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They Are Still Looking Out For Me


I thought this was a particularly interesting and amusing experience as it took place this morning at my office. I should say that I've had a few problems at work recently due to my having a minor stroke which I believe was brought on by overwork and I thought my line management did not take it seriously enough. They also complained about what they considered at the time to be my 'negative' behaviours. Things have changed though and my line management and I have had something of reconciliation. Today was the day I had a routine 3 monthly assessment. I must say I was dreading it as on the previous occasion we had had an argument about behavioral and other issues and the whole thing ended acrimoniously.

We decided to find a meeting room. Our meeting rooms have automatic sensors which means lights come on automatically whenever anyone enters a room and they stay on until people leave the meeting room. Thankfully, all went well. Well into the meeting my manager broached the hitherto thorny issue of my 'behaviours'. Before he had a chance to say any more than a couple of words the lights went off in the meeting room. My manager exclaimed "why have they gone off?" and looked frightened, and then half jokingly said "I'm not going to have a stabler or thunderbolt come my way am I?" I just laughed and said "thanks Mam and Dad, don't worry, he's alright". I must say I thought it was just a technical issue, but the lights seemed to be on in the other meeting rooms in use I could see from where we were sitting. A few minutes later the lights came back on again in our room.

My parents both died within 18 months of each other, my mother on 3 June 2004, my father on 12 November 2005, both from cancer. I have had several experiences after their deaths, Mam always promised she would come back if there was life after death and she was as good as her word. As for Dad, when I visit my old home in North Yorkshire I can often smell a whiff of cigarette smoke when walking down the road near this home. I search for anyone smoking (it is characterized by open woodland so it wouldn't be easy for someone to hide, though it's not a completely deserted area, there's a village nearby) but have never found anyone.

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