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The Figure in the Rearview Mirror


This is my brother's story. Last October, my brother took Rocky, his dog, up North to visit our relatives. It was getting close to midnight when he came home and it was real dark. The entire time Rocky was quiet and he was resting in the backseat.

It was getting dark when they were on the road back home. My brother had his radio on and tried to keep himself awake. He got close to a small town called Westfield, which is a very popular rest stop. It looks Western-like. He noticed there were no other cars out except his. If you know this area, you'll also know that there's a cemetery on the other side of the rest area.

Everything around him was real dark, except his head lights of course. All of a sudden, he felt goose bumps on his arm and it went to the back of his neck where he felt the little hair stand up. Rocky started growling and he barked uncontrollably. My brother yelled at him to knock it off, because it scared him a little. Rocky quieted down but he was still growling. My brother adjusted his mirror to look at the backseat to see if Rocky's okay. He noticed a figure sitting in the back seat. So he rubbed his eyes and looked again. The figure was still sitting there and Rocky was growling at it, he was showing his teeth at the figure.

The figure, as my brother described it, was darker than all of its surroundings. When he glanced at the figure, he almost thought it was our 10-year old niece.

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Kodak (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-03)
Sorry Carla, I didn't fully complete the story. When my brother saw the figure, and they were face to face, he felt like he couldn't move and he was took a good 10 second look at the figure. There was a set of highlights that were coming from the other side of the highway and he took a glance at the road then back to the rearview mirror and the figure was gone.
katie and dakota (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-03)
creeeepy we've seen things like that to. Like my brothers and his friend were saying they saw a guy in a window at the art meusem right next to use and that he doesnt like the light and that he has talked to him and that he doesnt like to be called names. And the weird thing is that it was at your halloween party and that my brothers and his friend could only talk to him.

ive gone back to the same spot but I gets freaked out and run back to the house. There's only been once that I have froze there and that icould not take my eyes off the window.
dakota and katie
carla (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-03)
Cool story-it was just starting to hot up!
Tell us more about what happened did he look at the figure face to face, then what happened?

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