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Shadow People and Webby Encounter


I am not sure what order some of these happened in, just that they did happen. These are the events that happened in my bedroom and the guest bedroom, which is now transformed into the nursery. What I think is the first time this happened, it was an average night in the fall. I remember getting spooked thinking I might have seen a shadow person, then dismissed it thinking it might have just been something the fan was blowing and the effects of the kerosene heater.

I fell fast asleep no problem. At the crack of dawn I woke up for no reason. I stretched and sat up to see the clock around my sweetie. It was 5:16. I snuggled back into my pillow, and suddenly I can't move or breathe! I felt that if I could just get Jeff awake it would all stop. Slowly, and I mean very slowly, I crept my hand up the bed towards Jeff's face. I started feeling like I would pass out any second seeing stars. The only thing I could think to do was pinch Jeff's face. I hadn't the strength for anything else. The only sound I could make was a faint croaking, as it felt there was no air in my lungs and they were sucking in on themselves as I tried to breathe.

Finally I get to Jeff's face and I started pinching. He woke up saying "What the f@#$?!" As soon as he awoke, I gasped in a deep breath and lay my head sown. Jeff asked if I was okay and I said, "I am now! Love you!" and I said a little prayer to God to protect me from evil and fell fast asleep.

The next one was stranger than that one. It was a cold night in winter. I was snuggled under my favorite comforter in bed dozing looking at the pattern the kerosene heater makes on the ceiling. Out of the corner of my eye I catch shadows moving. I get a creepy feeling. I roll to my side and face the shadows, they continue to move. Pooh kitty comes in and parks himself at my feet and stares where I am staring and the movement seems to cease. I fall asleep forgetting to pray.

I wake up a few hours later and notice Jeff has finally come to bed. I roll to my back to space of at the pattern on the ceiling again. I notice something strange. There is a fiery eye in the pattern. I was fairly sure there wasn't an eye there before. I stared at it, and started to feel really weird. Like I was being watched, pardon the pun! Suddenly there was another eye! I got this feeling of dread as it seemed to wink at me. I covered my head and prayed for God to protect me and Jeff from all evil, and I eventually fell asleep. I woke once more needing to use the little girls room and saw the eyes were now longer in the pattern on the ceiling. The heater was still burning along, and it hadn't been moved.

There was another time I saw the shadows darting about my room. It was winter and the heater was burning as usual in the hall in front of one of the doors to our room. I was having a really weird dream about being at an entrance to a cave that was supposed to be like the gates of Hell or something, there was drums, and people I knew from High school that were real partiers were going into it.

I talked to someone/thing there but don't recall what about. Suddenly something had my leg, I woke up and something really did have my leg. I saw a robed figure at my side of the bed, and one at the foot of the bed and both had a grip on me as if they were fighting over me. I scream "What is it! What is it! Get it off of me!" and the figure at the side backs away and disappears. The one is still at the foot of the bed and I am sliding. I continue to scream "What is it? What is it? Get it off of me!" And Jeff wakes up yelling "I don't know I don't know! What is it? Get off of her!" He didn't see it but thought it was pretty funny thinking it was a sleep walking thing or something. I didn't.

The next day I noticed I had scratch marks on my left ankle. The one the robed figure had a hold of. Jeff did think that was strange. We looked all around and in the bed and found nothing that could have done that to me. After that I prayed many nights that God would send these beings back to were they should be. I no longer see shadows like those anymore. Now when I see a shadow it has a human form, and disappears when I look straight at it, unlike these that still would flit in front of my eyes.

The last thing that happened involving disturbing my sleep happened in the spare bedroom when I was eight months pregnant. I was sleeping in the spare room because I would snore and Jeff would wake me up to stop. Plus I enjoyed sprawling out and getting really comfy in my own bed. Well it seems I would always have really weird dreams in this room. A lot of times they would be strange bad dreams, as I used to have in my bedroom before I got a dream catcher. But one night I had a weird dream, and it did involve an old hag, though I can't remember the rest of the dream. She was in the room with me in my dream. And I stopped breathing. When I continued not breathing, I woke up and could breath fine. But I was well aware that I was not breathing as I slept. My heart was racing and I fought to catch my breath.

Now that room is a nursery, I am putting a dream catcher next to my son's crib and am going to bless it, and block it off spiritually as I have my bedroom.

Oh! An update on my parents house from one of my previous stories.

The shadow man I spoke of that wanders from the back room to the hall where the bathroom is encountered my mother. My mom was coming out of the bathroom and it was dark in the house, but there was suddenly an extra dark spot where she could see absolutely nothing what so ever. As she walked through it, she said she felt like she was walking through cobwebs, and she was kind of spitting and flailing her hand in front of her like some would do when they walk through a big spider web. She said the funny thing was she had the distinct feeling that the being was doing the same exact thing. She felt she had caught it off guard and that it did not expect her to be there.

Well that is all for tonight kiddies! Happy hauntings to you all!

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ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-11)
Hi farielike. I glad to hear from you again. I liked reading your story and I found it to be very scary. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
Ohiowatha (11 stories) (415 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-05)
"Partiers going to Hell!" Hilarious. Those darn partiers, don't they know fun is a sin! Sounds like one of those Christian houses of horror! 😁 Very funny.

Thanks for sharing!
faerielike (15 stories) (268 posts)
14 years ago (2008-05-23)
Thank you for your feedback.
I was speaking to my mother the other day and she brought up that encounter. She said that it wasn't pure black, but in like lines, and it reminded her of birds' wings. It is interesting the perspective my mother had on the encounter. We have seen this entity for years and figured it was just residual, but now we feel it is intelligent. I think maybe it wanted us to see it all those times now, but I really don't think it was expecting my mother in the hall.
And Bellissima, yes I still live here and continue to have experiences. I do not like the nursery enough to put my son to sleep in there yet. I don"t like the feelings I get in there when I am feeding him at night. I really feel like there is something not nice in that room. I constantly feel watched in there. Plus, I have had a new experience in the back of my house, that I thought I was imagining, until it happened again with my mother present. But that is another story to be told! 😊 😁
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
14 years ago (2008-05-22)
Hi faerielike and welcome back with another very interesting encounter.

Like Bellissima, I'm also surprised with your mother's encounter or, better, her perception of the unexpected meeting. It's true that most of the time we tend to elaborate more on our feelings of fear and shock when dealing with the unknown, forgetting to take into consideration that these feelings might very well be shared by the spirits, ghosts themselves. How do we know for sure how they perceive us? Isn't it interesting?!
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
14 years ago (2008-05-22)
Hi faerielike. It sounds like you are/were (?I'm not sure if your experiences are still taking place) going through quite a lot of strange events. I hope things are okay with your son. Let us know. I found your Mom's run-in, or run-through, with the shadow very interesting. I haven't heard of that. I really like the way you described it and the impression your Mom had of him feeling the same way she did. I can imagine the experience vividly. Thanks for sharing your story, I enjoyed it.

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