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There Are Others in my House III


There were many times I felt so at peace in this house, I loved this house, But then it kind of change. We moved in April of 2005 and moved out in August 2005. There were times, when alone in this house, I would hear children crying. Two it seemed. But it was not frequently. I followed these cries and always lead me to the corner of my husband side of the bed bedroom wall. Where I hear the tapings on the wall. Eerie! Going to other rooms of the house was different. It was very tranquil. But going back and hear it again in my room, which was always cool, I felt chills. Anyway, I always felt something happened in this house or previous house made in this foundation. I felt so uncomfortable and desperate hearing these cries, wanting to do something and help these kids. But what! And at the same time I didn't want to. I didn't know what was I facing! My husband never heard them in the beginning, but then he did.

When my daughter was in the hospital for the third time when living here (warned to me by the child ghost and pointing to her room during the night), my husband went back to the house alone. He already parked his car inside the garage, walked into the house, and heard the cries. He couldn't figure where it was coming from, he thoughtit must be some neighbors kids, but the cries seemed to be coming from inside the house, far cries, but inside the house. He followed the sound, and yes, just as I stated, it came from the corner wall. The next day, when he told me, he was shivering scared in the hospital. He couldn't sleep all night, he had head pressure. My kid stayed in the hospital almost a week. During this week, strange occurrences, for example, while in the hospital, a person went by and asked if the abandoned house next to ours was for sell, which, by the way, are the owners of the house we lived, My husband told him no. The owners told use they were never going to sell that house. Why? Beats me. It has been abandoned for years. Anyways, this person told my husband he is an medium, this place attracted him, even gave him a card. Well, the strangest thing with this man is that he came by again the next evening, while my husband was reading the newspaper in the balcony. We told him the new situation of the island and to be prepared. Actually, it was a warning, it is 2007, he predicted people are leaving the island because of politic changes, heaven knows a revolution will occurred. He told my husband to get passports. That freaked me out because we were thinking about this prior to this man visit. I always state one thing lead or have to do with the other.

I still saw the little girl, just seeing her staring at me and what I was doing. That never bothered me. But I felt scared at times. I never paid mind to it. Once, while I cleaned the kitchen after breakfast, I left a clean pot and a fork next to it, on the stove, to put away for later. When stepping out of the kitchen, I heard the sound of the fork hitting the pot once. I went back and saw it just as I left it. But I knew what I heard, because I hit it to hear if it was the same sound I heard. It was! I said "So you like cream oatmeal?" Because that's the pot I always made oatmeal. I sensed what she wanted.

I told my husband. He was speechless, he just looked surprised. At that same moment, he told me he saw a dark shadow going into our room while he was finishing his breakfast in the dining room area. I went to see if I saw something. I saw nothing. I felt the room was very cool though. I asked him to describe the shadow figure, he said it was transparent dark, thin and seemed not so tall, it just walked into our room. I asked him if the shadow made a gesture as if looking at him. He said "no, just passing through".

We finally agreed we had to move. Our relationship was going from bad to worse. In those few days, I told my husband I was going to move with my eldest daughter apartment above hers. I already talked to the owner of the house and the movers. I was set. He was to go on his own way. My daughters were never bothered with these spirits. Glad on that! Just my husband and I. The next day, he went out with one of his eldest son, and told him he didn't want to lose me, his son told him there was a house for rent right next to him. He came home and told me. I felt so great, I didn't want to lose him. For I do love him.

Moving day came. While my eldest daughter was helping me to move, she called my name. I shouted "What?". When I went to her, she opened her eyes wide opened, scared! Seeing her expression, I asked what was wrong, but I figured she must have seen something. I asked her then "What did you see?", She was surprise with my question. She said "I heard you said 'What', but I figured you were in the other room". "What do you mean", I asked. "I saw you or a figure going to the other room, when I called you, you answered somewhere else". "What did you see?" I asked. "Just a dark figure, passing by", she said. I was wearing black pant and a black t-shirt, that is why she thought she saw me. But it was not me. She saw the shadow figure. She got so scared and stayed outside. Not wanting to go into that house ever again.

