there's no lights or cars driving by. Maybe spirits from loved ones who have passed? Could be...
sholl (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-17)
When I was around ten years old I woke up night after night because of a blue beam of light that was on my face. It came through the window of my second story bedroom. The light was a contained beam of bluish white light. It gave off no light. After a few times I started calling over to my sister who's bed was opposite of mine. She woke several times at witnessed it. It would last for several minutes then go away. My parents did not believe us... But I was able to convience my older sister to spend the. Night in or room because I knew if she saw it my parents would believe... Because she was six years older. She stayed one night... The might came and landed on my face as it had done on the other occasions... I quietly called her name she woke up and saw it. To this day it makes her scared to talk about it. The light made its appearance for about a month' stopped' and never returned. It never scared me and I missed it when it stopped. I felt an intelligence connected with it. I have never known where it came from or what it was. We lived way out in the country and. There were no other light sources such as street lights. Ghost; Ufo; or some other explaination... I don't know. I just know it happened; and I have always been glad I had witnesses. I just wish I knew others who might have had the same experience and get their views on what they think it was.
bilbil17 (1 stories) (12 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-14)
Hi Mindi! A few years ago I posted a story on this site that is similar to your's except that my brother and I actually witnessed the source of the light. It truly defies explanation, but we THINK we know just what it was. My story is called "Forever at Camp". If you read it, let me know what you think.

ArchonKador (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-19)
Hi all,

When I was small, my mom went to visit her sister in another town. I remember waking up around 2am, crying. I was on the edge of the bed, next to my mom. Right next to me was lady, who looked like my granny that passed away, and my brother, who was still born, yet he seemed maybe 16 or 17 (strange I know). Both was surrounded by blue light, it was very calming. My granny told me not to worry, that everything would be OK, she put her arms around me and I fell asleep.

I always believed that I dreamt this, but I have a conviction that it was real.

Could anyone perhaps tell me what the blue colour is about?

Orleans (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-07)
Hi Mindi,
Another mysterious blue light! I found your story while researching today... My brother is up from Florida and he and I are talking about some of our paranormal experiences, one of them being his "blue light" experience- Setting: Here in Pennsylvania, a small town named Ephrata in Lancaster county "Dutch country". Time: 1983 or '84. Similar to your happening, it was nighttime inside his upstairs apartment. There was NO outside light source, the blinds were closed tight and curtains closed. He's really adamant on keeping it dark for the most restful sleep. So- there were no cell phones for him at this time. No reflections from a TV since it was OFF. He used a windup alarm clock... Anyway, a blue hazy light approx. 4 ft high and 18 inches wide just slowly appeared along the wall, beginning at the floor in his bedroom. It took a few moments to fully materialize. He just watched it with curiosity. The thing dissolved after a minute or so then slowly reappeared in about 10 seconds, reaching full luminosity in another 10 seconds or so. Strange indeed! Like you, he went throughout the house searching for a source of the phenonema. He just couldn't find a rational explanation. I will note that he was involved in D&D around that period and other paranormal things were happening that freaked him out. Might say that the accumulation of these events with the blue light being one of the last of them scared him ****less. He later became a born-again Christian and has had a few amazing paranormal things (all good) occur, just as I have! That being said, I can tell you that this area has a lot of stuff going on, perhaps the history is a cause for some of it. I'm not really sure. I collect many antiques and my home was built in 1795. Being a Christian, I do pray that my stuff become clean if anything nasty might be attached. Please donm;lt write be off as fanatical, I sure don't dwell on the demonic realm, but before I moved here I prayed over each room. (unlike my last home) Perhaps most of the time supernatural occurances many people experience are genuine and spirits do certainly exist: Good, evil, & the Holy Spirit. Depending upon responses, I might later share some of them in this forum.
~Thanks for reading friends!~
moonbeam (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-02)
I have seent the white light in my bedroom when I wake in the middle of the night. It happened 3 times in the past week. But like someone else said, it was ok did not feel anything bad. Still not sure what it was. It was gone in a flash.
Sarah_c (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-17)
When I read your story, I was suprised to notice that I've had the same kind of experience. I had convinced myself that I had imagined it, but now I've read this, I'm not so sure anymore.

