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I recently went to see my brother; he took me over to the house that they are tearing down. It was about 6pm when we made it over there. We knew there wouldn't be much time we could stay, due to darkness coming on soon. I was very excited to get there, not knowing what would happen to me.

We had just pulled up in front of the house, when the front door opened up just a little and then slammed shut. Now that was a little strange.

We got out of the car and walked up to the front door. I tried to open it, but the door wouldn't even budge. My brother even tried, it was just useless. He went out to the car to get a screwdriver, so he could break the lock. He said he never had any problem before getting the door to open.

When we finally got in, we went into the living room. The old dirty rotten curtains started blowing around like there was a breeze coming in from somewhere. We checked all around there were no drafts coming in from anywhere.

We started up the stairs when we heard footsteps about 4 or 5 steps ahead of us. Of course there was no one there. When we got to the top of the stairs we heard voices coming from a room off to the right. It sounded like a heated conversation. But the voices were too low to understand what they were saying. We went into that room and no one was there either. I was getting creeped out. We decided to go back down stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, off to the right is a room that used to be a sitting room. We heard what sounded like a rocking chair moving back and forth. Peeking in there was nothing.

It was getting late we got ready to leave. We walked out the front door, got in our car. Standing there on the front porch was that old man in bib overalls we had seen there before. We sat there for a minute and stared at him. Then he was gone.

That old house has a big basement that my brother hasn't even been in there yet. What do you think is waiting down there?

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CutishIvy (47 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-20)
it's a very creepy house.
If you really want to know what's under that basement maybe go there in daytime or you and your bro can check it out after the tear down. When the area is clean. So that whatever creepy might possible happen you can run since it's already in an open air, right?

Good luck for that house.

Please check the history of the land/house and make it your first priority, ok?

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