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Strange Paranormal Things?


This is my first post so I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm a fifteen nearly sixteen year old girl and have lived in a council house for around 2 years. Where our house is built, it used to be a battlefield.

I've always had a sense that something is watching me and something is around me. When I'm in my room at night, I hear groans and whistling and when I mute my telly I can still hear them. My friend also heard a groan in our living room, and my other friend came round and she swore that something touched her leg. Also when she was sitting on the sofa, she felt that something had pulled her hair which I have also experienced.

At night I've gone to bed and in the morning when I wake up, I have scratches on my face which were not there the night before. I have four cats but I don't let them in my room and I have a lock on the door so no-one can get in. One night I went to brush my teeth and saw 4 scratches in my forehead three long and one small. They weren't there that morning so they must have happened sometime in the day but I don't remember feeling anything like getting scratched. I've also had cuts on the back of my foot and in-between my fingers and I only noticed them because they were bleeding, and have no idea how they got there.

My mum told me one night that she woke up and saw me leaning against the door staring straight ahead, and was wearing a blue and white stripy jumper. But when she looked longer she realized that it wasn't me and got freaked out and went back to sleep. I wasn't wearing anything stripy that night so it couldn't have been me.

One day she was putting the curtains on the windowsill away from the radiator and she swore that she felt something like a figure but there was no-one there.

I've also seen little bright white lights out the corner of my eye and black things move across the floor.

Do you think this is paranormal?

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