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I got some great feedback from my first story, so I decided to write about some of the other bizarre experiences I've had in my house. I've never written these down, so I never realized how many things actually happened in my house! Not sure if that's a good or bad thing! If you haven't read my first story, I would suggest doing that first. Like the first story, the following is my recollection of a few events that happened in my house.

This occurrence happened many times. At one time, I had bunk beds in my room and my brother always slept in my room, usually on the top bunk. My bedroom door was very stubborn and you had to give it a certain touch to close it, which I knew better than anyone. Anyone else who tried to close the door had a real hard time. During the night, just as we turned off the TV and got ready for bed, the door would start swinging back and forth as if someone was trying to close it. As soon as it closed, the latch would give and the door would swing open. It would repeat this usually for only a few minutes. This happened so often that my brother and I expected it most nights. However, we NEVER got used to it. My brother and I would lie in fear usually whispering to each other that, "it's doing it again." One time I was so scared I yelled, "Stop!" and it stopped immediately. I think that scared me the most.

Once I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason, so I just laid there trying to fall asleep again. Suddenly I heard what I can only describe as claws clamping onto the bottom metal bars of our bunk bed, as if someone was lying under the bed. Soon after, the bed started to shake for a few seconds then stop abruptly. A short while later, the same thing happened again. A "clink" and then the bed would shake. I laid there in fear trying desperately to fall asleep. Eventually, I did. I asked my brother about it the next morning but he didn't wake up during it. I found this event odd because if you read my first story I mentioned that it looked like claws had scratched the stickers I had on my wall.

One particular night, I wanted to sleep on the top bunk, so my brother took the bottom. I slept that night facing the wall with my back towards my bedroom door. I want to say in the middle of the night or very early in the morning, when it was still dark (maybe 4 o'clock) I woke up and had that "someone's watching me" feeling as if someone was standing at the side of the bed staring at me. I was too petrified to turn around, but suddenly I felt a hand grab my right bicep and shake me. It wasn't violent, but it was firm, as if trying to wake me up. At first, I thought it might be my mom or dad waking us up for school and I was tempted to turn around. However, I knew it was way too early for that and why hadn't they at least said my name? Usually, we would wake up on our own or they would scream for us to wake up while they were scrambling to get ready for work themselves. Whatever it was shook me again but I refused to turn around. Eventually I felt that it gave up and walked out of the room but I don't remember hearing anything. That feeling just went away. I eventually fell asleep. That morning started normally and I asked my parents individually if they came in my room that night to wake me up. They hadn't.

During my recent binge of reading ghost stories, I mentioned to my cousin, who's been my best friend my whole life, that I've been reading some real scary stuff online, and that I was thinking about posting the stuff that happened when we were kids. I vaguely remembered an experience he told me one morning when we were kids and when I mentioned this he almost turned white. He remembered it more vividly than I did.

According to my cousin, during one night of the many sleepovers we had, he woke up and sat up in the bed. That night I slept on the floor, he was on the bottom bunk, and my brother on top. As he sat up, he looked over to the far window of my room. In the window silhouetted by the moon or porch lights was a dark human figure with each hand pressed against the glass and its head went back and forth rhythmically as if it was scanning the room. He described it as a robot-like motion. He sat there and watched it until the head stopped and stared at him. When this happened, he flung himself backwards and put the covers over his head. He said he waited a few seconds before looking again and the figure was still outside the window, steadily scanning the room. He covered his head again, peeked after a few seconds and the figure was gone. He told me what he saw the next morning and I nearly died. To this day my cousin is the only person to have ever seen anything.

Out of complete and utter boredom, I used to sit on the very top of our staircase and just look down at our front door, trying to figure out what to do. If you were sitting on the top stair, my house is laid out like this. Directly behind you would be my room, the only room on that end. To the right, going counter clockwise would be the bathroom, my brother's room, and my parent's room (facing my room). To the left of my parents room would be the door leading to the attic. All these rooms are connected by a fairly long hallway.

Occasionally, while sitting on the top stair, I would get this eerie feeling and suddenly things seemed to get a lot quieter and the shadows at the end of the hall would start to get darker and darker, making its way down the hallway towards me. I never stuck around long enough to find out what was going on. I can remember this happening at least three times.

One summer day, I got into a little bit of trouble with some friends. We had set a small fire by accident that day. We were pyros, sue me. My parents weren't too happy about it, so after the police talked to them, they came in the house to let me have it. After the verbal abuse, I walked upstairs and sat on the top stair feeling depressed. Suddenly from the bathroom I heard a man laugh. I turned my head to look. The door was partly open but I couldn't see inside the room. After a few seconds I heard the laugh again. It was definitely coming from the bathroom. I took off and ran downstairs. I would rather face my parents again than deal with that. I didn't bother telling them because I don't think they were in the mood.

