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My Sister's Conversation With Grandma


My mom told me this story just the other day when I asked about my late Grandma (my Grandpa's 1st wife). I had never known until then.

In 2001 my Grandpa's first wife passed away due to illness. I was eight at the time and I remember making the sudden trip from Kansas to New York in the middle of the school year to go to the funeral.

When we got there the atmosphere was very sober. I was young and no one I knew had ever died before so I wasn't quite sure why everyone was as upset as they were (I never really knew my Grandma very well). My Grandpa was a wreck and relatives and friends kept dropping by the house to check up on him and see if there were any last minute preparations needed for the funeral.

I remember seeing her body in the casket and I remember the little black box my mom told me Grandma's ashes were in and I remember going back to my Grandpa's house for the next couple of days. It was after the funeral when my mom walked in on my sister.

My sister was two or three at the time and she definitely did not know my Grandma all that well. So when my mom walked up the stairs she definitely did not expect to overhear my sister talking to herself. She shrugged it off at first as being "little kid talk" until she realized there was some kind of conversation going on inside the room (she had been standing outside of the room talking to my Aunt). My mom said that when she looked in the room all she saw was my sister playing with one of the antique fire trucks and talking out loud. When she had asked who my sister was talking to, my sister replied, "I was talking to Grandma. She was telling me about the money." My mom didn't, and doesn't still, know what to make of it.

My mom never told my sister about that incident but I wonder if it really was my Grandma coming to visit my sister one last time.

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ashley7 (5 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-07)
Wow! Well that story was nice.:) But people do say that young kids as of your sister, can see ghosts. And considering it was her grandma, she would talk to the little girl which she did. But if she did say it was grandma, shes telling the truth and there's nothing bad about it.:) Good Story!
BansheeLee (1 stories) (13 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-04)
Kiwi, I would say so! How very often we hear of stories of little babes talking to loved ones after they have passed on. Some of the stories may be accounted for as a childs imagination but many times it can not be explained, and it is those stories that are truly remarkable. It is not very likely that your sister at that age would make up something in that nature and be so curt about it. She very curtly said, "I was talking with Grandma and she was telling me about the money."...Sounds as though she said it so matter of factly as if what she just experienced was normal. And for children it is, that is why many spirits talk to children or show themselves. Children do not question what they are going through as we adults do. If we see a ghost or experience something we can not explain, we question it and question it which often times turns our 6th sense off. Well great story! Take care!

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