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Strange Experiences At Uncles


I was visiting my uncle in Sacramento with my brother and dad. My uncle lives in my (deceased) grandparent's house. Upon entering the house, I didn't feel heaviness or anything strange in particular, it's a nice house with a 50's kind of flair, except for the more modern renovations he has made.

We were staying there for the week, and my brother was going to sleep in a bedroom in the back of the house, my dad on the living room couch, and my uncle on the dens couch. I was going to be sleeping in my grandparent's bedroom.

During the first three days of my stay there, I felt comfortable, but with the feeling that I was being watched. It was only when I was in my grandparents bedroom. It wasn't malevolent or even scary. I felt at ease. It was only during the fourth day or so that the first strange experience happened. I had been sleeping when the bed started shaking with great force. The weird thing is... I was almost numb, or I just plain didn't believe it happened. My eyes opened briefly during this and I just fell back asleep. I didn't even get up or anything. The next day I didn't tell anyone about it because it didn't really bug me at all... But it certainly got my attention.

That night I fell into a deep sleep instantly. I began having a very odd dream that still sticks out in my mind to this day. The dream was of a translucent, bright green orb that had a very long tail that trailed along the ground as it floated in the air. In the dream I was watching it, almost like a movie, as it floated from my grandparents bedroom door, to the hallway that led to the bedroom my brother was sleeping in, to eventually inside the bedroom. The orb paused in the bedroom and almost surveyed the surrounding slowly, and with great detail I saw the bedroom and its objects inside. I had never even stepped into that bedroom before the dream. Suddenly, my grandparent's bedroom door slammed shut. I INSTANTLY woke up and jumped out of the bed this time. I immediately took action and flung the door open and nearly ran down the hallway to where my brother was at. He was sound asleep... There was no way he could have shut that door and ran that fast to the bedroom before I caught him. I felt a little spooked this time. I walked into the living room; my dad was asleep on the couch. Then I walked to the den, my uncle was passed out as well. The light in the den was on, so I turned it off.

It was around 2 AM when this happened. I didn't have any trouble getting back to sleep afterwards... But I was still very confused.

The next day I suddenly felt very drowsy around the afternoon and returned to my grandparent's bedroom to take a nap. Again, I fell into a deep sleep... Which is weird for me since I am naturally a home sick person and don't adjust so well to different environments. When I woke up, I went to the kitchen and asked my uncle if he had asked me something earlier because I had vaguely remembered him knocking on the door, asking me something, but then quickly closing the door. He told me I leaned up on my elbow and looked straight at him with my eyes wide open and muttered something to him before falling back on the bed and sleeping again. I was officially freaked out because that kind of thing never happened to me before.

That night I couldn't sleep. I felt uncomfortable going back into the room, so I went into the computer room and tried surfing the web a little to get my mind off of things. The door was open just a crack, but I swear a shadow or something was walking back and forth the hallway and LOOKING into the crack. I felt very afraid, and like someone or something was watching me. I closed the door and turned on the light, and felt a little better. But I still didn't go back into my grandparent's room and sleep until it was 5 AM or so.

All in all it was a strange experience, the first where I could not really explain what had happened. I have seen and felt spirits before, but this encounter was very different in the fact that whatever it was had physically shaken the bed and slammed a door shut. I believe maybe my grandparents had been trying to get my attention.

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geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-14)
Did you ever tell your family about this? You said that your uncle lives in your grandparents' house. Did he ever experience anything? You said that in your dream this green orb travelled to your brother's room and that you checked on him when you woke. Did you ask him about having the same or similar dream or even experience anything while in the house?
Zander (7 stories) (138 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-23)
Uh oh... From what I understand, when it comes to orbs, green=bad, especially a sort of erie yellow-green.

A book called "Initiation" by Elizabeth Haich has a section that disucusses this in detail. She concludes from her encounter with the green orb (which tries to snatch her baby's spirit from its crib) that its power is temporary. She keeps it from "taking" the infants soul by holding on and outlasting it. The film "Something Wicked This Way Comes" also depicts malevolent green orbs. Haich in her book talks about going to the cinema around the time of her encounter and being amazed at seeing the malevolent green orbs in a Disney film with Casper, I believe.

White orbs are usually benevolent, but I would underline usually and not make a generalization, there.

If you have to go back there for a stay, I would take some sea salt and sage. Salt the room, burn white candles and sage and state very firmly that no one may bother you nor borrow your energy as you sleep. Imagine a blinding white light all around you and say "My aura is white, is bright, is strong is deep" several times before you retire.

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