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Black Figure And Footsteps


I was away on holidays with my boyfriend, Sean, and his family for three weeks. We spent one week at a place called Crescent Head, another week at the Gold coast, and the last week at Noosa.

This event occurred the second night we were away, at Crescent head.

I will explain what the house we stayed in is like. When you walked in the front door, there was a door to the garage, and then everything else was upstairs. When you got to the top of the stairs, on your left was the lounge/dining room which had 2 couches, one was against the far wall facing the TV, and the other was in front of the kitchen, and the kitchen was behind that, and it was an open kitchen so if you were in the kitchen, you could see into the lounge room, and vice versa.

To the right is a hallway, and the bedroom that I was staying in was the first door on the right. Then everyone's bedrooms followed down the hall.

My bedroom had 2 single beds, one that I slept on, and the other that I put my suitcase on. There was also a door that led out onto the balcony that all the bedrooms opened onto.

Anyway, it was late, around 10 pm, and I had hopped into the single bed that was next to the door that opened onto the balcony. I wasn't tired at all, so I played some Sudoku on my Sean's Nintendo DS.

I had been playing for maybe 5 minutes, when I felt the need to look towards the door, which by the way was shut.

That was when I saw a black figure standing there. It was a male, because it had short hair, but I couldn't see any facial features, just the outline.

I was scared because I haven't seen anything like this before, but the actual entity or whatever it was, didn't scare me.

I shut my eyes and opened them to see if it would go away, and it didn't, so I went on playing the DS until I fell asleep.

The next day I told Sean what happened, and he believed me because he knows that I do see some strange things from time to time.

That night we were sitting on the couch that was in front of the kitchen. We were just talking, everyone else was in bed, when we heard footsteps in the kitchen, and the floor was creaking. We both immediately turned to each other, and he then said "Don't worry, its just the house creaking" but as soon as he said that, we heard distinct footsteps shuffling round the kitchen, so we got up and ran into my bedroom where he stayed with me until I could fall asleep.

We didn't experience anything else in that house, or at all while we were away, but it did scare us both!

What do you guys think about this?

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a1222222 (1 stories) (12 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-30)
Courtney thanks for your comment. To answer your comment, I did some research on how to play the quija boards before I played at the Roosevelt that night. I knew to play with well lit lights and to ask questions in a polite tone and to not play alone. Although when I asked in a polite tone with well lit lights it didn't work. Only when I turned the lights very dim and asked loud and aggresive questions did I recieve the answers. That happened to me 8 years ago when I was 22. I'm 30 now and have no interest to play since then and have not.
Thanks and be safe. 😆
courtneyOMGG (12 stories) (179 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-20)
Sorry guys, let me clear it up, I saw the shadow on the doorway that opened up to the rest of the house, not to the balcony, so it wasn't my boyfriend.
And Wardo - He has really strict parents when it comes to sleeping in the same room and stuff, so yeah I had no choice.

The fact that it didn't go away when I shut my eyes and opened them again, makes me believe I wasn't just seeing things, but thanks for your imput guys:)
Wardo (8 stories) (171 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-19)
Not to pry, but why did you have to sleep alone? Are you at the age where parents won't let you lie with a boyfriend or vice versa (since you were with his family). I don't know why that is of significance to me, but just wondering. Anyway, I'm sure you did see a shadow person in that house. Is it a family owned house or a rental? Also, did anyone else report anything strange there? It was probably just a ghost that haunts that property.
alexia101 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-15)
well you said that there was a guy with you maybe it was your eyes playing tricks with you I'm saying I don't believe you it just do you have an thing 2 prove it be it still a good story. 😊
hearthorn (1 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-15)
well, if I was you, I would have rather checked out my kitchen to see if there is anything unusual. As far as the shadow is concerned, well you were out with your family. And all the bedroom's door opened to the same balcony. Maybe someone was hanging around then.

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