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My Three Paranomral Experiences


My name is Ryan. I am 13 years old. I live in the United States of America. I don't know if what I think I'm experiencing is paranormal or not, but I truly believe it is and/or could be my deceased cat and/or grandfather.

Background Info. My mom, brother, sister, and I also believe that our grandpa (our mom's dad), who died a few years ago, has been watching over us. My cat died three and half months ago in July. He was old and SUPER skinny, so skinny that you could see and especially feel his bones because of being skinny. He was usually always in the basement, outside, on the run from my two dogs, or in my parent's bed. My family and I also believe that my dad has witnessed at least one thing paranormal. We believe that his grandma, who died EXACTLY 3 months before, visited him to say goodbye to him for the last time. My dad said that he was in his room, looking out his window at the street, when he claimed that a random coldness went through him sort of slowly and then went out. He said it started from his toes and out his head. I told you this because SOME of it is important to know.

Ok. Here's what I'm experiencing.

I don't really remember when it happened exactly, this first one. It happened only once a few months ago. I had woken up about 5 minutes before it happened. I was sitting awake in my bed thinking about if I should stay in bed or not. I decided that I should get up and go downstairs because everyone else was awake. I got up from my bed and was just about to open my door when all of a sudden, I heard this one loud BANG! Come from right above where I lay my head where I sleep across the room. No one was in my room, my brother's room next to mine, which was one the complete opposite side of the room from where I heard the BANG. Of course, I freaked out and opened up my door and ran to tell my parents. I quickly found my mom and told her. She said that it might have been my dad who claimed was going through the closet on the opposite wall of my closet. Well, I know for a fact that when I came out of my room at TOP SPEED, I did not see my dad at the closet. Instead, as my mom was saying that he was at the closet, he walks out of my sister's room down the hallway from the opposite end with the laundry basket in his hand. He too claims that he was there, but admits that he wasn't there at that exact moment like I had said before, that no one was there when I came out of my room at TOP SPEED! I believe that my dead grandpa made the BANG in my room telling me to get up.

My second experience: The second thing I think is paranormal is in my basement. Whenever my brother and I go downstairs, we both always think, feel, and know that someone of something is there. We ALWAYS turn and look at the bathroom down at the far left side of our basement. It is really creepy and very strange. The only other place that I have felt this is upstairs in the hallway where I talked to my mom and dad about the loud BANG. I have only begun experiencing the feeling of being watched in the hallway stairs. The basement's feeling of being watched has been going on for longer than when I heard the loud BANG in my room. I Think that this feeling of being watched is my dead cat because he was usually always downstairs and I have been usually, recently been only looking down instead of straight like my brother and I usually would do. We are looking down because we would usually be looking farther. I guess now he's finally gotten used to us.

My third experience: The third thing that I think is paranormal is when I was doing homework towards my "bed time" about a month ago. I was at my mom's computer typing up some stuff for my book report when, I swear on the Holy Bible, I saw out of the side of my right eye, looked like a man in a tan, suit-like, clothing and was white in skin. I was like, "What the heck is that!", and then I looked over to see who or what it was, and nothing was there.

That's all that I THINK that I have seen, felt, or heard that is paranormal on a first-hand account experience.

What do you think?

Is this true or not?

Is this paranormal stuff or not?

Please respond with reasonable, truthful answers.

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bluerosesmeansdreams (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-17)
Well for the first one, I doubt it's your grandpa. If a family member is deceased it's uncommen for them to come back, if they already have crossed over. Though sometimes they do come back if a close realations is in need of guidence, and if he hadn't crossed over there would have been more things occuring before hand since it's years ago he died.

For # 2 it's normal to feel uneasy about places for be it what ever reason. Everybody can get spooked, and it doesn't sound like a lot of activity around your basement.

And the for the last one. The man you saw could maybe have been your imaginesion, if you were thinking about a person looking a bit like that, maybe a person from the book you were writing a report on. If he hadn't appeared ever since I wouldn't give it too much thought.

Now as for your cat I'd like to tell you that even though I don't rule out the possibility that your cat is still lingering in your house. Animals usually bear no grudge or other reason to want to stay on earth. Theres a tale that says that when a pet dies, it gets cured of any ilness/injury, and plays with other animals by the Rainbow bridge and ones the owner dies, he or her needs to pass this bridge and therefor meeting up with the lost pet.

I'm not saying that the things you've experienced are not paranormal, there are a lot of things between heaven and earth... 😉
jazzeyjay (3 stories) (215 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-05)
Some of it could be and the other may not be. Down in your basement, there may just be some high electro magnetic energy down there that needs to be addressed. The house needs to be checked out first before it's said to be haunted. How old is the house? Could there possibly be some pipes in the walls or anything else that would make that loud banging noise. Why would you think it would be one of your deceased loved ones banging and frightening you all? Usually when loved ones come back and visit, their visits are more of a loving, comforting feeling. They usually leave you with a feeling of love, warmth, comfort & wanting more visits from them.

God bless you in your search for the truth.

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