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Is My School Music Room Haunted Too? 3


I am truly truly sorry for not posting my stories for months, believe me, I really am. It's a bit inconvenient to touch the keyboard in my current condition but Eric helped me out so I'll tell you what happened after I retake the piano lesson in the haunted music room. (I have no choice, I'm in my last year in high school and music is an important subject in my school, plus, my mum is busy herself, I can't bother her with my problems)

It was afternoon lesson as usual and I practice piano with my classmates, the ghost never bothers me because I was wearing a protection-cross necklace that I got from the Priest. I do feel her presence near me, but the cross somehow kept her away from me. I was fine with it and when I thought that I finally have the peace to practice the piano sheets, she became more and more aggressive. She tried her hardest to get rid of all the piano-talented students who shared the same music room.

It was April 18th to be exact when I broke my arms in the room. I was staying behind after class with my friends because we needed to decorate the room for music lesson exhibition that was being held on April 20 in the room. We arranged the chairs and so on, there was also a teacher with us which made me feel safe and I felt she would not do anything to me with a teacher around. But guess that I was wrong. When I climbed the stairs to put some decorations on the wall, I felt someone pull the stairs backward causing me to fell on my knees, and when I turned around, I saw no one. Luckily I was not too high up on the stairs. I exchanged duties with my other male friend. It's not only that, when I slid open the windows to the right direction, the windows suddenly slid to the left and I hadn't taken. Out my hands in time causing my hand to stuck. My friends struggled to take my hands out but it was not an easy task, after a while I was finally free. Everyone thought the frame of the window must be rusted, but I know what actually happened.

My hands are now full of bruises and I refuse to do any hard job so I was assigned to check the preparations. I walked around the room, did not notice that the artificial planet from the cupboard rolled down and fell from the cupboard to the ground, and hit my right hand on the spot! I screamed my lungs out and my surroundings became black. When I realized, I was lying on a bed in a white room with a bandaged right hand. Eric told me that I injured my hand with the artificial planet and it'll take a while for it to move again. Mum asked me what actually happened and I told her everything about the music room, she patted me from behind and kissed my forehead. "Everything will be okay", she said.

And the next thing I know, my mum planned to resign and we're moving out next month. I'm going to study at other music school, I was glad as I can get away from the hell music room and sad to leave my friends. Now I'm on my healing process, my hands can move a pen but still unable to carry heavy things. Luckily that Eric helped me out a lot.

So tell me about your opinion. It is true, but to believe it or not, it depends to you!

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timothyj68 (3 posts)
10 years ago (2014-12-18)
Sounds like a serious series of poltergeist attacks. Only poltergeist with certain levels of spiritual strength can animate objects. Some might even materialize.
ginko (1 stories) (38 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-24)
Sugoi (Great in japanese) thanks for sharing this story its really great, I will give some suggestion, if ever the ghost on the music room, or what ever is it, didn't follow you on your new school, don't ever go to back to that school old music room to make sure the ghost won't attach to you, hope you get better soon, take care

~Aishiateru Ginko desu...
spica (2 stories) (55 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-24)
Great decision your mom decided to move out of the HAUNTED music room... If it isn't decided to move along, then maybe your two arms are bruised and crushed by that evil GHOST...

THX 4 sharing, Spica 😁
myst3ri0usn0is3 (2 stories) (7 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-23)
I couldn't be happier that you are getting the hell out of that music room. I don't hear of ghosts that agressive often. It was interesting. Curse the paranormal to an everlasting fatality. ❤

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