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Dark Male Figure Around Me


Im not really sure what's going on. I live in Thunder Bay, on. I'm 25 years of age. I have a boyfriend and three children. I have recently started experiencing a feeling of someone near me. Its happened about 3-4 times since the new year... Once when I was outside late at night I was standing with a few friends. They were all in a circle except there was about a 5ft area of space to my left were no one was standing, yet from the corner of my eyes a dark figure appeared to the left of me. It seemed to be a man, I couldn't see his face or anything like that, he was about 6 ft in height. It only last a few short seconds and he was gone... No one saw it but me. I hadnt seen him for a little while when out of nowhere during the middle of the day I was sitting on the edge of my bed and this time to the right of me about a foot away the same figure was sitting beside me on my bed, same dark figure... It again was short and I wasn't scared or anything just a little uneasy, I never felt like I was in harm or anything... Just felt watched.,, staired at...

I saw that same figure March 12th, driving home from a friends house, it was about a 15min drive home... It was 1am and my boyfriend was driving, I was in the passenger seat. About 5min to our drive I felt like I was being watched from behind me... I didn't say anything and was a little freaked out about turning around so I kind of ignored it for a few more minute but I was getting more and more uncomfortable so I turned to the left to look behind me and sitting behind me was this figure again... Never lasting long but enough that I could see him/it...Im unsure why I'm experiencing this feeling of being watched by this man. I can't explain who it could be or why just that the presence is starting to become more frequent. I'm hoping some can give me some insite to what it is I may be experiencing.

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vulcan10 (5 stories) (332 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-24)
That's interesting. Simple, to the point, and not an over dramatization. Thus more believable. If I was you, being an adult, and a mom, I'd first go to my physician and get a check up. A full check up. I guess you haven't been through any major psychological upheaval in your life lately? Before I ran to the first person waving a flag and shouting "Pick me! I'm phsychic!" I'd look around and read. The truly gifted don't need banners and a parade. I'd be interested to find out what this is when you find out. I don't think I'd mention this in front of my kids. I also hope your boyfriend is level headed and doesn't try to hire an exorcist for you or drive a stake through your heart right off the bat.

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