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The Night I Started to Believe


I was about 13 years old when this happened. My parents were out at a concert with some friends and I was at home watching my little brother. The first part of the night was fine but at about ten o'clock I heard a high pitch scream. I figured that it was my little brother having a bad dream so I went up to go check on him. When I got in to his room he did not seem as if he was having a bad dream. I stayed in there for a moment to see if he would scream again.

He didn't, someone else, or something else, did. I was still in the room when another scream came from the down stairs. I freaked out. I called my parents crying and telling them to come home. They just told me that it was all in my head and for me to go and get some sleep. I did not feel safe with my little brother being in his room all by himself so I brought him to sleep with me. About ten minutes after I got in bed a door slammed. None of the windows were open so it wasn't the wind. I decided to go look for whatever was making all of the noise. I brought my guitar with me to hit it with... Like that would help any. I saw nothing upstairs or on the main floor but when I went into the basement there was on unfamiliar figure huddled in the corner. I did not think it saw me but it was crying very hard. I do believe it was a child, about the age of four. I was freaked out by what I saw. It did not look threatening. It was fairly translucent but not all the way. I went in my room and locked the door and waited for my parents to get home. I fell asleep before I could tell them about everything.

The next morning I did some research on the house. We were living in and it said there was jewish family that lived during the Holocaust. They all were taken to auschwitz concentration camp, all but the youngest, they have no idea what happened to that one child and I believe that I saw the one child that was left behind and that he came back looking for his family and they were not there.

After my experience I will always believe in ghosts.

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chellyma (3 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-20)
Like that is really scary. I would have pissed my pants. 😆 Lol but good you didn't
cupcake10132 (4 stories) (193 posts)
15 years ago (2007-06-26)
next time you see the child, talk to him/her.He/she won't harm you. Has anyone else experinced stuff like this in that house?
Laurence (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-23)

I have seen you posting many comments to help people but appart from convincing yourself that you think you know all about it, you are not helping this people but inducing them to do the wrong thing. There is many of you like this out there...
Can't you wait to be really sure of your theories before starting speaking? It's not a game, people have true problems here, you guys seems to have watched too many hollywood movies about ghost but you actually don't have a clue about what it really is...

To all the potential ghostbusters here who pretend to know everything please think twice !

I'm really shocked by the amount of stupid and false information people are giving to others assuring it works...
Brittany (guest)
15 years ago (2007-03-29)
My guess is she used to live in a european country and moved to Indiana. I could be wrong. Who knows.
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-03-28)
It really would Martin, Hopefully Sarah isn't a one post wonder and then we never hear from her again.
Martin (602 posts) mod
15 years ago (2007-03-28)
Shane, yeah that has bothered me a little, not enough to comment on it, but since you did, it'd be nice to get some clarification on that.
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-03-28)
Okay I am guessing your were living in Germany or some where in Europe at the time. Since I fail to see how they would be taken from a home in Indiana and placed in a concentration camp. Sorry just doesn't make sense.
Wentzified (guest)
15 years ago (2007-03-27)
That is so cool because yesterday I went on a class field trip to the Holocaust. It was very depressing and I hate Hitler for starting all of it... Good story though!
Brittany (guest)
15 years ago (2007-03-27)
I am very sorry that your first experience with ghosts had to be such an unpleasent and scary one. Ghost stay behind for lots of different reasons, and he is no exception. Ghost children are, in my opinion, the worst type of ghost to deal with, because they usually have such a painful story. Hopefully, if you have another ghostly encounter, it won't be as bad.

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