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The Hallway Phantom And The Toothbrush


A few years ago, I was perhaps 14 or so, I had a pair of disturbing encounters in my home. It was a warm summer's day and I was resting in my room, working on some paper or school assignment, when I suddenly have to use the restroom. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Wrong...

The Hallway Phantom And The Toothbrush

When I got up, I went down the short hallway to the bathroom and relieved myself, but when I went to go brush my teeth, my toothbrush lifted itself out from the container (picture attached, it's the closest pic I could find to kine, since I threw away this one) and it actually hovered in the air for about five seconds, when it gently lowered itself back into its place.

There was absolutely no reason for this to happen, no string attached to my toothbrush, nothing that could raise the toothbrush out of its holder... Needless to say, it was a VERY strange occurrence!

The second part of this story is what happened later in the same day:

I was playing with some toys in my room, when I felt a strong chill creep up my spine, when moments ago it had been a good 85 degrees or so, and it just dropped to about 60! I had rubbed my arms, and I looked up from the floor, to the door that leads out to my short hallway.

Upon looking up from playing, I saw a smoke colored entity in the hallway. It took up the entire frame of the door, and it was pretty much see through, except you could see that it was wearing long robes with a hood. It slowly hovered down the hallway and it stopped outside of my room, looked towards me, gave a ghastly grin, baring sharpened teeth and pure white eyes. It then turned its head from me and continued down the hallway.

My hallway ends about five feet or so to the left my door, with a solid wall. But the phantom faded through the wall, and I ran back into my room and jumped up on my bed to look outside, and I saw the phantom drift outside, floating in the air, and a few seconds later, it vanished.

Think what you will, but this really happened to me, and it sure made ME a believer!

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L0VEPiNK07 (1 stories) (47 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-15)
Wow, that sounds creepy! Did you ever see the hooded figure again?
faerielike (15 stories) (268 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-15)
Sounds like the ghost wanted you to brush your teeth! Hah hah! 😁
Enjoyed your story. 😉

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