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Little Girl In White


Astwood Cemetery, Worcester.

While messing around trying to scare each other myself and my friends were in the cemetery. There were seven of us. Three girls, including myself, and four guys. One guy claimed to be a 'medium' and was telling us about this 'white mist' he could see.

Thinking him a fake, I turned around and saw a small white mist behind me. I was frozen to the spot as this 'mist' started to take a shape. The shape turned into a little girl, about seven or eight years old, and she was wearing a plain white dress and a white knitted bonnet. She was staring at me with orb-like eyes and opened her hands, palm up, and cried. My two female friends both heard her crying and looked, but none of the guys could see or hear anything.

She vanished but the crying continued until we left the cemetery.

After telling the tale to some other friends, four nights later, on 12th June, we went back to the cemetery. I can remember the date because it was a friend's birthday. We returned to the same place in the cemetery and waited, all sat close to each other. The same two girls were with ma again this night, as was another girl, whose birthday it was, and we waited.

It was gone two in the morning when talk broke out among us and none of us were really concentrating, when the girl who had turned 16 cried out and pointed. She was crying out that she could see a small white figure, but none of us could see at first.

My friend was getting upset so we took her out of the cemetery where she calmed down enough to tell us that the white figure was of a little girl, the same one we had seen a few nights before, and that she had opened her hands, palm up, and, instead of crying this time, had laughed, and blood had been pouring from her hands. My friend was so distressed me that we took her home, and returned to the cemetery, all wanting to see the bloody hands of the little white girl.

Unfortunately none of us did, but my friend will still wake up at night, three years later, crying because the girl was in her dreams.

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staci13 (2 stories) (5 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-16)
I have done what you suggested, and walked through the place where the little girl showed herself to us in daylight, and with the friend in question. The graves in this part are very old, and only some of them can be made out. We did find a headstone with a female name on it, however we could not make out the year. Maybe this could be her resting place?
I have also spoke to a few people, including the wife of the caretaker at the cemetary, who said that, even though she has never seen anything herself, she often gets told by her husband of laughing in the cemetary, near the place that we were. They could be connected, but also could have nothing to do with each other. Neither myself nor my friend know how to assist someone in Crossing Over, nor would I like to try it without a professional there with us. I know what I saw was true, and I do believe my friend, the state she was in after the incident was too bad to be fake. I thank you all for your comments and hope that someone can help me with this.
sylviessweeties (135 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-29)
Now that's creepy! I actually dreamed of 2 girls in 2001. Late 2002 fell pregnant and my baby girl Lilike was born June 25th 2003 she was born sick but soon got well. Had a dream of Lilike in 2004 a week before her 1st birthday as a sick newborn and at the end of the dream was a blonde haired blue eyed boy smiling and laughing. TTC in 2005 and Locke was born healthy on May 29th 2006. Had a miscarriage Feb 13th 2007. TTC for 9 months before finally fallign pregnant later on and Anjeni was born July 22nd 2008. My biggest baby and born healthy.
FRAWIN (guest)
16 years ago (2008-08-29)
I am having a hard time with this story, I'm not saying it isn't true-I'm just having a hard time. Thank you for sharing it with us. Take Care.

whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2008-08-28)
Yep, I will take a stab at it anyway...
I know, all of you regulars are wondering what is up with that, right? 😉

Staci13, What you tell is an amazing tale. I think it highly probable that a little girl COULD make herself be known to all of you, I also feel that there was a lot of tom foolery going on.
I was wondering if you all had taken notice of the markers on the graves nearby when you were out trying to find a mist? As you state that all three times you went to the same place, I would think that one of you checked out the writing in stone. Any connection with a little girl? Any young ones buried nearby?
I would be hard pressed to try to come up with a reason for first the crying, and then the laughing with bloodied hands. Perhaps you should walk through the grave yard in broad daylight and see what you can figuratively uncover.
As your friend, three years later, still wakes in sorrow for a little girl, perhaps she needs to return to the scene and assist her in Crossing Over. Or, perhaps she needs to purge the memory from HER existence, and pray for those souls lost in the cemetery.
Thank you.

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