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Angry Spirits Won't Go Away


G'day I am an eighteen year old male and I live on the gold coast, Australia. This is something that happened only recently in my current house. My parents and sister were out on the sofa playing Uno while I was watching TV in my room when I herd a massive thud on my bedroom window, now at the time my curtains were shut and it took a little courage to get up and move them to see what was outside. Being a little freaked out I ended up sleeping on the couch where it was a little less spooky at the time. I told my parents but they swore they didn't hear a thing.

Two nights later, from memory it was a Friday around 530, my parents where out at a BBQ and my sister was at her friends place across the road for a sleepover while I was up listening to music and working on assignments when suddenly I turned my head to the side door which was only about three meters away from where I was sitting to see a tall dark faded like man mellow across the porch but before I could get a better look it was already gone. Three hours later that same night around 930ish I was having a read of a Simpsons comic in bed when in an instant my sock draw flew open onto the floor and made a mess of itself then two really fast knocks on my closest which really freaked me out at the time because I thought someone might of been in their ready to attack me so I ran out of my room into the kitchen, grabbed a knife from the drawer and slowly crept back into my bedroom and opened my closet door to find three of my shirts dangling like someone had just knocked them. That night I slept on the couch again getting no sleep. Nothing further happened that night though I was just really stressed and scared.

That morning I awoke to find a broken guitar string on my guitar, my pants draw half way opened and for some strange reason both my door knobs had been twisted of and were laid out nicely on the floor next to each other. I told mum and dad about my situation and they thought I was turning weird.

The next couple weeks before I would fall asleep I would hear my name being whispered like it was rotating around my head and it would get faster and faster then slowly fade away after a few minutes of confusion then I'd hear my guitar being strung and more knocks on the window except this time they would be more violent, but for some reason the bangs on the closet stopped.

I had a mate stay over a few months after the knocks stopped, we set up a blow up mattress on the floor for him and were just planning before we went to sleep about what we were doing to do the following day when all of a sudden the guitar starting stringing itself and my stuffed animals on top of my wardrobe all collapsed of and onto the floor, then knocks on the door and half the carpet blew up, which was extremely frightening considering their was no fan on or breeze in the house. Me and my mate ended up getting picked up by his mum late that night as we were both extremely scared. I told mum the next day and it seemed like she was slowly starting to believe me, she slept in my room that night and I slept on the couch, she awoke to say she found nothing out of the ordinary, so I got up that night around 730 to find an aggressive pull on my right toe, I jumped out of bed scared out of my brains then my guitar was being plucked again and this time my underwear draw flew open, landing perfectly not making a mess.

These things are still happening to me on and off and only seem to be getting worse.

I want to no why these spirits I'm dealing with are being so aggressive and why won't they go away,

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wendydash2 (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-25)
wow! What's with these people or things and pulling the toes on the right foot..., tell me something, was your toe kind of throbbing just enough to know that someone had relly yanked on it good? And were you freeked out? I know I was...
cutechoy (42 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-13)
try to be brave like telling it to someone who knows to talk to paranormals.

Just advice.
By:choychoy (my nickname) ❤ ❤ ❤
cake (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-12)
In islam we believe in these things and believe that the Quran and good belief Allah swt is the absolute protection from all the Jinns and Devils
Dimber (1 stories) (50 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-12)
Have your friends and you been messing or trying to conjurer up spirit. I do advise not to meddle with a forces that you can't handle. In your case, whatever is messing with you are like EyesWideOpen said, "They are feed off your fears... And etc." Try going to sleep over a friend our see if that thing follows you. Me personally, I don't mess with Ouija boards or anything type of spirit conjurering but I do have a 6th sense type of a thing, but not going to go there. What I do keep these spirit away is I keep my spirit up. Exercise and go out and have some fun with friends. It keeps your mind not so focus on just what is happening in the house. So go out and live a bit. Have fun bro. But do not meddle with any super natural forces of any kind. Do seek professional help if it doesn't go away. Stay safe and god bless you.
EyesWideOpen (63 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-12)
I believe these beings feed off of our strong emotions, fear, hate, lust, etc.

I'd advise you to discuss this matter with a minister or priest. If you've been playing with a Ouija board at home or at a friend's house, stop. That will only make matters worse. If you have a Bible or can borrow one, look up the Lord's Prayer..., it is a very popular prayer, and usually gets good results.

If you manage to get the spirit out of your house, be aware that it might leave angry and come back with reinforcements. Something you should be ready for. While it is gone you should spend sometime reading your Bible. New Testament is a good place to start.

I'm not trying to scare you, but I've read accounts where people have been pushed down stairs only to break an arm, and other similar incidents. I can't recall clearly where anyone has been simply killed..., I don't think God would allow that unless one has simply given their life over to the devil.

Oh, I'm not delusional. I just read a lot about other people's stories. I don't use a Ouija, Tarot, Pendulum or any other form of divination. In spite of all that, I've had a few experiences that would scare just about anyone.
seregirl (guest)
13 years ago (2009-11-12)
Holy cow that's a very strong poltergeist/entity. I'd suggest to have your house cleansed and to firmly demand that it leave your house. Perhaps research the history of your house (like previous owners, anyone died), or the history of the property, which may help to provide some answers. Has anything been done to the house or property to reconstruct it? If so, those actions could have disturbed the entity. Or... Has anything else been done to invite it in? Whatever the case, you should still demand that it leave.

Good luck to you and be safe! Keep us posted if anything changes.

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