It happened when I was sleeping. I woke up, turned and while I turned I saw a bright blue light shining in front of my mirror. (I've got a big mirror in my room which I use for my make-up) At first I didn't really realise what I'd just seen. I just closed my eyes again. Not even a second after closing my eyes, I noticed it wasn't normal for that light to be there. When I opend my eyes, the light was already gone. But I was left with this strange feeling as if there was something there, yet I wasn't scared. In fact it felt Ok. I kept wondering what that light could've been. I was sure it's source was not coming from the hall but from the right side of the mirror, (which is in the middle of my room) the shutters of my window was down, so it couldn't have been coming from the street. Also all the lights were out in the house, my phone was turned out and everyone was already sleeping.

The next morning, I wondered what to believe. As time passed, I more and more started to think it was just imaginary. But now, what do I have to think?
SandraN (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-18)
Hi Mindi. I came across this site after doing some research following a strange occurence that happened in my bathroom last night. A friend and I were in my bedroom very late last with all of the lights turned off but still awake and talking. All of a sudden, out of nowhere a light came from the bathroom that is attached to my bedroom. It was a very bright blue light that stayed lit for probably 5-10 seconds. I also have a large mirror in my bathroom, like the one you described. The light illuminated the bathroom and mirror, and then faded into nothing. Both my friend and I saw it. We both just stared at it without saying anything. I didn't feel scared at the time, I was mostly just shocked at what I was seeing.
After it turned off, we went into the bathroom to try and figure out a reason for the blue light. There was nothing. No cell phones, electronic devices, nothing. My friend insisted that it had to be our cell phones so we even tried bringing them into the bathroom and turning off the light, but light ommitted from the cell phones wasn't nearly as bright as what we had just seen. The rest of the night, he kept insisting that there must be a rational explanation even though we had checked every possibility.
It wasn't until the next morning that he admitted that the light had freaked him out and was intensely bright. After hearing confirmation that what I saw did not have a rational explaination, I decided to do research on mysterious blue lights and came to this site. If anyone has any similar stories or advice, it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! I live alone in this apartment and, although the light did not scare me initially, I am frightened and on edge now.
Trakehner (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-03)
Speaking of light, I sometimes have anxiety/negative feelings (not suicidal). Once in awhile, the lights in a room that I'm in will start to dim, not even as much as a dimmer switch, but just enough to barely notice. I just feel like its supernatural, because most of the time it won't. ALso, it did it one time, and I was focused on it, then I decided to read from my Bible, and it quit. Any ideas? DID I invite something bad in? THANK YOU ALL!
inJanuary (1 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-02)
Well now. Seems this blue light thing is not uncommon.

My name is Ana. I lived in Edmonton on the military base for a few years in 2002 (approximently) and many many many things occurred. (mostly in a 3 day period) I've never even heard of some of the things I experienced and saw. I won't get into everything here.

First, I'd like to say, I was one of three people who saw and experienced the paranormal in my home in Edmonton.

I am going to first share with you something my Mother told me in approximently 1994ish. My Mother had seen one of those paranormal tv shows and apparently she received information that if someone thinks there is a ghost present they should imagine a white light around them and a blue light around that. I forget what white was for but blue was said to be fore protection.

I later saw a white light in my sisters room- as well as a blue light however that isn't what I'm here to write about.

In my home in Edmonton we saw many different things. People (flesh like), transparent people, static, sounds, things moving and... Most of all, lights. (all in a 3 day span)

There was a white light, pink light and blue light. Each type of light seemed to have a different roll and I noticed they tended to 'hang out in diff parts of the house'. The pink prefered corners of the room, I forget where the white was and the blue was often in the windows, light fixtures and the closets. (except when I light up the whole huge basement like an actual light bulb though no light was on).

After many hours of seeing some good and bad things... And hour and a half passing in minutes, evil sounds, god like figures (I'm an atheist btw) I became very frightened. Something was not right. Something evil was in our home. Something was hurting me and one other.

