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Ever since a child, I remembered living in an old apartment building in New York, where at night, when all had gone to sleep, I would see walking gray shadows, plasma is what they call it, from my room passing through the door and going to the living room. I was small, thinking it was normal. But I never experienced anything bad happening to me. Just saw these as normal ever since. Strange incidents happened when I started noticing some forces and be aware of things. For example, My Mom had a small brown hair roller, and I would put my finger inside and it would tickle my finger. The plastic threads would move. Every time I put the finger in it, it will really move. But, when I put my finger in another roller, different one, a black one, it would not move, only this particular brown roller. The only brown one she had. I asked her about this particular roller, she told me someone gave it to her.

Once, I was resting on my mother's bed. Something wanted me to move a small indent mark the furniture had on the headboard, and move it to the other side. I touched it and I moved the indented mark to the other side. Mom came in the room and yelled at me, "Why are your ruining the furniture?" Then I saw what I did. Couldn't believed it! I tried to do it again, but couldn't.

Another incident:

When the mom, dad and sisters were walking the street, a family was headed front of us. I saw this black dog, it had a leach. What was so interesting about this dog was it had the face of a woman. She was white, red hair, mature. When the family passed by us. I looked at my parent to see if they saw what I was seeing. They did not. I looked at the dog, and it looked back at me. Still, I didn't understand what was this all about. Was it normal? But yet, I was little. Who was the face I saw? I'll tell you later, as strange as it seems. But one thing is sure, one thing as to do with the other.

We moved to another apartment in Coney Island. Months later, strange things happened there. My father was placing a light bulb in the hallway. In these old New York apartments, the doors still had the big old type keyholes, where you can see outside the hallway. While my Dad was placing the bulb, some strange force wanted me to look through this keyhole. I did, I saw an eye, and I knew who it belonged to. I just stood straight, never told Dad about it, because I asked myself, "Why this lady wanted to peek through this key hold. She lives in the next building?" Again I will tell you later why.

Another incident:

I was sick and couldn't go to school. Mom had to take my sister's to school. School was right nearby. Mom hurried back quickly, but not quickly enough. I thought Dad was at home, while Mom took my sisters to school. Well, Mom came back, she asked me how was I doing, I told her I was fine and dad was in the small room typing some church speech. She said he was not at home, he had gone with her, and went somewhere else. I said he couldn't be! I heard the typewriter. I went to the small office and he was not there, the typewriter was on the desk.


This time I knew Dad was not at home, and I heard the typewriter. I went over to the door, and felt the vibration of the typewriter and it was not on the desk. I still heard the typewriter and it was inside the room closet! I went over to the closet door and still felt the vibration. I had to find what was happening! I opened the door and it stopped. The typewriter was on the top shelf of the closet. So, I got on a chair, looked at the typewriter and all its key were up! I got down as fast as I could, went to my room and pulled up the covers until Mom came. She came and saw I was scared as hell! I couldn't explain it to her. Days later, when he wanted to use the typewriter, he yelled who was messing with it. He wouldn't believe me if I told him.

We are christians and there was a time I couldn't read or hold a bible, the words kind of jumped, it felt like when one put the positive side to a positive of a magnet together, it does not stick. This was the same effect I had when I touched a bible. But then, this phenomenon stopped.

Another incident:

Mom changed my bedroom to the small office room! Well, the first night, I couldn't sleep, I had asthma, diarrhea, and fever. When Mom took me out of this room, everything was gone. I was feeling fine, I slept with them. The next day, I slept there again, and again the same effect. Every time Mom took me out of the room, I got better. So they decided to change my room where it was before. But this time, they placed my bed where you can see the outside, the main entrance apartment door and had an inch up above level, where you can see the other side of the hallway. Well, one night, when all was sleeping, I heard someone was coming up the steps, waiting for who ever it was, to knock at the door. I saw the shoes shadows, then turned to walk to the other stairs going up to the the last floor, where there are no other apartments. We were the last floor tenants of that building. As soon I heard it going up that stairs, I went running to my parents room and told them someone was going to the roof. Dad opened the door and asked who was up there. No one answered. No one was there.

I fell from the stairs three times. From the third floor, where we lived, to the second floor. I know that every time I fell, I always felt someone pushed me to fall down.

We lived at this apartment for a very long time, as I got older I understood a few things.

The eye that I saw in the hallway belong to the lady I stated above. She used to live in this apartment. She practiced spiritism. She did all the things they do in the small office room I stated above. She was the face I saw on the dog. Once My Mom sent me to the hardware store around the corner. I saw this lady, smiling at me, as if she knew me. It was her. I ran fast inside the store, the lady looked inside the store from the window. I was so scared! The store owner asked me what was wrong? I couldn't talk. The owner went outside to see what terrified me. I told the owner "all is fine now". I left fast as soon I saw her went down the block.

There are other incidents and strange ones where I can predict things to come, and do happen. But this does not happen often. I can detect malicious forces in people, and it's not really the person. There are so many thing I understood through time. One thing I am sure. Keep away of things unknown. There are forces wanting to confuse and mold you to things you are not. And there are people who are not really there at all. I mean, there are there, in the flesh, but not in their minds, there are lost. The are looking for host to fill the worldly immoral values we see in life today. Just beware of yourself, and not be fooled and confused.

But this apartment really made me sense something was not normal with me.

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meowmeow (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-04-17)
This happened TODAY. Ok, so I'm in Girl Scouts and I left my brown coat AND sash on the bleachers. So my sash mysticly disappeared 😨! My friends, Natalie and Grayson, and I went to go find it. Do you know where my sash was 😕? It was in the TOILET! So I started crying 😭 so hard. And Girl Scouts didn't find out who 'dropped' it in the bathroom. Weird, huh?
Frank (guest)
16 years ago (2007-03-15)
Great story you had I have also experienced a few ghostly moments but I havent added it here yet. As you get older the ghosts should disapear and I think it mostly comes to you when your young. Hopefully everything is well and if you want to talk about anything on this subject you can contact me at frankk_87 [at] or my msn.

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