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This happened in an apartment in the daytime, around 2:00 PM. My daughter was getting ready to iron. She placed the ironing board to its position, and searching for the iron, which she already plugged and turned on to iron. However, she could not find where she placed it. She kept searching and could not find it. Then she stopped and something made her to look back. She told me, a small boy handed her the iron. The boy had the hot bottom of the iron placed on his hand and handed it to her. She took it. Then she came to my room and told me just what I am stating. I asked her if she was afraid. She said, "No, because he seemed very friendly..."

I asked people about the place. They told me there was a little boy that had died. However, he did not live in the apartment I was living in... This apartment and few occurrences, but not too many. One friend stopped by with her baby. The baby started string at the hall wall. He was giggling. There was nothing on the wall, not even a picture. It was bared. My friend told me she thinks it was her late husband. Well I don't know, what it was. I couldn't see it as other times.

Once a friend had slept over, I slept with my daughter. Suddenly she came to the room looking alarmed. She told me a passed boyfriend who died in an assault came to her. She saw only half of the body floating. He just stared at her. The next day, her new boyfriend came over, shaken, and told us that during the night, he saw a man, floating and told him to take care of her, he will be watching.

How more coincidental can that get! Believe me, incredible things can happen.

In this building, there were a lot of talks about strange occurrences. A tenants move to the first floor. In this apartment, the teenage kid was fine, but then seemed to be ill looking, got very skinny. Then I heard it was due to strange things in the apartment. He seemed so weak. He said he would hear voices, appliances turned on, well, common ghostly activities. They bought the apartment, then they decided to sell it cheaper. The kid was deteriorating. Hoped he got better.

That is why when one want to seek new living house or apartments, please seek info about the area and previous residents. One can avoid a lot of problems.

That's all


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Cyric (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-06)
Hey Rose, I just found this site recently and I have been reading a lot of stories here and none of them really got to me but for some reason when I read about your friends passed boyfriend it sent a chill up my spine.

Thanks for the good story
Cyric 😁
Abby (710 posts)
17 years ago (2007-05-25)
Dear Rose,

In respect to you and others and their sites, I hope you do not mind that I respond to your recent post to me on your site.

Thank you for your compliment given to me within the story page of evilblackwidow9, story, "The Woman in my Closet". Sorry for not replying sooner, as I recently saw your post. I wish you to know that I confine my not often humble opinions to this website. This has nothing to do with you or others here, but with my own personal privacy.

I also wish you to know that you have as much capability as I do to find your answers. Everything outside of yourself, including myself and others here are but confirmation to your belief system. You are always empowered and you already "know" the answers. You and everyone here have been gifted with all of their seven senses, many just need to trust and use them, especially thier sixth sense and seventh greatest sense, "common sense". Most of all you and others need to trust in yourselves. This advice also applies to me. The best expert about yourself and your life is "you". With that said Rose, if you have questions in regards to anything related to this site, most all of my answers, as well as with all the other wonderfully contributed answers here are as you "know" covered or will soon be covered here. Once again, Rose you have many experiences that I have not had, and you are much more empowered and "knowing" than you yourself realize. Rely on your "self" and the answer will be there for you, because "you" created it. I will still be here on this site to answer or offer my not so humble opinions. :)

You are the mistress of your life, Blessings, Abby
Abby (710 posts)
17 years ago (2007-05-14)
Is that not the truth Rose. People who are sensitive to ghosts (like you and your family) or not are better off doing their research first about the places they plan to rent or purchase. No point in renting or buying trouble when people can head it off at the pass.
Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
17 years ago (2007-05-14)
Hey Rose, it sounds like those apartments are a place for spirits too. Maybe, spirits think of it as a place to go and see loved ones and communicate with them. It's strange, really strange, I would be very shaken if I lived in them and if I have enough with a just a wierd little feeling, imagine how I would feel seeing spirits of loved ones floating and hearing noises. I think I'd go insane, but I wish you luck on finding new apartments, and make sure that you are sure that they don't have spirits too...

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