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First Apartment


I had just finished high school and a buddy and I decided to get an apartment together. I have been sensitive to spirits my whole life and it turned out he had a family ghost when he was in Tennessee. We didn't know each others ghost histories before we moved in together, and the place seemed mellow when we went to check it so we decided to move in.

It didn't take long for strange things to start happening. When I would go to bed I would hear noises like light switches being flicked on and off and my door knob would shake violently at times. When this all started I was the only one home. When my roommate came back from working all week out of city I told him what was going on and that is when he told me about Tennessee and how his family was followed by a ghost all the way across the country to Washington. So I figured it was just playing games with me but him and his family were convinced it was a good ghost and never did anything like that before.

As time progressed things started to get worse. When we would go to bed I would make sure I had my cell right next to me and my roommate would take our landline to bed with him. We would both hear footsteps up and down the hallway, shaking of both our doorknobs and sometimes pounding on our bedroom doors. It would get to the point were he would call me to see if I was doing it to scare him, but no I was in bed not wanting to move.

So we decided to put mirrors up everywhere in our apartment just to see if we could catch the reflection of whatever was there. I strategically placed one so I could watch TV and see down the hallway. One night we were watching a movie and I happened to glance over. I saw what looked like a bad shadowed tall figure coming fast as hell down the hallway towards the mirror. Startled me so bad I jumped straight out of my seat on the couch I was on.

My roommate only had one major experience besides the normal night time occurrences. He got peed one night because he thought I was messing with him and not answering my cell phone so he got up and decided to check the hallway. Nothing there, so as he walked back to his bed he mumbled "this is bull s..." and his door slammed close right afterwards. He didn't go back to check the hallway again.

I decided to move out and try living in my own for a bit and according to my old roommate things have stopped. They stopped right after I left, and he still lives there today 7 years later. Was it his family's ghost that followed him up from Tennessee? I don't think so, I got the feeling it was evil and I have never gotten along so hot with evil spirits. Good spirits are ok, even lost spirits are ok, but when you have to deal with an evil spirit things start getting a lot more intense and seem so be a lot more disturbing.

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dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-04)
I agree with you and glad you move out sound like a evil spirit that dark figure sound like a bad one and glad you move out and live in your own though when have a roomate not easy one maybe into something or being follow by item. Just never know.
louie (12 posts)
15 years ago (2009-08-03)
maybe his family ghost didn't like you? And was trying to get you to move out 😠

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