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Haints At Traci's


Ghostly Appalachian Paranormal Professionals ~ Traci, Dustin, Greg, Olivia

This particular Friday night was fun. The date was September Fourth of this year, 2009. My team (G.A.P.PS.) had scheduled an investigation at a home located in Sylva, North Carolina. The investigation was scheduled because a lady living in the home was/is having strange occurrences, so, we went for proof, or perhaps to debunk, whichever.

This was our second investigation back at this home. Three of us investigators got there and got our energy adapted with the surroundings and we began the investigation a little over an hour after arriving.

We brought the G.A.P.S. Case inside the home. It holds all of our equipment in it. As I was going through the case to get what we were using on the hunt, I heard a voice come crackling into the same dimension as my sense of hearing and it took me by surprise. I looked up noticing no one was near inside the home to have heard it as well, so, it is just an experience I can write and tell about.

The voice sounded like it was saying "hello" very slowly. Traci (the homeowner) was showing Dustin, our newest member of G.A.P.S. Around the vicinity of strange occurrences that is basically the entire home, the land outside, as well as storage trailer beyond the driveway. Dustin felt the floor shake as him and Traci stood in the bedroom of the home. This was just the beginning of things to come... He told this to our group, what he had felt.

Shortly after this, we decided it was time to go get some pictures inside the storage trailer. This trailer has a funhouse affect, and it was for sure fun. We all felt a bit intoxicated and silly as we were in there and the video definitely proves it. Traci came to join the group as we started to ask for the presence (s) to make itself aware. Traci and I both saw a bright light outside. It was Traci's mother's car's lights blinking, the yellow lights blinked twice and this was followed by one more blink and the interior light then came on. Only me and her saw these lights. Dustin and Greg just hadn't noticed them; they were looking a different way I suppose. When she went to ask her mother what she was doing with her car, her mother knew nothing of it. Her mother (Diane) reached for her keys, but they had been taken out of her purse! No one had been into her purse, so this was strange. We did catch these lights on video and we have no explanation as to why her car did this since it had never happened before. Her mother wasn't too happy with why her car was doing this, but wasn't mad, just wondering why... More to these lights though, as Traci came back to tell us that her mother had not touched the keys, she told us to come outside, to her.

Dustin was first out the door but this door had no steps leading down, just a drop and a trailer hitch. Dustin went out fast, trying to go to Traci's call and stepped his left leg out and dropped down into the hitch but somehow flipped outta that position into a big patch of Sticky Bushes. He wasn't harmed but for one small scratch on his left leg below his knee, thank goodness. His fall was crazy because being how it happened; it's so good to have him not broken into.

We stood outside a little while, gathering our stability from the funhouse effect, the lights, the fall, and the noises. As I stood there, getting cold, I felt warm fingers. One touch on my right shoulder and another warm touch on my left leg. Odd, I know... Lots happened on this night, which is unusual to us on an investigation.

More happened this night than from any other investigation our team has done. Back to the story;

Dustin and Traci were outside shortly after these occurrences and they both heard a loud bottle pop noise coming from the darkness ahead of them towards the bushes nearer the highway beyond the gap of weeds and trees. Dustin was outside alone taking a break a little bit after this and he felt (finger) touches go up his leg like a large spider or bug was crawling on him. He informed us of this, which was good, because it coincided with the touches I felt. Maybe it was the same thing touching us, or maybe it was nothing... We'll never know, but that's one of the coolest parts about this quest. What's unknown is what we seek, and to have a part of it played with our lives, it's a good feeling.

Okay, so a little farther into the night, I was sitting inside with Traci's mother and Traci's husband. We were sitting in a lightened room, the living room/kitchen area. I was sitting near the front door and heard a very loud psssst! Right behind my left ear towards the door. I looked; no one was looking in... Traci was standing at the door looking outside and the look on my face must have said something because Traci's husband looked puzzled at my facial expression. He asked if I had heard something, and of course, I said, yes. I told them what I had heard. Neither him nor Diane (Traci's mom) heard it, which is strange because it was loud. They should have heard it too! No one admitted to making a loud psssst sound so it was yet another thing that could not be explained early into the investigation. Voice recorders were taken with us in each room; one was left in the storage trailer. This voice recorder that was left in the storage area was turned off one minute after Greg had placed it down on a table. There are footsteps heard and then the recorder is shut off. Weird... So, the entire time we thought the tape was recording for EVP's, it wasn't.

Back in Traci's bedroom, the K2 meter showed some activity with the lights, but it was due to the computer system in the corner of the room. While in the bedroom area, Greg, Dustin, Traci, Diane and I sat and talked amongst ourselves about the spirits of the home. We asked them to do things for us, such as make a noise, touch one of us (again) just anything out of the ordinary. Dustin heard a loud screech from outside, no one else heard it. But it was caught on voice recording and whatever it was, it sounded like it had just been put through some intense pain.

The night passed, we kept asking for the spirits to show themselves in any way possible. We taunted, because these spirits in this home, they aren't all friendly, we wanted to let the bad ones know that we weren't afraid. A few out of the ordinary knocks were heard during the investigation as well.

