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A Presence Is Attached To Me And Is Attacking My Boyfriend


Apologies for the title; there's a character limit and I really didn't know how to give this experience a "specific, meaningful title" as it is ongoing...

To give a small amount of background info: I'm 29 years old, live on Long Island in NY State and I've been actively involved with the paranormal and have an obligatory, life-long relationship with it in many ways. My father was an Empath and had a number of very real experiences throughout his lifetime; he helped me deal with and understand my experiences through the years as that "gift" had passed on to me; he passed away in 2006 at the age of 47. He was very open-minded and though he was not religious, he was a very spiritual person. I was raised in such a way that I've never been 'fed' ideas or 'led' to believe anything - my father always insisted I educate myself and never subscribe to anything without careful research and consideration, to be aware, to keep an open mind, and to be receptive yet logical.

Although I've had many paranormal experiences, I've always felt one singular, familiar presence - no matter where I've lived, and was at one point chronicling my paranormal experiences in my old home on (a lot of heavy energy and poltergeist activity - very physical in nature and events had been witnessed by many people, including the 3 housemates I'd had as they all experienced it frequently); I have seen multiple spirits/entities/energies, etc, and when I'd felt I could no longer handle the 'visual' aspect of these encounters, I no longer 'saw' them as vividly but started to 'feel' them; now, it seems they form what I can only describe as "thought-feelings" in my mind - I can't really find an accurate way to articulate what exactly it is. I do see shadows, energy and lights - but mostly I feel an image start to form in my mind and that's what I go by. I've suffered from insomnia for years and have to take medication in order to sleep at night. Otherwise I'm completely awake and cannot sleep due to the overwhelming sensation of being watched. I'd been to psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists throughout my life in an effort to try to understand what was happening to me, and all have agreed that I'm completely sane. My mother, although in denial of her abilities out of fear, has prophetic dreams and has experienced paranormal activity as well. She blames most of it on me.

Currently, after a period of either dormancy (or ignorance on my part due to mt focus being on an overwhelming level of stress and personal issues) I've been experiencing this singular, familiar presence more than anything else. My current boyfriend is complaining that he's being woken up during the night multiple times, says that he has been choked and feels that a presence is intentionally keeping him from sleeping. I attempted to explain 'sleep paralysis' and how the brain releases chemicals during REM sleep to keep us mildly paralyzed so we don't "act out" our dreams, that sometimes we wake up suddenly, that the effect hasn't worn off yet so we may still be in a sort of "dream state" (hence hallucinations) and cannot move due to the protective paralytic until it wears off and things come into focus again. I've also explained that this can cause very scary and vivid hallucinations and the fear can be overwhelming. He's adamant that is not the case. Now, if this experience were unique to him, I would simply conclude that he is in fact experiencing "night terrors" or "sleep paralysis" and would not link it to what I'm experiencing. However, along with him, both my ex-fiancée (which preceded my current relationship and was a 5-year, domestic relationship) along with the ex I'd dated for 3 years preceding my 5-year relationship have complained of the exact same experience, all three vehemently denying sleep paralysis and acknowledging that they've never experienced this prior to dating me! I can't believe that this is the third relationship where my boyfriend is actually being attacked in his sleep. It cannot be coincidence. All three of them have been very convincing in their defense of this. I, myself have never experienced sleep paralysis or anything like these "attacks" but most certainly have felt this presence, especially at night when I'm going to bed. I'm fairly sure this may be one of the most common symptoms of a personal haunting.

Over the past few months, I've woken up with mysterious bruising, scratches and cuts as well; some rather large, yet I have no memory of injuring myself in any way or of anything hurting me... I am anemic so if I were to injure myself the bruising would definitely come easily and be quite apparent, but some of these bruises have either looked like someone had grabbed me with their fingers and were gripping tightly, or were simply dark, large and completely unexplainable (placed strangely: inner thigh, back, inner upper arm). I'd go to bed without them, and either wake up to find them once I'd showered or while I was getting dressed or have had them pointed out to me. Strange cuts have appeared, mainly on my hands and arms; sometimes on my chest, under the collarbone area. I really just thought that I'd possibly done something in my sleep or had forgotten that I'd bumped into something, but I've never been known to sleep-walk. My ex-fiancée (who again, lived with me for 5 years and who has observed me in my sleep many times), as well as my current boyfriend (whom I'm living with, and obviously also has been awake when I've been sleeping) have reported that when I do sleep, I sleep completely through the night. I've never had anyone assert that I walk in my sleep. I'm pretty much dumbfounded. The lights in our apartment have been turning on at night, as we go to bed with them off, and wake up to them on: the light in the foyer, kitchen, bathroom, etc... Every light but the room we sleep in! Just this morning the door, which had been locked, unlocked somehow on its own. Things go missing, and then turn up in random places a week later - very typical.