We finished moving the rest of the furniture and boxes, now we were ready to clean up the house. When I opened the door to go in, I felt like something was going to happened. A very unpleasant feeling. I told the kids to stay outside. I will call them in case I needed them, but to stay outside more than inside. Well, I just wanted to get this over. I cleaned the house and I was very serious all the way. Yes, I still heard those tapings.

I saw the girl from time to time, while cleaning, just staring, and head down, and the lady at other parts of the house, just looked at me, kind of, well, like a bit mad, or that is how she looked, but said nothing. When all was cleared and cleaned, I felt the peacefulness of the house as the day I moved in. Then I realized that was how they lure tenants to live in and then scare the living daylight out of them.

When I moved to the new place, I felt we made a good choice, all is fine and peaceful. That's the end of "There are Others in my House" series. Finally.

Take care


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PrincessKatie (7 stories) (420 posts)
16 years ago (2007-09-29)
I have seen 5 ghosts in my life this year actually. I have seen 1 at my boyfriend old house 3 in this house and 1 I have only heard. They were in my dreams before I saw them in real life as ghosts. In my dreams there is a world where they all live loads of them just like this world but it another world they are in. They are waiting for me there. When I die I hope a angel comes and helps me to find the stairs to heaven then in that world where all people who have died I will meet all of them from my dream.
Chris (guest)
17 years ago (2007-04-12)
Yep rose that always happen when people move in get haunted then move out next time ask the real estate agent if the house is haunted also the answer to the problems are don't go into anymore haunted houses because they might contain an evil spirit so evil even I couldn't explain it. Anyways I'll listen to more of your stories later because the lunch bell will ring in a few min.
rose (9 stories) (92 posts)
17 years ago (2007-04-03)
Thehaunted Teenager:
Read your worries, but it is best to state your story, and others to read. There are many good advice from other commentators. I have read many solutions from Shane and Athena . Read similar stories. Seek solutions, but choose wisely.

My opinion,

I don’t know the entities you are dealing. It may be it wants you to get involve, in finding some history event of the place where you are living. If it’s a negative history event, or they bother and target you, the best option is to seek somewhere else to live. Get out of this place. Remember this, phenomenon not only linger in homes. It can come from, objects given, pass by family, or left by previous owner or tenants . Phenomenon progress after you taken notice of and act to it.
If the occurrences have to do with the place. My best advice is to move Check articles given or passed on to you, because they linger on these, too. How do spirits come attached to items? All depends what kind of person is or was it belonged to. Does the person practiced calling the spirits or have negative energy vibes .
State your story in this site, there are others which can help you. I can not say I am an expert in this. I have passed through a lot, and learned how to manage it. My best option always is to stay away what I don’t know and I don’t need. If you don’t know what you are facing with this occurrences, just get out of there. You are too young and don’t need to bother with these. But also check your things. Don’t mess with these forces, when you look into it, they look right back at you . They like to be entertain, they like to bother, they laugh at our actions. But do pray with your heart and faith. Called God’s true name which they fear and hate. Do good and you will be fine.
Take good care,
Asuna (guest)
17 years ago (2007-04-02)
For many months I have been experincing srtange paronormal stuff.I've herd loud bangs, middle clangings, scratches from the corners of my room, room freezing were everything esle is warm. A few nights ago last wesd. Night it after 12: someting I was cooking my food up after it was done I was about to go upstairs and finsih eating when all of the sudden... I here a childs voice mumble in my ear, and I could have sworn to the gods it was little girl. I was alone that night, everybody esle was asleep. I was so scared and didn't know what to do about it. I wish I had someway to make these thing stop if any advice comes to thoughs that reads this. This true... On what I say. So please help... Are send advice. I have a lot more to say but... That would take forever to write. From Thehaunted teenager
Fran (guest)
17 years ago (2007-04-02)
This was poorly written but very interesting, I couldn't really understand some parts but I get the just of it. It's actually quite scary. Hearing faint cries in the wall and seeing shadows its creepy. Nice story! ;)
rose (9 stories) (92 posts)
17 years ago (2007-04-01)
There are people living in this house at this moment, I am pretty sure they are not going to stay for a long time. It's a chain, people come and people go. But, You are right, it is worth investigating.
M. (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-31)
I think, I would have tried to speak to the little girl and the lady that was there. Apparently, they are there for a reason and a psyhic or paranormal investigators should be considered in this paranormal activity. Bye.

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