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These experiences happened over a few years.

About 5 years ago my mum took me and my little brother to visit my aunt and cousins at their house. We got there and my cousin's friend was there too. We decided to play hide and seek as they have a really big house so we thought it'd be fun. Me and my cousin on one team and my brother and my cousin's friend in another. We split up and began our game. My little cousin and me decided to hide in the bathroom.

From the bathroom you can see into one of their garden's where their caravan is kept. We were looking out the window and saw my brother and my cousin's friend laughing and going into the caravan. As we spied on them we saw they came running out like they'd seen a ghost. Wondering what they had seen we ran outside and asked them what had happened.

They said that they saw me and my cousin go into the caravan so they went in there to catch us but no one was there. They looked around and no one was there but they had definitely seen us go in there. And we never saw anyone go in or come out!

Also, in the same house, my other cousin she keeps talking to a man called Andrew. And when my aunt asks about him, she says that he's in the kitchen, but no ones there, and there is know one in the family called Andrew.

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Quiet_Girl (3 posts)
10 years ago (2013-07-29)
This is kind of a lot creepy, I don't know whether I would call it doublegengers, but I could always be wron though.
As I have learnt, your spirit can leave your body from now and then, without you even realising it, but I don't know whether it's what happened in your experience...

Your cousin, how old is she?
Children mostly have an imaginary friend, and that mam she's speaking with might be her imaginary friend, I'm not sure, but it's just a guess[:

In a Fact, an imaginary friend actually are a ghost which only the one person can see, children mostly grow away from those imaginary friends with the age[;

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