Well I think that's about all the things I can remember happening in my house, besides maybe a few small things. I did get an interesting piece of information that I never knew before from my cousin. The night he told me about his experience, he also told me that many years ago he found out from his dad that my dad had a priest visit our house to bless it while we were at school. He thought I knew about it and was shocked that I didn't. My dad never told us about it and I'm not even sure if my mom knows. I'm interested to know if he did it because of the things my brother and I told him, or if he experienced anything himself. It must have worked because I do remember the activity stopping abruptly at a certain point and nothing has happened since. I'm not 100% convinced the house is clean though.

I do hope you guys enjoyed my stories and if I do remember anything else I'll be sure to post it!

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rhondaskppr (2 stories) (39 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-01)
Lol...I was also a ninja turtle fan... Still have some stuff (its my step brothers now) I'm also a female. I was always doing tomboy things growing up... Love your stories. Wish there was more
Faraaz (14 posts)
15 years ago (2009-11-09)
I really enjoyed reading this creepy incident, it almost freaked me out, while I was reading it, I was so freaked out that I turned around several times that if someone was there, if you get any other info related to a ghost in your house, so please update it. I really liked your true story. GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND! 😉
resz (3 stories) (10 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-08)
Thanks for the comments everyone!

Ahimsa - I'm considering talking to my dad about the blessing. I'm just trying to find a good time to bring it up I guess. I think I would catch him off guard with "Hey dad remember that time you blessed the house to get rid of the ghost that terrorized my childhood?" 😉 I'll keep you updated

Rhodes68 - Yeah it's mostly a feeling why I think the house isn't 100% clean. I would be lying if I said I did. Like I said I haven't experienced anything in a long time but I've never felt comfortable in my house even today.

Tonith - I've never put that possibility out of my mind. I'm very skeptical when it comes to this stuff as well. I can come up with some kind of logical explanation for a lot of the things I wrote. However, most of those explanations will have holes in them just as the stories themselves do. So you never know. Trust me, no one would be more thrilled than me to know that the house I'm currently living in is ghost free. I just fall back on the fact that there were way too many of these occurrences, I wasn't the only one (my cousin is 3 years older than me, my brother was around for some of them, an elementary school friend of mine also witnessed something) and I'm almost convinced my dad experienced some things.

Thanks to everyone else for the comments. I'll keep you guys updated when I get around to talking with my dad.

Also recently I've read stories on this site and other sites about how sleep walking could be associated with hauntings. That really caught my attention because I was an avid sleep walker as a kid with some very very bizarre behavior along with it. I'll post that when I get the time and I'll be glad to hear what you guys think!
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-08)
Wow thanks for the feed back on this story. It realy is a interesting story and I realy enjoyed reading it. I believe that the place may have been haunted. Somethings can be explained but I don't think everything can be explained. Thanks for sharring. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
Tonith (1136 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-07)
The power of suggestion is just that "powerful". The advertizing world depends on this fact. Over active imagination coupled with suggestion is what I see happening but I could be wrong. Glad it's stopped for your family.Don't know if it had to do with the house blessing or just the fact that you grew out of the raging hormone age which can produce very strange dreams and day dreams as well.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-06)
Hello resz and thank you for another very interesting story-I really enjoyed reading it although I'm sure you did not share my enthusiasm while experiencing all these. I'm happy the activity has ceased but I'm concerned about your last statement "I'm not 100% convinced the house is clean though". What makes you say that? Is it just a feeling or more than that. Sometimes too many coincidential events can point the other direction. How about having an open discussion with your parents now that time has passed about what made your dad seek help that day? Although at first I thought it was poltergeist, I'm not so sure anymore. It feels that whoever or whatever was there wanted recognition, enjoyed terrifying you and ultimately took pleasure in seeing you getting in trouble.
Oli (2 stories) (74 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-06)
Great but creepy story! Your cousin seeing the man scanning the room just gave me chills 😨. Hope to hear more from you!
Ahimsa (18 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-06)
resz- I've been reading stories on this site for awhile now, but this is my first post. Your stories are great and very creepy! The robot man your cousin saw scanning your room is pretty freaky. Also, hearing a man's laughter coming from your bathroom, I'm surprised you were ever able to go back in there. Have you considered talking to your Dad about his having the house blessed? It would be interesting to find out if he has experienced anything.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-05)
Wow, those are some amazing and scary experiences you had! I'd be terrified if I had been your cousin, watching that man scan the room, or if I felt someone shake me! Oh my gosh, the clinking noise of those claws! That's awful! I'm glad you're okay though!
aramos (9 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-05)
great stories...i'm also a ninja turtles fan too...that's some pretty creepy stuff.

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