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One Last Salute


This story of mine happened when I was about 12 years old. Since the age of seven, my family would always visit my grandparent's over at the province during the summer. It was a much needed break from the life in the city. I was over at my friend's house playing with their dog "Spots". I never had a dog, so I played with Spots every time I was in the province.

My friend's father was a close family friend of ours. He was a highly ranked police officer in the area. As I was told by close relatives later on, he was head of a division to take down the drug cartels in the area. You see, drug cartels are using the mountain areas to plant marijuana within the legal corn fields.

Along with his four cop buddies (which are also his subordinates), they would come over to my grandparent's house every time we were in the area. The four of them are often rowdy, funny and would often single out my friend's father as the topic of their jokes. They affectionately called him "Chief", on account that they respect him more than they respect their real station chief. They have formed a very special bond, since they started in the force about the same time, and have served under my friend's father for six years.

After lunch over at my grandparent's house, they made a quick banter of jokes and got in the jeep to head back to the police station. My friend's father was taking three days off, for health reasons, and went back to their house. My friend and I went with him. We watched TV for about two hours, or so, then my friend dozed off in the couch.

I was sitting in the sofa while patting Spots in the head, when I felt a cold air blow past me. At that same time, Spots got up and ran to my friend's side, and made begging noises. The air was unusually cold and it made the hair at the back of my neck stand up. For unknown reasons, I felt sadness deep in my heart.

My friend, sound asleep, did not notice Spots. I was walking over to Spots to see what's wrong, when I heard somebody calling out my friend's father's name. I don't know how to explain this, but the voice sounded different. There was a very inhuman quality to it. As I peeked through the curtain, I was relieved to see it was his four cop buddies, in their police uniforms, standing in front of the gate. I called my friend's father and told him that his buddies are looking for him.

He, too, heard the odd voice and was on his way from the kitchen where he was making a snack for us. He opened the front door when I noticed a dark hooded figure out of the corner of my eye. This dark hooded creature has always been present through all my paranormal experiences. SI had seen it since I was little boy, so I knew right away that something went horribly wrong. I thought to myself "Oh God. NO!".

My friend's father asked his buddies what's wrong since it was unusual for them to come back from the police station so soon. All four of them stood silent. They had a very calm expression on their faces.

He repeated the question again, and was walking toward his friends. Before he could get close, his friends stood straight and gave him a salute. I could see in their faces that they were serious, and were thankful for something.

Each of them had that look in their eyes, as if they would not see their beloved "Chief" again. My friend's father stopped for a few seconds, took a deep breath, and returned a salute. The salute took longer than normal. Both sides were acknowledging each other.

My friend woke up and asked us "What are you guys doing?" Both his father and I turned to him, and when we looked at where the four were standing they were already gone. His father told my friend, "It was nothing" and made his way to his room a bit teary eyed.

About 15 minutes after seeing his friends, the phone rang. My friend's father hurriedly picked up the phone. One could tell that it was bad news, since his facial expression turned from worried to sad. He talked for a couple of minutes and he put the phone down.

He took a deep breath, and told us that it was his station chief who called. He was informed that a couple of his subordinates had been ambushed by suspected hit men from the drug cartel about AN HOUR AND A HALF ago. His heart sank when the chief told him the names of the fallen officers. It was his four buddies! They had been gunned down while driving back to the police station. They were rushed to the hospital by onlookers, but were proclaimed as "Dead On Arrival."

We accompanied his father to the hospital. He shed a couple of tears, seeing his fallen comrades. He then gave their bodies a salute before leaving the morgue.

Family members then arrived. Most of them cried, while others sighed, as they said it was sad that they had not been able to say goodbye.

Sitting silently in the corner of the hospital hallway, with my friend's father, I could see from the look in his eyes, that he was lucky enough to bid farewell to his four buddies.

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PinkChick (1 stories) (8 posts)
7 years ago (2015-01-27)
😢 this is a heartbreaking story. Thank you so much for sharing
MikeT316 (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-15)
Thank you KL for sharing your very touching story. A great story indeed!
VAmplifier (9 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-12)
So very touching!
It was a very touching story!
My uncle was right!
Drug Cartels should go to hell... For all I care!
Sign the petition!
Philippines will avenge their own fallen brothers and sisters!
Chia (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-09)
Nice stories, I've read your other one too, So far you're stories are my favorites to read so I hope you can post more stories. I'm just a ghost story listener/reader fanatic so I am sorry if I can't give you any good advices, but I hope to hear from you soon. Thankyou.
KL (2 stories) (22 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-27)
Thanks for the advice Sai_chan. He is a really good person. Very dedicated in his job. He is still working against the drug cartel and have caught 2 of the 6 suspects in the ambush.
Sai_Chan (15 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-27)
Learn as much as you can from your friend's father. He is a soul that you can benefit much from.
KL (2 stories) (22 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-24)
ChrisB: I know. But looking back now I think those guys would rather die doing their job rather than sitting at home and listen to the news about criminals and stuff.

