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Someone Under The Covers With Me


We live in Texas City and it's the site of a massive industrial accident that happened in 1947 that killed at least 576 people. The whole town was damaged and one ship's anchor was blown 1.5 miles and the other landed at the base of the Texas City Dike. That's about 4 blocks from my house. Many people were killed in offices, schools, neighborhoods in the entire town. Because of this, we've experienced what I think of as people passing through. My theory is that my house which is one of the few old ones remaining is familiar to them. They never seem to mean any harm. There was also the earliest Air Force base in the nation here and my house was right on the boundary line of where the base housing was. That might explain all of the energy that seems to still come through from time to time.

I fell off a ladder 12 years ago and fractured my pelvis and two vertebrae. When it really hurts, it helps to grab a comforter and sleep on the living room floor. It puts everything back into alignment, if that makes sense.

One night last winter I had slept on the floor but woke up right as our antique mantel clock was chiming 4am. I was lying on my side facing the TV and the bedrooms and hallway were to my back. I heard footsteps and assumed that my husband woke up and came to check on me. I was sleepy and felt him lift the comforter behind me and climb underneath the covers and spoon me. Well, I thought he was being sweet and slightly romantic to keep me company. I Love Lucy was on and I can tell you the episode - it was the one where Lucy meets Bill Holden. I'm quite sure that I was awake! I was looking at the clock the whole time.

After a few minutes of spooning I started thinking gosh, his arm is so heavy! And I'm so hot! He was really throwing off some heat even though the room was cold. A gradual dawning happened that I could hear snoring coming from the bedroom. My husband's distinctive snore and whistle. Who had their arm around me? I was too terrified to look.

The arm around me was getting heavier and heavier and I was panicking. In my mind, I decided to count to three and then jump and run for the bedroom. I counted it down and threw the comforter back and ran. I shook my husband awake and made him go and check the living room with me. There was no one there, But the comforter was rumpled as if someone had lain there and the pillows showed indents from myself and whoever (or whatever else) had been there.

I still sleep in the living room once in a while. But I always sleep very close to the coffee table, where no one could possibly lie down behind me. Before I go to sleep I say a little prayer that no one visits and I ask out loud "Please, I just want to sleep. Don't get too close or touch me". So far, so good. I know they mean no harm but we already hear a group of people at 3am and a ghost dog bumps our bed pretty frequently. I love my house. I just don't want to be scared to death in it.

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mayukiasano (2 stories) (17 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-24)
Wow. I imagine it and it must be really spooky. I would have been unable to move if I were you. 😨 Thank goodness that you're able to jump and run away from it.
EmmalineTexas (10 stories) (163 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-09)
Wish Not - Thank you for reading and commenting on my story. I'm new to this forum and I love the stories that you've posted. I did read "Exit Wounds" and ouch that sounds so very painful. I couldn't get the photos to work but a burn that big had to hurt like heck. I did see where people were suggesting using salt before moving your possessions into a new house. I think that it's a great idea.
Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-09)
Emmaline- Another great interaction. These certainly are not residual accounts. I find it quite interesting that "it" was able to give off the heat that it did. Well, to a certain degree. I had one burn me pretty bad (Exit Wounds).

Great stories. Looking forward to more 😊
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-08)
Living next to an old mass grave, we get a ghostie or two now and then - including one who did just what you described to me. I could hear my husband brushing his teeth when this entity curled up behind me in bed. He too was wonderfully warm. I wasn't afraid, though... It was as if I couldn't be afraid if that makes sense. After a few minutes... I started to see the shape of him in my mind's eye - that's when I 'saw' him prop himself up on his elbow, lean over and kiss my cheek. I could feel the kiss. Then he laid back down as he had been and held me until I fell asleep.

I don't think that what either of us experienced was a negative entity and I didn't feel at all drained. He seemed to be wanting to give comfort or wanting to make a connection with someone if only for a few moments.
EmmalineTexas (10 stories) (163 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-07)
Manafon1 - I think that I noticed the heat over probably 7-8 minutes, I was watching the clock and kept getting hotter and hotter. It was really in my mind to say like ugh, move over. I should have noticed sooner but hubby's a cuddler and I'm not. Until I realized that my husband was in the bedroom. Really good observation that it might have been drawing energy from me. I didn't notice being drained. Believe me, the adrenaline was kicking pretty hard by the time I ran. I didn't sleep for about 2 days after that. Thanks for the really good points!
Manafon1 (6 stories) (712 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-07)
EmmalineTexas - Thanks for the added info. Really interesting that the spirit both verbally responded to your greeting and that you could sense breath on the back of your neck. Something else just struck me about your account - namely the heat the body was emanating. I wonder if the entity was "feeding" off of your warmth and energy and had became warm enough itself that you began to feel it. Did you notice the heat soon after the presence joined you or did it take a bit longer?

In my similar incident I didn't notice any heat the body was giving off, only that it felt undeniably like a human body and that I had to reach over it to turn on my light. That you were awake and aware at the onset makes your account of particular interest. As apparitions strive to appear as human as possible in many cases, it makes sense that that would extend to the feeling of solidity and even breath under circumstances such as you described.

One last question. Did you feel physically drained after the encounter? Such interactions do have a side effect of sapping ones energy. The heat you felt could have been you actually feeling your own energy being drained. Fascinating stuff it is!
EmmalineTexas (10 stories) (163 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-07)
Hi Manafon1, I will definitely read your article "The Open Door of a Ouija Board". Thank you! I'm glad that someone else can relate to my experience. In answer to your questions; I think that when I felt someone lie down behind me I said something like "Hi, babe" "Hi, honey" and didn't get an answer. That's normal, he sleeps pretty hard and the most I get in response is usually an uh-huh. It was an uh-huh or hmm response. I could hear and feel breath on my neck. They were so close to me and moved over because I felt a little crowded or smothered. One more detail that I forgot to add is when I threw the comforter back, the weight instantly vanished. I didn't look because all I could think of was getting the heck out of there fast. Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it.
Manafon1 (6 stories) (712 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-07)
Hi EmmalineTexas - I enjoyed reading your account of an unknown presence cuddling up with you. The bits of history surrounding Texas City that you provided were informative and I believe you are probably correct that a few spirits of those who have passed away in the town, especially under tragic and unexpected circumstances, might pass through and visit locations that date from their lifetimes.

Your account reminded me very much of a similar experience I had many years ago when I was regularly messing around with a Ouija board. I didn't hear and then feel someone spooning me but I did wake up in my darkened bedroom with what felt like a solid body pressed right up against mine. If you're interested my account is on this site under the title "The Open Door Of A Ouija Board".

I firmly believe that telling any spirits that might be about to respect your boundaries does work. I did have one question - when the presence you thought was your husband curled up next to you were there any words exchanged? It would seem a brief exchange of words would be natural if it was your husband. If not words, did the presence make any sound that a person would make snuggling up? The sound of breathing for instance? As you were awake for several minutes with this presence literally right up against you it would be interesting to know what you might have heard.

Thanks for sharing your account.

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