After three days of both my boyfriend and I being woken by random ghost people we tried to sleep in the spare/empty room. The room had one of the creepy lil doors. We laid on the floor and both my boyfriend and I heard banging on the door and the sounds of people whispering. We moved away to the middle of the room.

My boyfriend fell asleep easily however I was very unsettled. Then I saw something that we'd seen a few times before... A black figure on the wall expanding and consuming the room. The room was now too dark to be normal. Then I saw it spill onto my boyfriend and he started shaking. I was scared.

I asked my guardian angel lil girl (whom I had met earlier and assumed she was my angel) to help him. A white orb entered the room and he stopped shaking. This process happened 2 or 3 times. I finally saw a strong white light what seemed to fight with the black on the walls. The room lit up again.

I hid under the blanket but could see blue in the closet and blue in the light fixture. I didn't yet know that blue lights were good. I then asked for someone to help me. Help us.

Out of all the odd things I've seen (and I've really stated nothing odd here compared to the whole situation) the most perplexing thing to me was this: I saw all this blue mass of light slowly slide out of the closet and then lay on top of the comforter at my feet and follow up from my feet to my head (head was still under comforter). I could feel as the slight weight pressed into the linen and shifted its position slightly.

And, I smiled. I felt something I have never and will never feel again in my life. Complete serenity like nothing felt before. Within seconds (literally) I closed my eyes and slept so nicely that I hadn't known I was on the hard floor and you wouldn't have thought I was being harmed and 'haunted' (I hate that word) for three days. I didn't have nightmares as I'd have expected.

The next day my boyfriend had to go to work (military). I was frightened to be alone at this point. I laid on the sofa and hid under a blanket. When I looked out I saw a lineup of people in the hall seemly waiting / wanting to talk to me. There was a boy in front and I could feel his strong need to speak to me so bad... With him was an angel. She was beautiful.

A short while later I heard something in the lobby area... Something was manifesting on the wall. There was 1 thing white and 1 thing blue. I was reminded of what my mother told me. With a closer look I noticed that the white thing was shaped like an angel and the blue thing was kind of beast like. Hmmm.

On the wall above the sofa where my friend slept I saw another angel like figure on the wall.

The pieces fit. Remembering what my mother said, understanding my experiences... I came to this conclusion:

The white light is a guide. Maybe not a guardian angel (as I found mine to be) but simply someone who is there to guide and assist you. Someone pure.

The Pink light was love. I can't remember how or why I came to this conclusion but there was thought process to it.

AND --- the blue light is protection.

There is NO question in my mind that blue is protection. It is the one I'm most sure of.

Now I saw other lights (a different kind- most like lightening bugs) gold, red... Not sure what these are. Gold was very strong though and I got the feeling I didn't like red.

As for what someone here said "ask if they love jesus". I don't advise this and the reason is because not everyone believes in god, or jesus for that matter, but that doesn't at all mean that they are evil or out to harm you. My advice is similar however (and I do this now myself) I ask if they come in love! In general. Just love.

Don't bring in our society's cultural beliefs etc. Love IS and will always be universal.

After a couple of days of good and bad and... Very ugly, I finally figured this out myself and I believe it works. I saw some spirits who seemed friendly, even felt friendly, but when I asked if they come in love they vanished!

Remember, they can lie to you. They can portray a different image than what is real this is why I always ask if they come in love and good will. I still haven't figured out why they don't lie about coming in love but in my experiences they never did.