I will be posting a couple of stories soon.
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-24)
This was a very sad story. Poor guys. Thank you for sharring. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-22)
Great story but a very sad ending for the 4 officers!

Thank you for sharing it with us KL.
KL (2 stories) (22 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-21)
You are right whitebuffalo. The bond that they form is truly a strong one. The trust they have for one another is truly admirable.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-11-21)
There was a time, a long time ago, in which I saw an astounding sight. I had been serving in our Navy, and at the time, women were still a bit "protected". We were just emerging as formidable assets to the men out in the field, and we were slowly being integrated into the "system".
I apologize for my inability to give you specific information. I have to keep it vague, and honestly, that IS best.
We had pulled into port, and were heading out for a day of fun and relaxation. It had been MONTHS since we had been able to see anyone who was not stationed with us. It was exciting, and just about all of us had specific plans for the day. As there were few women on the ship, we were respectfully asked to be accompanied by male personnel. Where ever it was that we wished to go.
Down the pier from where we sat, was a ship that appeared to be in Full Honors (a military funeral for soldiers who died in battle, or other High ranking military officials), disturbing sight for those of you who have had the honor NOT to see such a thing.
Most of us paid our respects and went about our business. Later to find out, that the ship seen had been torpedoed and MUCH destruction was evident. A few men died, but the ship still sailed.
What we had witnessed, was the entire SHIP bidding farewell to a few supporters. Truly dynamic, and honestly heart wrenching.

There IS a bond that is formed. The person standing at your left at quarters may NOT be there in several months. The person on your right, MAY come to save your life, or you, THEM. It is a completely different way of life (police persons, military personnel, firefighters, EMT's) in which TRUST is a HUGE factor. You CAN NOT survive if you have prejudices, and KINSMAN-SHIP forms. Not just friendships.
Thank you.
Tonith (1136 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-21)
This kind of thing happens more often than we realize. At the time the person doesn't even know what they are seeing is other than a normal solid person but yet there will be something odd about the atmosphere that makes them understand, after the fact, that what they saw was not real but projected. I hope it was a comfort to this man that his men came to him one last time out of honor and respect.
KL (2 stories) (22 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-20)
libertybelle: You are right. The bond that they shared is truly strong. It is like trusting to have your back turned on a gunman since you know that your partner will have it covered.
KL (2 stories) (22 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-20)
Thanks for the comment guys. Out of all the paranormal experiences I had, this one is really close to my heart.
KL (2 stories) (22 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-20)
rebeccad: Yup! Looking back now I think the reason that they came back to bid farewell is that they all look up to him as a best friend at the same time a father figure.
KurLz (30 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-20)
WOW! I'm at a loss of words at this point, that is a truely amazing story.
ghostseer (41 stories) (408 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-20)
Thankyou for sharing, this is a really special story. Blessings, Ghostseer
libertybelle (14 stories) (207 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-20)
How sad, and touching at the same time.

Police officers, like soldiers and firefighters, form bonds stronger than many of us can imagine, simply from the shared dangers and the high degree of trust that you've got to have for someone in order to
--literally--put your life in his/her hands.

It's little surprise to me that these four men stopped by to see your friend's father; it was almost, to me, reminiscent of giving a final report, as well as honoring a man they trusted, respected, and probably loved like a brother. It also seems that they wanted to prepare him for receiving the news.

In all, a very lovely story. Thanks for sharing it.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-20)
Wow, that's really amazing...that's wonderful that your friend's father was able to say his farewells to those men. It's always such a sad thing to lose our loved ones, especially while they are doing their civic duty to make the world a little better for everyone else. I salute them too!


KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-20)
ummmmm, wow! How touching for the subordinaes of a respected and loved man to pay their final loaylty to him!

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us,

God Bless!
rebeccad (13 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-20)
woah, did this really happen? Because that is a dedicated soul not to mention souls that all at once appeared to let you know of their demise.

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