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About two years ago my mom and I moved into cute little split level duplex. When we first looked at the house, I didn't feel a presence, but I didn't venture into the room that my mom was going to have, either. The day mom signed the papers; I was like "Yaaaaaaaaay! Finally a house without any annoying ghosts!" But I was terribly wrong...

We moved in like a week before my sixteenth birthday in April.

We had been there for about a week. I was lying on the couch after school watching some stupid television show. My dog, Sarge was lying by the front door when he jumped up and ran across the living room floor. I looked up to see the front door had opened. "Wonderful!" I thought. I thought I had locked that door after I had gone into the house (it was a habit), and that door was not easy to open, it was big and heavy and it dragged on the carpet. So I thought positively and convinced myself that the wind blew it open. (Yeah right.)

A couple of weeks after the "wind" blew the door open I was walking up the stairs to my room. Now when you get to the top of the stairs, mom's room is to the right, turn left continuing down the hall was the bathroom on the right, then my room at the very end just giving you a visual. I had just topped the stairs when I had this random thought of a woman popped up into my head. She was very very pale skinned, black curly, poufy, long hair and she was wearing like a flowered gown of some type and she did not look happy. After she got out of my head I had the urge to look into my mom's room, I didn't see anything, but I felt a very strong presence of the woman who showed herself to me in my head. I was kind of excited for living in a house without any ghosts, but that got shot down.

I lived there for about two years and in that period of time she had picked on me a lot. Not in a bad way, just trying to get me to notice her. I have a thing with half opened things, like doors, cabinets, draws. They either need to be open or closed. Nothing in between, it bothers me. When I'd get home from school, Id go in the kitchen and close all the listed above, because my mom was bad at leaving then half open. And not fifteen minutes later I would go get a drink of water and they would be half open again, even the pantry door. Id shut them without complaining and it would happen again. This time I grumbled and shut them, when I turned to walk out, she had opened another. This time I shouted "Quit it!" then I giggled because she was just messing with me. (My Nemo used to mess with me like that too, but she would hide my things, that would get me real irritated.)

I was lying in my bed one night trying to sleep, and she would open my closet door. I swear she loved making me mad! I'd get up and close it to find it open in the morning.

Part two will be coming soon.

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honey91 (15 stories) (80 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-19)
Part two will be coming soon and so will part three. Those will answer your concerns, hopefully.

❤ 's
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-18)
If you're this comfortable with her around, why don't you try to make contact and find out why she's there? It seems like you're taking it awfully lightly. She's probably doing these things to upset you because she feels you aren't taking her seriously.

Also, if you're this comfortable with her presence, you should ask her for a little evidence of her presence that you can pass on to those who study this kind of thing. EVP, pictures, etc.

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