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Apparition Sighted And Shoelaces Altered


My husband and I were in England during much of October, 2008. We were staying in a bed and breakfast near Sheffield. The B&B was located in an old house in the country. The owners said they thought the house was about 250 years old and had been part of a manor estate, built for the widow of the estate so that her son could move into the main house.

It had been a long day and we were dead tired. We got in around 10 at night. My husband kicked his shoes off on the right hand side of the bed, next to the wall, and went into the bathroom. I lay on the bed and watched TV, which was on the wall opposite the end of the bed.

As I was watching television, I thought I saw something move to my right. I glanced to my right and saw the semi-transparent, dark silhouette of a man move from the right to the left, disappearing into the wall of the bathroom where my husband was. I observed the image for about two seconds.

My husband came out of the bathroom shortly thereafter. I didn't mention to him that I thought I had just seen something, since he didn't behave as if he'd seen anything. I wasn't sure what it was that I saw. So we went to sleep.

The next morning, my husband asked me if I had done anything to his shoes. I said "no." He said, "Well, look at this." Both of his tennis shoes that he had kicked off the night before on the right hand side of the bed had been untied and the laces pulled out in big loops about four eyelets down on each shoe. He never undoes his laces when he takes off his shoes. He just kicks them off and slips into them the next time he wears them. They are always laced and tied loosely.

It was only then that I told him about what I had seen the night before. My husband joked that we probably wouldn't be experiencing anything else otherworldly, since "the ghost" knew we were talking about him and he probably wouldn't reveal himself again. I said I agreed, but was nevertheless apprehensive for the remaining two nights we stayed there.

Nothing else strange occurred. The place never felt creepy or "haunted" in any way.

My husband and I talked about mentioning what we experienced to our B&B hosts, but never did. They seemed to be high-tech, engineering types, and we weren't sure what their reaction would be.

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