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There Are Others in my House II


Hi. Let me state first, my name is Rossana. I will continue what occurred in his rented old house. I heard it was 100 year old, it looked like it, but fixed a little. Here in Puerto Rico, a lot of houses, especially made in wood, do get harsh termite damage. But the paint covers it.

Another occurrence: Once my hub and I had an argument, I left the house, to do some shopping, my kid were with their natural father. He was left alone in the house. I was so angered, I wanted so desperately whatever was in the house to spook him. Believe me, I so repented, I shouldn't have done that. Because, when I got home, he told me, while he was eating his breakfast, I left it on the dinning room area, he heard like if pots were being thrown. He went to the kitchen, and saw everything was fine. But he really got scared! He even talked to it. He said whatever that did this, to be on its way, it did not have any means to be in the house, be off!

Our neighbor was a weird guy, often late at night, we could hear him cussing, and kind of fighting, but with his home, as you will find out later. Well, this made me laughed. But it frightened me a bit. What I did was dangerous, but yet, I felt, he was not in danger, because I knew this little girl hated the argument we had. But, who or what was this entity that made my husband change his persona? As I always said, one thing leads to another.

We were ready to leave the house and go shopping. We are again in a argument. I left something in the house and went back. When I opened the door, from the corner of my right eye, in the living room, I saw this lady, yelling, close to me, but her voice seemed like from far distance, saying angrily: "todos los hombres son unos idiotas, no vale la pena,!" (Men were idiots, they are not worth anything!), and cursing. I just went and got out fast, because I did not know who she was, but she is what I think made my husband uncomfortable in the house. He hated that place. I told him he had to be careful, because the little girl hated argument, and this lady provokes it.

One night, the little girl was moving my arms, I got up, went to my kids room, woke up my daughter to see if she was fine. She was ok. So I went to my room and slept again. Again she wakes me up, but all is fine. I told her to stop, she did, but then it starts again. I told her to go bother someone else. Well! She did, my next door neighbor. It was 1:30 something in the morning, when I hear him trying to close the door of his house, but couldn't. He was so mad and cursing.

One night, I had to go to the kitchen for a glass of water. While walking to my room, I felt something pushing me to the wall. I ran so fast, because all was dark! When I went to my room, I turned on my room light, and peaked out the hallway to see if I could see something, but gladly, I saw nothing.

This really scared me, I felt I was being targeted. I told my husband I had to find out what this entities were. Next day, outside of our house, our neighbor was passing by. I stopped him. I told him I have been seeing strange phenomenon in this house, and told him what I have seen. He asked me to describe them to him and I did. He started crying. He said, the lady was his wife, the child was her granddaughter. His wife died of AIDS, the child died of some sickness. He told us his wife was very outgoing person and kind of a loudmouth. Well, that's her description.

I always knew the ghost were not from this house. The owner of this house are our neighbors family. Well, at least that explains that.

But what about the eerie sound of children crying and some other occurrences in this house, there is more. It does not stop here. Until next time. Good night.

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Grox6 (2 stories) (51 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-25)
I agree with Chris. You should help her be a believer of God, the help her get to the other side. Do the same thing with the girl too. (I've read both of your stories about this situation.) Bye! 😊
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-07)
i think Chris has the right idea. The lady and the little girl are part of God's flock-even if they have strayed. They are obviously stuck on this plane for some reason/ tell them God loves them and it would be okay for them to cross over so they can finally be at peace. If the lady died from AIDS and the little girl a sickness, these must have been painful deaths. They can rest and have peace on the other side.

God Bless!
Chris (guest)
17 years ago (2007-04-12)
Rose tell the deceased lady to talk to her and make her a believer of god even though she is dead. My mission in life is to help people with their encounters not telling them negative things. Even though I'm 12 I try to help people so tell the woman and the girl nicely thatgod would like them to not disturb them anymore.

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