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Hiding Under The Covers


An event occurred last year that I am still contemplating. I have always experienced some degree of paranormal activity (hearing voices, living in a haunted home, being touched by phantoms...), but this one was very different and almost surreal.

It happened as I awoke one morning. Despite my suspicions, I was not under any form of sleep paralysis and was well-awake. I was lying on my side and the covers were pulled over my head (for some reason I never feel secure enough to sleep with the covers down). I could hear footsteps approaching my bedside and I saw a silhouette through the covers as though a figure were approaching me.

The next sensation was that of someone pulling the covers down from my crown. As you could imagine, I was enthralled with a feeling of anxiety, despite that I could not see the figure the way the covers were shifted. I remember lying still in bed for well over two hours, I was too afraid to see who (or what) this phantom could have been. Though, I did not feel any negative vibes from this being.

When I did manage to collect my feelings, I rolled onto my back and saw no one in the room with me. My door was locked.

Is this the onset of schizophrenia, or something more...?

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aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-13)
Hello Jasumi, It does seem like you have convinced yourself your house is haunted and maybe you are experiencing something paranormal, But I am concerned about you asking
Could it be the onset of schizophrenia, Has someone else mentioned this? I don't think these experiences confirm that you are, But I just wonder if there's a little more to the story. I feel sorry for you cause you do seem
Like your frighten, Have you discussed this with family members? Your welcome to discuss it with me at my email address if you like.
God bless you
Take care

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