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Experiences Since Childhood - Demonic?


I'm 21 years old and I'm from Australia. I have had several experiences since I was a small child. The following story is about some of my experiences which I think may be connected and may mean that a dark entity or demon was following me as a child/teen.

Ever since I was a small child (I have been told by my mother) I've claimed to be scared of 'things' that I could see when I was alone in my bedroom or had to go into certain places at night/in the dark. Up until the age of 6 we lived with my grandmother and I would refuse to make the walk from the living room through the dark kitchen to go to the bathroom as I claimed 'it' would get me.

When I was 6 and my brother was 2 we moved down the street and into an old 3 bedroom house. At the back of the house was a bedroom with large windows taking up the whole of the southern wall. This was originally my brother's room. All was fine for a while until suddenly my brother would refuse to sleep in his bedroom because he claimed there was something in there. He would become hysterical if he had to go to bed there and often woke up through the night crying and scared. My parents decided I should swap bedrooms with my brother.

From the first night in my new bedroom I felt like I was being watched. I began to hear footsteps and noises in the hallway outside my bedroom door. When I heard these noises I would close my eyes and put my head under the cover, hardly breathing and willing whatever it was to go away. Sometimes when I woke up during the middle of the night (sometimes from hearing the noises other times not) I would look to the corner of my bedroom and see a dark figure. This would lead to me running from the room to my parent's bedroom. My parents dismissed it saying that I was imagining things and that the house was old. For years I woke up most nights and constantly felt like something was watching me.

I distinctly remember one particular occasion when I was about 9. I had woken up in the middle of the night for the usual reasons - shuffling/walking noises in the hallway outside my door. I lay in bed quietly with my head facing the door, peeking out of the covers - I couldn't see anything. The footsteps started to walk into my bedroom and towards me, though I still couldn't see anything there. A strange ominous feeling came over me like something bad was going to happen and I instantly got goose bumps, which had never happened before. I felt like there was something right there over me. This freaked me right out so I ran as fast as I could to my parent's bedroom.

I refused to go back to my bedroom so my parents allowed me to sleep in their bed. Normally when I went into my parents bedroom I became calm but this time I still felt scared that something was there watching me. In the corner of their bedroom was an armchair. Lying in the bed, I was directly facing the chair and I saw a distinct black figure with glowing green eyes staring at me. I flipped out and woke my mother up, telling her what I saw. She looked to the chair with me (I could still see it there) and said there was nothing, that it was the moonlight reflecting on something (there was nothing green there). I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't shake the feeling so I looked back at the chair and it was still there. At that time, for some reason I felt like it was laughing at me. I tucked my head under the covers and lay there silently, not able to fall asleep.

I continued to see the figure in the corner of the room and hear the footsteps and noises in the hallway right until we moved when I was 14. I should also mention that throughout the whole time we lived at that house I had mental/behavioral issues where I would become angry and go 'crazy' My mother said I would scream, become violent, destroy my own things and hurt myself during these episodes which she said was like I had been possessed. I never remembered anything that happened afterwards.

I had a few other experiences at my cousin's house also which may be connected and also some other experiences at the new house we moved to which I will talk about later if people are interested. I'm not sure if these experiences were the result of a dark entity or demon?

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BlackenedAngel (8 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-28)
in parts of asia they call them "Kudo-Kudo" 😲 beings who they say benifit from their host, they take a small amount of life force in order to exists. But who knows who is with you.
Ikatsu (3 stories) (24 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-03)
I could probably say this is a demon because of what Number13 said, which was pretty spot-on. Is this activity constant to this day, and how up-front is it toward you? Have you ever been physically hurt by this, or had disturbing dreams, etc?

Also, mostly theorized is that religion itself, (regardless of which one it is), is more of a willpower than anything. It gives immense will to drive away whatever it is, firmly believing in whatever higher power to help and protect them.