❤ ❤ ❤

I'm sorry this is so long. I really thought I kept it short.:)
jasontravisott (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-01)
I have had experiences like the ones described here. I should start by saying that as a child, I was surrounded by a lot of weird paranormal activity, but eventually things settled down, so it's been a long time since much happened in that way. But my wife and I bought this house we are in now 4 years ago. In these last 4 years, I have seen three BRIGHT blue "flashes" of light that all came from the master bathroom to the left side of the bed-room. It was super dark late at night, and I just happened to be awake at the moment, and opened my eyes at the right time to see it. It was super bright and bathed the whole room in blue light for just an instant. I could see the source if the light, it was just a tiny pin-hole as if a single photon exploded at random. It was about 6 inches up from the floor and in the doorway of the bathroom. My wife has seen one or two as well. I had kind of forgotten about it, but yesterday in the afternoon, my wife and I both saw it again at the same time but this time in the bright light of afternoon sunlight coming in through the closed blinds of out bedroom. It was in a different spot this time, it was in the middle of the room, in front of the window, but even then, it was so bright that it stood out against the sunlight coming in through the closed blinds. I thought that I was the only one seeing it, but then she asked me if I had seen it, and of course I said yes. Well then about an hour later, she saw another one in the kitchen. So this has now gotten to the point that it has prompted me to get online and try to find more info on the phenomena. I am curious. Another thing, similar and maybe related, I sleep with my cell phone on the night stand beside the bed, it is used as an alarm. But one night, after the first sighting, the light on the screen came on. No phone call, no message, no sound came from it. It just lit up for like 30 seconds. My wife & I were still awake, laying there talking about things like this, spirit visitations, ghosts etc. So then the phone lit up and freaked us out! I jumped up and was looking at it trying to see if there was some message on it or not, and it was just white light, a blank screen.
Anyway that's what I know.
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-28)
Hi mindi. I realy liked your story. I believe there is something in your house. The spirit didn't have enough energy to show its self so it used its energy to give a light. Spirits don't usually show themselves in a whole. They need a lot of energy to do that. So actually to see a spirit manifest is actually a rare. But that was enough to scare you. I would be to. I believe there is a spirit in your home. It doesn't sound harmful so I wouldn't be to worried about it. Try investigating in your home. You might find more then meets the eye. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
Mindi (2 stories) (7 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-27)
I forgot to mention that I have only two sons living at home. Daughter's are both married. Oldest son was staying overnight at a friends and was not home. The youngest is 23, not really into playing games unless its on his Xbox. The only other game he plays is poker with his buddies. We do not own any Ougie boards, or any other game boards. It might have been my 'imagination' but why a light? I was hopeing more for the furnace to come back on. And I was not sleeping as I am an insomniac and if anything wakes me I have a hard time getting back to sleep, and wake up again several times during the night not being able to get back to sleep again. No hills, only a flat cul de sac, with my house almost in the middle. No reflections as there are no windows and son's room door was closed as he was not home and I hate his messy room so I always close the door. As for ghosts, I have no idea.
Mindi (2 stories) (7 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-27)
Hi EveryoneThank you for the feedback. The location of my house 'could' have been old Indian land. I have no idea. The fact that there was no electricity, and that the light seemed to originate from the END of the hallway where there was only a wall (with the mirror) makes me wonder. Also nothing could have been reflected in the mirror as the hallway was at the top of the stairs and the main windows were down one level with the curtains closed. It was just a dim fuzzy blue light that seemed to brighten and fade out. I was not thinking of anything unusual only wanted to get back to sleep and hoping the furnace would come on again as I was freezing. Most of the stuff I had in the house were purchased new, as I have a thing about used furniture. The only REALLY weird thing was the time the blender came on in the middle of the night by itself waking up the whole house.
As for the computer that could have been electrical or just the usual computer problems we get. But all those programs opening up all over the place when I didn't even clik on anything as I was just typing a letter made me think of a hacker or something but that was not the case as I checked with a program I have that checks all the ports being used. And the light dimming and brightening in only the office room was weird because I had no dimmer switch. I was ignoring the flickering when it started dimming and brightening as if someone was trying to get my attention. My bulb is flourescent so takes a while to turn on let alone dim or brighten. Then this weird blue light incident. Makes me wonder what is causing all of it. I accept things happening, I don't think they are supernatural but just unexplained. But I would like to find a cause for what happened. So far all the usual rational explanations have gone out the window. Sceptics like to give the usual 'rational explanation' responses but rarely if ever provide one. Most of those I have ruled out myself. If there was light, what was the source if there was no electricity in the neighborhood, or any way for a relfecting source from a passing car? And how could a 'reflecting' light as some had suggested shine all the way UPSTAIRS and originate from a wall at the end of the hallway? Did the light originate from the mirror reflecting it? If so, where was the original source? If so how? No electricity and lights from passing cars don't reach up the stairs and down the hallway even WITH curtains open downstairs.
Judging from posts by others I am not alone seeing weird lights.
alivewell (4 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-23)
careful sometimes its good or its bad that is trying to decieve you. If it makes contact with you, you better quiz it whether it loves jesus or not... I have had this happen to me and had bad and good things. I have seen it all. I lived in a very low vibrational house that had a few deaths in it... Check the land and the history as far as you can go. Check your son, is he playing with boards, light as a feather game, bloody mary game... Kids think they harmless but they end up being gateways. I used to think it was harmless too...
Ramzey (9 stories) (130 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-21)
I have seen a blue light too. It was not inside a home though. It was in a very old graveyard. I was up there with my sister, we were leaving, when I turned to my left and saw this blue light over one of the small graves. It got brighter than slowly diminished 'til it was gone. I'll never have an explaination for it, even if I did go looking for it!
GhostGal (6 stories) (104 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-19)
Hm... Probablly just a ghost... But I'm going to go and say angel... Because I'm not sure if ghost's or lil round glowing balls... I alway's thought angel's were O_o don't know how to really explain this. It might of been your imagination, or a dream. DUnno. But I'm a strong beleiver in the paranormal. SO I'm going to go with ghost or angel. Sorry I can't be of any more help

