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My First Ghost - Austin, Texas


The incident took place in Austin, Texas on August 14, 1995 between 11:30pm and Midnight. A friend of mine who I shall call James had been going through some bad times of late. He had been suffering from partial paralysis from an injury he had sustained years ago in a diving accident. His business was failing, his bank account was dwindling and since he had lost his lease with the apartment he lived in, he had to live with a friend until he could get back on his feet. As sometimes happens in all of us, James lost hope and felt that there was no way out and so, committed suicide. I was told about this the next day by a mutual friend of ours. A bunch of us got together later to remember him and grieve.

Two nights later, while at a payphone at the corner of S. Lamar and Barton Skyway (a well lit street corner) talking to a lady friend, I caught a glimpse of something moving out of the corner of my right eye. I looked to my right across the street and saw James! He was walking without any sign of paralysis at all! He looked completely solid. As he walked he looked at me, smiled, nodded, and then disappeared! Oddly enough, I was not frightened by the experience, but I sure was surprised. I went and told another mutual friend of ours of my encounter. Two days later, James was taken to Dallas and laid to rest there. As far as I know, his ghost has not been seen since.

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JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-21)
Ghoster 1956--My sympathies to you and your pals for losing your friend. Though time does mellow some of the sharpness and all, it was certainly a special assurance to you to see the guy, disability-free, and making a special point to turn his head when you turned yours, so he could show you an answer to what you were wondering about. Thanks for giving us your experience.
AmyGunn (1 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-21)
Wow, what an interesting story. I think maybe your friend was just trying to tell you that he is ok now and say goodbye.

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