That was irrelevant, but I just thought I'd give you a fun fact. 😁

Be safe.
swordsman (22 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-23)
What has me at a loss is why it stopped. If it is still hanging around as you suspect it may be then perhaps then it is biding its time for something... But what?
Confront it and strike to kill, that's my advice.
number13 (31 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-03)
Oh, I'm sorry I've offended you Klea, I am terribly sorry for that, but be careful, you and I don't know when strange things is going to happen again. Have a good life and once again, I am terribly sorry for offending you.
Klea (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-19)
Hi Number13. Thanks for your suggestions but I don't think I will be doing an exorcism (also I don't believe in Jesus or the Christian faith). I haven't had any distinct experiences in the past few years that I could definitely say was a demon/spirit. It may not be following me anymore or has just toned down its activity because I don't give it the attention I did as a child. I posted on here to get some perspective on past experiences but nothing is really bothering me at the moment.

And don't worry, I didn't have a bad childhood... I was quite a happy child that just happened to see/experience scary things sometimes:D
number13 (31 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-19)
Hello Klea, I am Number13 and I think it would be most likely to be a demon because unlike ghosts, demons can move freely in most area, not like ghost who cannot go outside the place it was after he/she dies or the place it wants to go but there are some cases which they were being followed by ghosts so it could be an evil spirit but it would most likely be demons because they're is little cases that a ghost have colored eyes. Try to do an exorcism to banish the demon or at least a light exorcism to halt the progress of the demon. It may be possible for you to have the "sixth sense" and the demons are using you as a food source because they can eat negative feelings like fear, grief, etc or using you as an energy channel for them to be teleporting into this world because you have the gift but this is only 2 of many possiblities. Use holy waters, crosses, or say "In the name of Jesus Christ, I here by Banish you back to where you came from!" to maybe fend them off at least until you can do an exorcism which could take months but I can give you one more advice, do not show fear to them, it will only give them more power, fear is the enemy other than the demons, but don't taunt the demons because they will react to your taunting and hurt you or worse. I am sorry to hear you have a bad childhood and because I can't help you anymore but give you advices, I will try to continue my studies and maybe find a better solution. I know you're a good person Klea and God is right by your side protecting you. Farewell for now, have a nice life, and God bless you. From: Number13
Klea (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-19)
Thanks for your responses.

PrincessLotus to answer your questions -I'm agnostic but respect other's faith.

I haven't had any distinct experiences since I was about 16. Sometimes I still have the feeling that something is watching me and occassionally I will hear noises/whispers but I try to tell myself these are just my imagination or because the house is old. (I live in a house that was built in the early 1800s).

I'll tell you about some experiences I had at my cousins house. I was probably 12 or 13. One night we were staying up late and watching movies in a downstairs bedroom when we heard noises from the next room. It sounded like springs squeaking as if someone was jumping on a bed - except the room was empty besides a piano and a few boxes. We crept out into the hallway to listen and the noises stopped. As soon as we went back into the bedroom they started again and went on for about half an hour.

Another time my cousin moved her bedroom upstairs and there was a small door in her room which led into a space in the roof which we made our hangout. We wrote our names and other stuff on the walls inside there. I was staying over all weekend and we had been in there on Friday afternoon. On Sunday we went in and found that my name had big scratch marks through it or had been scratched out all together. She was as genuinely surprised to see it like that as I was. It is possible that another friend had done that on Saturday but it's unlikely they would have gone in there unnoticed as the bed was normally pushed against the door. Even back then I thought it might have been something evil doing that to my name on purpose.

Could these instances be related to the dark entity following me or something else?
princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-19)
thanx for sharing. I can identify on so many levels except my parents believed us (my 2 sisters & me) & they knew the house was demonised. I have to ask you a few questions before I give my advice. 1. Are these things still going on? 2. Are you a believer (in Christ)? I ask because I need to know where you stand to determin what kind of advice you are looking for, I don't want to suggest things that arent welcome. Being a pastor you can kind of get an idea on what I would suggest. But I do want to let you know I'm a realist & I'm not overly religious. I like to rule out things scientific or psychological before I give any spiritual guidance. Bless you & I hope to hear from you soon.

signup (31 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-19)
this could be a demon who possesed you and made you behave this way, making itself visible for you only and not for others so they think you are crazy, that's why it was laughing at you, and torment and annoy you.
And that's what they prey on.

Thgis demon also possesed you and gave you mental problems and they made it so that you cannot remember what you did

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