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Ghost Wakes Us Up And Lie Next To Us


I am submitting this story just to gather as many opinions and suggestions as possible, especially from people who had the same experience or professionals in this field who have solutions.

This happened to me once about 2 years ago and to my wife twice (once last year and once just the other day).

I was sleeping in our bedroom upstairs (the only room upstairs, the rest 3 bedrooms are downstairs) one morning after coming back from driving my wife to work. It was about 9-10AM, I was suddenly awakened by a sound and force of what I thought was a pillow thrown right behind me on the bed (I'm a side sleeper and so is my wife). I opened my eyes and did not look behind me because I saw right away that the bedroom door was still closed and locked, so I was sure that I was alone.

While lying still, wondering what it could be, but not really worried, until all of a sudden I felt a real heavy body climb up the bed and lie behind me. I felt the Tempurpedic mattress sag behind me, and on Tempurpedic mattress you won't normally feel the motion next to MR. I tried to move but I was frozen, I waited for what might happen next. I rolled my eyes around to make sure I was awake, but since I was on my side, I couldn't see who or what is behind me. Finally after about a minute or two, I was able to move my feet. I got up and looked behind me; there was NOT even a pillow behind me. I thought maybe it was just a pillow that fell behind me but there was nothing. I don't believe in paranormal but I couldn't explain it. I made myself believe that it was just a pillow and did not mention anything to my wife or anybody else.

A few months later, my wife and I had a little argument and I chose to sleep on the couch for a couple of nights while she slept in the bedroom. After a couple of days, she mentioned exactly the same experience. I still kept quiet about my own experience and tried to convince her that she was just dreaming, while thinking to myself that something weird is REALLY happening here. I tried to explain it in a rational way and she believed me that there was nothing to worry about... Until it happened again 2 days ago.

My wife lost her job last year and she's been staying home alone after our 2 kids go to school during the day. I do field work and sometimes I get to stay at home for paperwork & keep my wife company. But this past couple of months I've been everywhere but home. Two days ago as I was leaving, my wife mentioned that she was very tired. (She stays up late every night on Face book, Café World and Farmville then wakes up early in the morning to get the kids ready.)

We've moved our bed to a bedroom downstairs next to our kid's bedroom last year to save on heat and electricity then we shut the heat upstairs. I left my wife lying on the bed that morning. Early afternoon she called me and asked what time I'm coming home. I sensed something strange in her voice but she didn't mention anything and just insisted I try to come home as soon as I can.

I came home later that evening and she immediately took me to my office room next to the living room. She told me the same story in her shaken voice, but this time it was more aggressive movement. After she felt like someone climb up the bed beginning from the feet and lie behind her, it was pushing down on the bed really fast. In intense fear she could not turn around but she was able to make a kicking motion. The pushing on the mattress stops when she kicks then it starts up again, then she will kick again and it will stop again. She mentioned that it felt like someone was having sex next to her. She finally got the courage to get up and found nothing behind her. She opened all the widow blinds and the door and stayed in my office until the kids came home. We didn't mention anything to kids because we don't want to scare them in their own house. I finally admit my own experience two years ago and re-assured her that she wasn't going crazy.

I read some other recommendations in some of the stories here. We had our whole house and backyard blessed by a priest when we moved in here 6 years ago. We are seriously considering consulting our local priest. Does anyone have other suggestions or explanations? Should I consult a Paranormal Service? What can those services do to help us? Please feel free to suggest. Thank you.

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vintageglam (1 stories) (19 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-19)
Oh my. I'm getting the creeps. What a scary story! I'm definitely adding this to favorites. Has anything else since then? 😲
mikeyms (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-10)

I searched this in Google because I had an identical experience to yourself. I'll share with you what happened

I was skiing in Austria and was sharing a room with a friend of mine. I had my back facing towards his bed, and was unable to sleep. I heard a voice from behind me, and thought he was talking in his sleep. I went to roll over (to laugh at him actually), but was frozen. Then I felt the mattress depress behind me, as if someone was getting behind me. I was still frozen solid. But a little further from your experience, a man whispered into my ear. I do not know what he said as I could not understand, but at the time I described it as if a recording of someone talking was being fast forwarded. I also realise it could have been a different language. It seemed like forever that was happening and I certainly felt I was panicking in my paralyzed state. However, the whispering stopped, the sensation of somebody behind me disappeared, and I regained feeling to my body in the same way as you, first in my legs then the rest of my body, followed by pins and needles. I realized at that point I actually felt very calm, my breathing was steady. Only after a few more seconds of realisation did my heart rate and breathing increase. I lay there, still not wanting to move, until I plucked up the courage to turn the light on and wake up my friend.

I emailed the hotel 1 year later, and they emailed back wanting to know more about my experience, claiming there had been a number of sightings in the hotel but no experience like mine.

I've always doubted the experience somewhat with time. I guess that's what time does. But reading your post, and the similarities between our experiences makes me feel better.

I saw a ghost when I was younger and froze in the same way. Thats the thing I am most curious about, the paralysis. Must be a scientific theory there (energy manipulation etc).
EmeraldAngel (4 stories) (319 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-30)
I don't know what to say except I wish you great blessings~Katherine~ ❤
scrapmetalkitten (306 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-20)
Try to have your house blessed and hopefully that will help. I remember my husband and I were sleeping on an air mattress at his parent's house and something was trying to crawl on the bed in between us, but he just laughed at it and it left. There was no way it could have been a person. I can understand where you are coming from with your story.

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