Before finishing the investigation, we were all in the living room/kitchen area, with the voice recorder of course. I heard a knock; it came from Dustin's pants pocket. Weird... Then another knock! He felt it this time, and heard it too. He said, "Thank You." Then he told us about what had just happened. I said, "Yes, twice it happened." This was caught on the recorder; the two knocks on a half full cigarette box in his front pocket. We carried out the search for a few more minutes and then packed up the equipment, excited of the night we had experienced. The next day after this investigation, Dustin called me. He had an odd burn on his skin, above his pelvis area, in the shape of a circle, smaller than the size of his fist, but it was a burn. A burn. He had put Holy water on it. It cleared the burn in less than 3 hours. Goes to show what can happen... I too experienced a skin problem from the quest that night before. I woke up with a small rash, on my cheeks, behind my ears, on my feet, my arms, my legs, my shoulders too. It became a large problem and when I went to the dermatologist four days later, he told me that I had some sort of poison rash, but that it was not poison ivy/oak/sumac. So you tell me (people that read this), was it just a rash, nothing paranormal? I can answer my opinion: I've never had a rash, never had a rash that carried it's own fever... Even a specialist couldn't tell me what the problem was. But, I do suggest that taunting these spirits/demons had something to do with it.

I was touched, so was Dustin. We both had marks... We are going back to this house, and we are going to help Traci and her family in anyway we can. To tell you of the EVP's that have been caught on voice recording, here's a list of some. We'll be getting these EVP's uploaded to audacity soon, and will be posting of course.

Voice recording Side A Living Room/Kitchen/Back Bedroom: 015.5~breath... 025~odd noise... 041.5~whisper "a*shole" (very clear) ... 054~little girl voice (can't understand what she says) ... 087.5~ after being taunted, something makes a very um, 'queaff' noise... 151.5~faint grrr noise... 163.5~"ok" whisper (loud whisper) ... 167.5~ one knock followed by a "Yes" when asked to knock but we heard nothing with our own ears at the time... 184 & 185~"thank you... Inside you" (this is a loud whisper that speaks over our voices, there is a pause in between it, might be saying all together "thank you for letting me inside you..."... 184.5 & 185.5~ these are the 2 cigarette box knocks heard... 259.5~odd voice breath... 264~"bad or mad" whispered very loud... 265.5~male voice, cannot distinguish what it says... 290~ loud unexplainable noise... 293~behind Traci's voice a little girl voice is humming, 4 syllables of a hum tune. 297~little girl says, "wait a minute" this is while we are leaving the room. 306.5~"slut" was said, the voice is low, grunted, perverted sounding, definitely a demon spirit... 353~ "uh huh" said, not our voice... 362~ "ahhh" voice, was very strange, very out of place, doesn't match our voices at all... 367.5 & 368~ "scared" whispered twice... 391~the voice recorder was placed on the bed by me, but at this time on the recording, it sounds as if it was placed directly next to the highway and a tractor trailer sounds as if it's breaks go out, but then it's back on the bed and I say "I just found this recorder laying on it's front." Which never is the case, I always make sure it's placed correctly.

It was tucked even within the covers some that were on the bed. Goes to show someone had it for a little bit, but not us because we were all in the living room/kitchen area. Let me also tell you that the reason there are many voice recording close together is because this certain voice recorder was left on voice activation. It was only recording noises, not silence. Notice that was just side A. I'm not going to make this story too long with Side B. Just contact us if you'd like to know more and like I wrote, we hope to have the EVP's uploaded soon! This story is not made up, and I hope you don't think it is. What happened happened. It's another mysterious story to cause wonder. Now, onto the next!

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Ramzey (9 stories) (130 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-24)
Scrapmetalkitten, you are right ~ there are wiccan rituals and practices being taught and done in the home.
scrapmetalkitten (306 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-20)
Wow that still is a lot of evps even if you had it on voice activation mode. I have put a recorder on voice activation mode while my husband and I slept to here some strange voices on it the next day, but not like you were experiencing! You should ask the family next time you go if in their wiccan practice they did any invoking or evoking rituals. That could definitely let spirits in or create a type of portal.
Ramzey (9 stories) (130 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-06)
We do plan to go back, by the end of this year. Wiccan activity is high in the home, do you think this has to do with some of the activity? Thanks for reading and commenting, and my guys are working with the evp's, with all of us having full time jobs, its not so easy and simple and fast to upgrade our technology side... This was my 2nd investigation at the home.
JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-06)
Ramzey--That's some basketload of phenomena you guys carried over one night. Did you return to the place? I hope you can succeed in sharing the EVPs with us. The fellow known as EVP Researcher who posts here has many years experience with recorded words and phrases. Sharing knowledge is never a bad thing.
Thanks for taking the time to write your story. May the true light shine upon you in all you and your team are doing, and upon those for whom you are doing it.
L0VEPiNK07 (1 stories) (47 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-05)
wow, that's some crazy stuff! Have yall gone back yet? Keep us updated on what heppens. Can't wait to hear the evp's!
BriFischer05 (14 stories) (169 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-05)
Great story. I know that area is rich in history and paranormal activity. I'm from Winston and am always fascinatedby that area when I take my day trips up that way. Take care!

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