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Hide And Seek Nightmare


We lived in this very nice, middle-aged house in Westminster Colorado. I was 12, and my brother was 10 when we moved in with my dad, and his new family. That included, my stepmother, and my two half sisters. The house was very spacious, but it had this eerie vibe to it. I always had that feeling like someone was constantly in my face, staring at me.

I was young, full of trouble and anger because of my parents divorce. I've moved several times since then, and this wouldn't be the last time I'd move, or the last time I'd seen something. It was the beginning where every thing started.

In that house, I would be the only person to see things, to hear things. Nobody thought anything strange of it. That's why I started to think I was crazy. We'd leave the house with all the lights off, and come home to all the lights on, but my parents never thought anything of it. I remember I came home from school and the radio in the basement where we slept, would be CRANKED UP to the loudest point. I asked my dad, and he said "Don't worry, it was me. I came home for lunch and forgot to turn it off"...and I thought to myself, you couldn't hear that? My gosh.

Well, besides all the weird things that happened, one night, my aunt came over and we had to watch my younger sister, Beth. She was about 4, and loved to play hide and go seek. So we did. I have to say, that night scared me so bad, and gosh I was about to call the police.

So, my aunt and I started counting. There are two rooms and a bathroom downstairs in the basement, one room, (my parents), upstairs including the closets, and the kitchen, the living room...etc.

We counted to 50, and started looking. And I swear to you, we looked everywhere. The garage, the closets, any little space, the living room, the bathroom, inside the laundry dryer... It was endless... It took us a good 30 minutes. And we could not find her. So we headed downstairs and heard her laugh. So I checked two of the rooms downstairs, and I did not see anything. I even checked the suitcases. So this wasn't a game anymore. I started yelling, "ok you can come out now"...over and over again. "BETH come OUT!"...but no reply...

For one hour.

All of the sudden, she runs out of one of the rooms I checked and says "I was right here all this time". Ok, now, I thought that was weird. That room had nothing in it but a bed and a closet, and a suitcase. No weird spots, nobody can find a place there to hide. We checked there at least FIVE times.

Well, after that night, I talked to my grandma about this incident. She looked at me with horror." What do you think you're doing playing games like that at night? Don't you know you'll be playing with others as well? Do you not know that in our culture, the dead can hide the living by just stepping in front of them?"...I have to tell you. I had the biggest chills! So that's why we couldn't find her!

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starfalz (13 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-24)
In my culture, yeah spirits can hide (or abduct) people just by standing in front of them.

Usually, kids are the victim.
And they (the spirits) usually do this at evening or at night, but I heard most cases were happened at around 6 PM.

I heard one case just like this, but the victim NEVER comes back.
Take care, guys.

raingrl01 (5 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-02)
Did anything else ever happen in that house? You only mentioned the lights and the radio and then your sister, which could be rationally explained. Let us know! ❤
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2009-04-01)
You have piqued my curiosity. What IS your culture, Victoria? I find it interesting that your Aunt had no problems playing this at night (assuming she is of the same culture) when your Grandma was the one to point out your "blunder".
I am right with Tonith. In the event that a four year old "went missing" in my home, in 10 minutes I would have been scared, 15, a frantic whirlwind of panic.
I really DO see both sides of this. You have parental figures that are trying to keep things calm in the home. We tend to downplay certain events so that our children do not jump straight to the wrong conclusion.
On the other hand, occasionally we are trying to convince OURSELVES that there is nothing odd about the house.
When I lose something that I am looking for and I look at at a place that seems to be "clean" (as in that room that had very little to hide in, around or behind) I tend to do a cursory OVERlook. Often times I find the item I was looking for IN that "clean place", but only after tearing every place else up. We tend to NOT look as diligently when a quick glance shows us there is no hiding place.
I was not there, but I really think that is what could have happened. Add to that, it was a frightened, and probably hurried, search (you WERE scared) it IS possible that she folded her little self into a corner that just happened to be the "perfect" hiding spot.
Thank you.
October (1 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-31)
I've never heard of a ghost standing in front of someone and being able to hide them. And yes, maybe she did move from place to place, I remember doing that all the time. Young kids are sneaky little buggers.
bruce3472 (13 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-30)
I don't see why you would want to call the police. Have you ever thought that she might of moved from one room to the next to keep the game going... Not to sound mean or rude. But I really don't see much of a ghost story here... I hope that this does not offend you. I just think about it differently...
Tonith (1136 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-30)
I would have been in a mass panic by 15 minutes of not being able to find a 4 year old. I am also assuming by this amount of time you were turning on all lights to find this child. I don't know if a spirit can hide a child by standing in front of them being that I have never heard of it as part of a phenomenon. What culture are you speaking of by the way? Glad you found her and maybe hide and seek until this child is older should be put on hold.
reneespring (148 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-30)
What culture is your grandma talking about?
That sounds very creepy, I must say.

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