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My sister Therra (pronounced Terra) has always been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to ghosts, (mainly she says because there are enough people around to not have to worry about invisible ones watching us too!) but there are two experiences she believes there is no other explanation. She has given me permission for me to share them for her here.

The first one happened shortly after I moved out of my parents' home and she took over my old room. She said all the night while studying that kept feeling like she was being watched. She stopped studying and decided to read a bit to wind down before bed. After maybe an hour of reading, she had the all too familiar bed gently shaking that we had grown accustomed to in that house. We never really thought too much of it. She ignored it as any person would of something that occurs often, brushing it off as the washing machine was probably on. (She found later it hadn't been.).

The time came when she decided to go to bed, still with that uneasy feeling that my old room seems to constantly generate. She woke up in the middle of the night, or so she thought she did, she was actually dreaming. In this dream she was trying to switch the light on, but something in the room would switch it off as soon as she switched it on. She fought with it to keep the light on. Then the bulb exploded. She woke up for real. She couldn't move and the only sound she could muster was like "gluck gluck, girgle girgle gluck gluck!" as she tried screaming out for Mom. She said she felt a tremendous pressure over her whole body as she tried to move. At last the weight lifted off of her, she ran to the light switch, flipped it on, and crash! The bulb burst. She ran out to the living room passing the clock and saw that she had really only been sleeping for about five minutes. She told Mom what happened and slept on the couch for the next few nights.

The next experience I am about to relate on her behalf happened in the house she lives in currently. I do want to add my two cents before relating her tale.

Last Christmas Therra and AJ went on a cruise for Christmas. I thought it would be a great idea to clean her house and make it festive for their return on Christmas Eve. Having a difficult pregnancy, it took me the whole week she was gone to get it done. My brother even rearranged her furniture, (she hated where it was before we moved it, and she still has it in the same spot today). The whole time I was there I felt like someone was watching me. I kept seeing the shadow of a man walking back and forth between the two back bed rooms. I noticed her female cat Olive noticed this man too.

Well about eight months or so later, Therra had her own experience. She lay in bed, and looked up to see a black man at the foot of her bed. He was modern day dress, in a black hooded sweat shirt, baggy black jeans and a wave cap. She described him as gaunt and a bit bug eyed. She said that he reminded her of a crack head patient she had a few nights before.

When she saw him she screamed, and he just kind of sunk down into the floor. She bolted up and there was nobody there. She would have seen him run right past her to get to the door. She got up and checked the house. The back door was hanging wide open. (It was broken at the time, and had the tendency to swing open.) As we spoke she began second guessing herself. She was so sure at first that she woke because he was there. Then she wondered if maybe she woke because she was screaming.

We discussed that if it was a ghost, who was it? What did he want? Was he warning danger that the door was open again? Was he a previous tenant? Was a he an old patient? She didn't want to consider the last as an option. I would think though, if you were a confused crack head in life, wouldn't your spirit be confused? Maybe he was just popping through on his search for home.

There are her tales and I hope you all enjoy them.

On a side note, we were discussing Mom and Dad's house, and she said she did have similar experiences as me (in one of my previous stories). She too has heard her named called, had the bed shake, seen shadows.

Happy hauntings until next time!

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SpiderZA (2 stories) (81 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-14)
If the crack head was a patient of your sisters, maybe he felt that she was the one to turn to in death because if she helped him in life she would help him cross over?
Just my opinion?

faerielike (15 stories) (268 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-08)
Thanks Angel and Butthead. 😉 I do know though that if a person sustained a mental illness in life, more than likely the ghost will harbor some of that illness, and can become lost. I assume that is why insane asylums have the tendency to be more haunted than a lot of places. That is why I think that a crack head might still possess some confusion, especially as to where they're supposed to be going.
But I am not so sure that is what this was. I am leaning more toward a previous tenant.
Thanks for commenting! 😁
butthead (guest)
15 years ago (2009-01-07)
I have heard from a very reliable source that "apparantly" once in the spirit form a person is able to be much more knowledgable, as EVP recordings have picked up different languages etc of which the ceartin spirit in question that a medium had picked up would otherwise of been unable to do so in the time-frame or location of living residance. My point is that, IF this is true then one would probably have to assume a crack head, while looking completely disgusting - should be less confused than when alive.
Just a thought...
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-06)
Thank you for sharing your sister's stories, and thank her for letting you! The first experience sounds like a possible premonition in dream form. It sounds like she awoke too soon, ended up with sleep paralysis, and then tried to turn the light on and BOOM, it happened just like it did in her premonition dream.

It sounds like there is definitely SOMETHING in her house... Not sure what, but possibly just a spirit similar to some of the Bloody Mary theories, who takes on whatever form is convenient for the individual to fear.

Congratulations on your baby!


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