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I appologize for the length of this story, I've been putting off writing this for about a year now, and I think it's time I finally get some input from y'all on what's been going on. I have posted another story concerning our home when we had first moved in.

My family, my fiance, our four year old son, and myself have been living in our rented duplex for two and a half years. Our neighbors are a quiet, married couple and we have become pretty good friends with them. They cannot hear us through the walls/windows and we cannot hear them. The only time we can hear each other is if we are outside the front doors or on the stairwell.

Here is a description: The house part of the duplex is set above a huge cement garage which is split in two by a steep stairwell, giving each occupant's side a big, open garage (no garage doors). When you walk up the stairs you can either turn left (neighbor's door) or right (my door). The only wall connected to the neighboring side is the bathroom.

I'll rehash what was in my previous story:

-When I first moved in, I tried meditating and felt what I thought was my son sit down next to me. Nobody was there, it was quite a shock, I have not meditated since that experience.

-The bathroom fan has a tendency to turn on in the middle of the night, when I'm the only one awake. It's done this four times since moving in; twice it's shut off with my asking. More than likely, there is a logical explanation to this (I haven't found it yet), but it gives me the heebie-jeebies every time. I have also tried Rook's cleansing method...although, I may not have done it to the fullest of my ability. My house (I feel) is too much of a disorganized mess for it to work properly.

Recent Experiences:

-Most often while downstairs smoking in the garage, my fiance and I will hear what sounds like our son running around upstairs, only the lil dude is not at home. This also happens when I'm the only one home- I hear what sounds like somebody walking/running around upstairs. Residual energy, maybe? My son is very hyper.

**These are things our kiddo has experienced, and I believe these to be part of the reason he hates sleeping in his room (because I have tried EVERYTHING).**

#1. The shadow man. Out of the blue one morning, he tells me about a shadow of a man that he saw-very specific, I did not imply any of his answers- walk down the hall towards the bathroom and "poof, he disappeared" ( turn on my fan, perhaps?!...) He said he did not feel scared because he could "beat him up". He has seen it more than once in other parts of the house as well. Each time, he will tell me.

#2. The other night, all lights were off and he had gone out of my room towards the living room for his stuffed animal; he came back without it, was very concerned and asked me who was wearing dad's hat and sitting on the couch, would I go see? I did not go check, I wish I did, but I just snuggled him up with me and we fell asleep. I looked in the morning and there was absolutely nothing that would appear as such a shadow near the couch. I couldn't even find a hat.

#3. The circle in my closet. (It reminds him of a head) He woke up one night, while sleeping in our bed, and saw a circle floating in there. Nothing is there to give off that image.

#4. Glowing red lights (two of them right next to each other) in my closet. Nothing in there that glows red, or glows at ALL.

#5. Disembodied voices. He's heard me call him a few times. He comes out of his room CONVINCED I called his name. I tell him have not said a thing while he insists I have. He's said "who said that?!" More times than I can count and will check the house for a culprit. Once, we walked through the door, him ahead of me, and he said "hello!", convinced someone had welcomed him home. I heard nothing but was thoroughly weirded out by his behavior and checked for an intruder with my front door wide open (him waiting outside); he ran around afterward, double-checking my search for this mystery person with no luck.

The boy loves himself some Scooby Doo, it's his favorite, lol, but Scooby Doo isn't the cause of any of this, nor is his imagination. If anything, good ol' Scoob has taught my son NOT to be afraid and to try and de-bunk these issues. I believe my son wholeheartedly because his accounts have never wavered; they're always exactly the same when he tells it, even up to a year afterwards. I don't really know what to make of it. He says he was most certainly not dreaming.

I think this most recent experience justifies what he has been telling us.

- Five days ago: My fiance was up for work around 6am and while going to the bathroom, he happened to catch a glimpse of a shadow man, about 6ft, coming out of our water heater closet and heading into the living room. He didn't tell me until later that evening. Meanwhile, that same day, my neighbor and I both heard knocking on the front doors. I heard footsteps come up the stairs and I heard the knocking. Definitely not my door, it would be loud and noticeable, so I thought it was hers. It wasn't, she thought it was mine and so nobody answered... Yet we BOTH heard it. She texted me after, asking if it was for me. A very confusing moment, so who knows. I never heard footsteps head back down though and I was listening for them.

-I do plan to try and recreate this last shadow-man experience, but until then I will add this to the account: Around two weeks ago my fiance was gone over night and it was just the boy and I home alone. I woke up numerous times that night and each time I woke up, I saw the shadow of a man's head and shoulders on my ceiling overlooking my side of the bed. It never moved and I wasn't "scared", just slightly confused in my sleepy state. I'm still not entirely sure if it was a shadow of something on my night stand or not, but it was a perfect head and shoulders of a man.

And lastly, I know this site is not for dreams, but I have a very, very strange re-occuring "dreamland". It is so vivid I could draw a map. When I dream there, they are not regular dreams, there is a very drastic difference. The aura when I "go there" is wrong and disturbing, even though nothing disturbing may be happening. When I dream in this "dreamland", I literally get stuck there, almost in a coma-like state. I am thrown into what feels like a state of sleep paralysis upon trying to awaken and I end up feeling/being forced back to sleep into the dreamland; this can happen up to five times before I'm able to break out. I have slept up to 13 hours because of this. It's frightening, to be honest. These dreams in this "dreamland" drain me physically and emotionally, I am tired all day afterward. I have gone to the doctor about this and they tell me they have never heard of such a thing and have been unable to offer any advice, besides sleeping pills (wtf) and a blood pressure medication used for night terrors. These dreams have lessened, thankfully, in the past couple of months. I am not under any unusual stress and have never been abused/traumatized in any way.