Mello27 (6 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-19)
Hey, I too have seen strange light from an unknown origin. I was with friends at the time and they saw it too. I still don't know what it could have been, atleast I know I'm not the only one. I also hav questions.
Tonith (1136 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-17)
Guess it could have been some kind of reflection from something but still is odd. I do know ghosts seem to like electrical appliances because they can manipulate them being they are also energy themselves. Being that it was snowing its possible you couldn't have heard a car on another street whose headlights could have been the cause. We live on a hill when someone pulls into a certain street 2 blocks down on the lower street we will get the headlights in our one room which I have confused for a flash of lightening or just a flash of light. Not saying this is the case with your experience. If it's never happened before or since then it's probably not someone car lights. Me thinks you may have a bonifide ghost trying to make contact.
Ohiowatha (11 stories) (415 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-17)
I'd be careful not to jump to conclusions. A faint light in the hallway could be any number of things. Somebody could have driven past the house instead of your neighbor's truck making the light. Perhaps a neighbor was using a flashlight to check their circuits or whatnot.

Of course, only you know for sure, but from where I'm sitting, I just can't tell. Just a few alternatives. Thanks.
Flutterofwings (13 stories) (428 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-16)
This was a very good written story, thanks for sharing it with us. I would also be interested in how you felt when this happen, as this can tell a lot to what the blue light was about.
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2008-04-16)
Hello Mindi.
It sounds as if you did a bit of investigating on your own there, very good. Once you can count out the things that it IS NOT, then it is easier to come to what it IS.
Smoke detector? Nah, I think he is trying to blow smoke up... No, I will not say that. 😉
Power surge? Sure, if the electricity had been up and running.
Tell me, if you can. What were you FEELING at the time that you saw the blue light? Besides being cold due to the lack of electricity, were there any other PHYSICAL feelings? Emotional?
I would also be interested in knowing whether you had any "used" furniture, appliances, that sort of thing as sometimes ghosties like to hang on to possessions that they enjoyed while living.
Thank you.
keekee404 (1 stories) (23 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-16)
You know, sometimes ghosts communicate with us through things like appliances and anything else that runs by electricity, because their energy travels through the electricity. I think that this is similar to what's been happening with you. For the light, it may have been some sort of spirit, but I can't say much else because I don't have any experience with lights of that sort. I hope everything goes alright! 😉
chelleck (3 stories) (56 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-15)

I have not had the experience of 'the blue light' but have read another story on this sight regarding one.

I think you have more there than the wind.

I agree with Bellissima. Maybe you should check the history of the land itself.

Thank you for sharing your story.
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-15)
Hi Mindi. I just read 'The Broken Lamp' and suggested you check the land. I just had another thought, do you have any antiques or second hand furniture? Maybe you've got somebody attached to an item in your home. I enjoyed reading your stories, I'm looking forward to more.Thanks.

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