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There Are Others in my House


I have a new relationship. My daughters, my new companion and I were searching for a new place to live. We saw so many houses, but this house in particular attracted me to it. Why? You will find out later as I go on. This house was very old. Two weeks passed while still searching. We passed the same area again and still had the rent sign. The impulse was so great, I called the owner and we moved in two weeks. The place was not so fine, the walls had termite problems, a lot of wore down boards. Anyway I liked it, but my husband didn't. He always felt uncomfortable. I found it peaceful until things started happening. He would change mood when he entering the house. Always mad, complaining about everything. I had enough and I always ended up wanting him to go. But when we talked about our differences, we always talked outside the house. His mood would change. But when back in the house, he started again.

I am a sensible person, I see things. But I'd rather not try to communicate with these forces for obvious reasons. Each person has their own judgment on what these phenomenons are. For me, they are demons, wanting to have fun with people. But others, just being there. To be part of what they don't have. It is not explainable why they are just around one's house or apartments. Why linger?

Anyway, this was my experience at this particular house.

The first weeks were fine. Then the experience... You remember in the movie "The Grudge" where the couple experienced some knocking on the wall. Well! The same here. But the knocking was just taps on the wall. At my husband side of the bed's wall. I always said it was just some mice. This always happened when we were in bed, resting. We tried to feel the vibration of this tappings. But it stopped when we got closer to touching the wall. Once I was so fed up that I told it to go somewhere else. WELL! It did! It went to my side of the bed wall. I told it to go back, WELL! IT DID! That freaked me out. I did not know what kind of forces we were having. But I had to be careful.

During the daytime, I felt someone watching me, I was seeing a transparent apparition of a small girl. But, I didn't feared it. Because I sensed it was not bad. I just looked at her and continue with my things. She never appeared often. She was quiet. I have a diabetic daughter. One night, while sleeping, this entity moved my arm. I woke up, saw her, and it pointed me to go to my daughter's room. My daughter was not feeling fine. This happened three times, and in these three times, I had to go to the hospital to emergency because of her condition. The entity warned me.

Once, when all was sleeping, I just opened my eyes to see her next to my husband side of the bed. She just stared at him. Why? I don't know. She was very a bright apparition. I woke him up, so he could see her. He tells me he can't see her, I am the only one with this gift. Well, I just went back to sleep, said nothing to the girl, as I don't want to communicate with it.

One night, we returned home, I turned on the living room lights, and my little daughter went pass the office room, and the lamp lights turned on. She got scared, I told her it's probably the heat that turned it one. It was a touch lamp.

Once she saw this little girl. She never has seen these kind of things. Once she passed the office area and saw her. Then she looked again and was gone.

Finally my husband saw it, thinking it was my daughter, but it was impossible. My 14 year old daughter was with my smallest child, in the living room, playing. I went to my bedroom with my husband to rest for a while. We have a walk-in closet, but it has no doors, just a curtain. He sees the curtain moved to the side, and saw a head poking out. I saw the same thing, but said nothing, because I thought he would not see her. But, to my surprise he did see her. He tells me "How did Thalia get in the room, she was in the living room, and I closed the door?" I told him, what he saw was the little girl. He freaked out.

There were more occurrences at this old house, but now I must rest, I will write more, stay tune. Goodnight!

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cutiepiecharlie (17 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-19)
rose maybe if you don't try to talk to her it might make her a bit upset and then she could mean harm because my uncle had a similar problem he would never talk to a little spirit girl and then she hurt him
RebelCherry06 (1 posts)
17 years ago (2007-06-12)
Hi rose I was just wondering in what part of Puerto Rico was the house located. My mom had a similar problem with a house long ago. And I love your story.
Chris (guest)
17 years ago (2007-04-12)
Hey rose Pray to god and thank him for sending a little girl to protect your family also get a chance to know her once you see her again. Reward her with a doll or a piece of candy. Remember God made you special and he loves you very much
blondcutie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-23)
I think you should try talking to her because she could have a problem or maybe died because she was diabetic too. Maybe she needs you or someones help.
Kat (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-22)
I think she likes having you around and doesn't want you to leave or anyone to get hurt. =)
jus (6 posts)
17 years ago (2007-03-20)
no communicating with is smart... But I think they can read minds... Just as you can sense her intension's... It can sense yours...
jessy (6 stories) (35 posts)
17 years ago (2007-03-19)
considering that she warned you three times about your kid, I don't think she means any harm. You should try talking to her. You may be able to help her cross over.
lisa (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-19)
I trult believe that this is a friendly spirit your dealing with. The little girl is probably just curious with everybody as you are probably curious about her. When spirits used to bother me I would just ignore it too. Probably because I was scared for the spirit to communicate with me.

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