I am not scared of my home or of any of these occurrences, besides my dream problem, but if anyone has any insight or advice on any of these matters, please let me know.

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Aggers (2 stories) (30 posts)
9 years ago (2014-10-23)
I agree with rook. I think it must be astral projection... But the wrong dimension! I think you must be entering in to the dream realm, where literally anything could hurt you. If you want to safely astral, then you'd have to go to the dead realm in the solar plexus.
MandyyNicole (7 stories) (183 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-21)
I have written up another story as I have a new occurance... And while writing THIS story, I completely forgot about a video I captured of a possible orb. I submitted the newest story in case this one is too far in the past to peak anyone's interest, I worry no one will backtrack to read the comments here, allthough I hope some do!

Thank you all so much for your comments, I really appreciate your input.
I'm so sorry for my late response! I have been so busy, and each time I find a moment to form a response, my dang phone dies on me!

Rook, thanks especially for your view on my dreams. I have been of the same opinion for quite some time now. I've tried researching a little about it but I became discouraged after finding some...untruths...about an author whose book I read on the subject. However, if you have any advice/thoughts/info on astral projection or on preparing myself for these 'dreams', I am all ears!

I have also tried speaking aloud, claiming my territory etc. But I don't think it works... I also haven't mentioned, but I get actual sleep paralyisis from time to time... My two most recent ones honestly scared the crap out of me because I was able to move my body, yet it was incredibly difficult. The very last time it happened, and why it scares me so much, I think I actually physically (or spiritually?) Chased somebody out of my house. I was awakened by a man... He looked mexican or native american, older, tan, wrinkled skin, medium length black hair, perhaps slightly chubbier in his build, dark eyes... He lightly kissed my lips, I feel it was as if he was departing, and I was frozen in sp until he was almost to the front door, walking calm and in no hurry at all. I yelled, or gurgled is about right, "what the **** are you doing?!", he turned, paused and looked at me and continued, I sat up and tried my hardest to walk to the front door- holding on to my bed frame and walls along the way- it was like walking through water, so heavy- I made it to the front door and he was already gone, I know he exited through the door, but I don't remember it opening. I locked the front door (which was unlocked because my fiance doesn't have keys to lock it up when he leaves for work) and went back to sleep... I do not recall walking back to my bed but I must have because, when I woke up my front door was INDEED locked and I am the only one who could have done happened to me? Is that just sleep walking? I was so on edge for days after, it was so real that I don't know what to think.
WishfulNull (151 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-04)
Some of what you are experiencing May be residual - the fan coming on, knocking on the door... But the fact that it seems to be interacting w. Your son makes me think its more than that. In my opinion, the entities themselves do not sound harmful or malevolent to me, just maybe watchful (like the man on the couch... Perhaps keeping an eye out for intruders while the family was in their bedrooms?) or like they are trying to peacefully co-exist with you. (Being in rooms when you're not, finding private "cubbies" to hide, like the closet...). I would say if these things creep you out or make you uncomfortable (which would be a Totally normal reaction!) that you should maybe lay down some rules - speak out loud, and tell them what you do/don't want them to do... Like "ok, I know that you're here, but this is MY house now, (I bought it fair & square with my hard-earned money, and since i'm letting you stay here with us without contributing to paying the bills) and as the current owner of this space, then you can no longer show yourselves to me or my family at night, or be doing stuff that scares my son." (Ok, I put in the part about the bills because having a "freeloader" in my house would annoy me, and I think the argument would make sense to an intelligent human spirit who in their day also had to deal with "earning their keep" too! 😆) but really - just don't be afraid to claim your space for yourself & lay some rules down. "I am woman/wife/mother...hear me're in MY den, now!" I think that if your dreams are from the uneasiness/lack of control you are feeling in your home, then if you can feel that you are the "boss", maybe the frightening dreams will ease... It's ok to do Rook's Cleansing multiple times... You could also try smudging w. Sage, and cleaning w. Salt water. I am no expert on that part, but I have learned they work, from reading experiences here. Best Wishes to you! ❤
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-02)

Thanks for the update.

First: let me say my own home is fairly cluttered as we are still (after a year) unpacking box's of things that had been in storage while we lived in 'smaller' places than the home we bought last (2012) February...'Clutter' isn't that much of a determent for the 'Method' I have offered and use for myself.

Second: It seems from the 'feelings' you have described that whatever may be there is not 'negative or malevolent' and possible watching over you (you 'saw' the head and shoulders watching you when your Husband was out of town). Your sons reactions seem to back this up as well...he's more curious rather than scared of what ever may be in your home. Keep using a Cleansing/Shielding Method of some sort... It doesn't have to be mine but please keep the energy in the home upbeat and positive.

Third: The 'Dreamland' you mentioned. I get the impression that you may have been 'Astral Projecting' in your sleep... The Astral Plane can be a scary and strange place for one who is not prepared for it...

This is of course my OPINION based one what you have shared. Please ask any questions you may have.


Joegv (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-01)
I'm sure he's not making it up, my brother went through the same thing in a house when he was 8 or 9, he claimed to hear people walking around at night, heard them talking, saw them they were shadows (all black but in 3d form not like a shadow you see on the wall), he even had one walk up to him and when my mom turned the lights on it disappeared, he saw a head on top of a dresser laughing, and finally the worst for him a hooded man, he saw him in his dreams. I've actually had a dream where I was waking up from it but couldn't, I was awake my eyes closed but could hear what was going on around me in the house but I could'n tmove, it took about a minute to snap out of it. I actually sometimes know when I'm dreaming and when that happens I can control my dream a bit, if I think of something or someone they'll appear and during this time I can wake myself up, but there has been a few times that I couldn't, always during nightmares.

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