I have noticed that the complaints coming from my current boyfriend have coincided with our arguments, some of which are immensely frustrating and upsetting to me, and since I feel I'm not getting anywhere with him, I hold it all in and have considered that it is possible that my subconscious frustration could act out on its' own, BUT - it's not the first time this has happened, and this feels completely separate, like an external presence. I don't know how to describe it. It's doubtful to me that it's defending me in some way because it has (with what seems like intent) terrified *me* over the years - touching me in my sleep, slamming doors, opening doors, banging on walls, moving or throwing objects, breathing on me, calling my name and just keeping the air thick with a general unease that's palpable. It has never, to my knowledge, hurt me though, unless the unexplained injuries have been sustained from this thing? I don't know if they're related. This presence is completely segregated from the number of other paranormal experiences I've had, or other spirits I've felt or seen.

I'm fairly educated when it comes to general haunting, sleep disorders, etc but I really don't know how to classify this at all, or what to do about it. It seems I cannot get a handle on what this is. Usually I could feel if it was a human spirit, but this thing eludes me. I've tried cleansing, sage, crystals, salt, meditation and affirmations, "taking control over/claiming my home", etc... My father, while alive, warned against the use of a Ouija Board as it is a doorway and you don't have any control over what happens, yet suggested I try automatic writing? I always felt it was worse to attempt this because in essence you're allowing something in; to use you. I can see how it would be 'OK' for an experienced Psychic-Medium who channels and can manage a certain level of choice/control, but not for someone who has never attempted this with some kind of (seemingly) dark entity.

I'm open to any and all suggestions. I'd really like for this entity, whatever it may be as I cannot sense exactly what it is, to stop harassing me; my boyfriend. Even my Chihuahua is flipping out; barking all night at nothing and it's stressing her out. She paces back and forth on top of me all night and barks at whatever this thing is. I'd like to be free of it. It seems to be completely tied to me in some way. I'm apprehensive to attempt to communicate with it - aside from my occasional shouting at it, which leads me to feel foolish, lol - because I do respect and fear that I am completely ignorant to what this 'thing' is.

If anyone has had or is having a similar experience, I'd really like to hear about it. A solution? I am not crazy... The people that know me; some of which have known me for 20+ years, would all attest to the fact that I am sane and not prone to flights of fancy. I'm the first one to dismiss a bump in the night or a creaky floorboard as a "ghost".

Thank you in advance to anyone who has any input that could lead to a better understanding of what this could be.


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trusted_soul (1 stories) (18 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-10)
Wow this is from along time ago but I have been studying the net on a lot of things I have learnt from people on here and what you sound like you have attached to you is a incubus demon I have read that they are sexual demons and will get jealous of people you see and boyfriends and cause grief for them.
You should search it and have a read on it and see if this is what it sounds like:)
Princess-of-Ice (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-18)
I have a similar problem, except I want BOTH my Demon/Spirit/Angel AND my human boyfriend. My bf's understanding so far, but A-- is jealous, as he's known me since I was born and I was his partner from 8. I have had many dream and physical encounters with him. His presence/energy is usually nearby.
My dreams are reflections of his world, but he's started invading my bf's dreams (I hadn't even described A-- to him!)
At first he was keeping us apart in dreams, but he's nicER now. How could they get along?
PhenoBarbiDoll (10 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-21)
Hello and thank you so much for sharing this. I offer my condolences to you for the loss of your father.

Well all in all you've gotten a lot of feedback and help with this issue - there isn't much else I can offer except the fact that your second post in the responses concerning the significance of 3 am sparked my interest. I'm not saying this is actually true or not but it's something widely believed (why a lot of paranormal groups ghost hunting do their investigation and start 'dead time' at 3 am). Look into 'Dead time' and "the witching hour" as well. 3 Am is actually more-so called 'Dead time' but is also considered apart of the 'witching hour' that begins at midnight and progresses into the earlier hours, such as 3-4 am. 3:00 am is thought to be the time when the veil between the physical and spiritual world is at it's thinnest and interaction between the two is most likely to occur. Do some research on it - I wish you luck!
JimD (431 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-28)
I haven't posted here in a while. I hope the writer is ok. This is 100% demonic infestation. Depression, night time assaults, and missing items, like keys, are common during this phase of assault. I hope she's taken my council; because only Catholic Holy water, etc. Will halt it. I pray she not wait too long. Every second she delays, it gains more of a hold.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2010-04-01)
I have heard the call, and so am here in answering. Thank you both for sending out the vibes.

First; Automatic writing, whether your hand is on the writing utensil and paper, whether it is in the same room or not, it is still you calling on the entity to respond to a direct conversation with it.
I have had some remarkable experiences WITH automatic writing, but will neither tell you TO try it, nor to stay away from it. It all depends on your comfort zone. If you are in the least bit unnerved by the thought of a life impaired individual writing to YOU-- Do not attempt it. If it matters not that the life force is missing--go for it.
The Smudging (which Smudging process did you use?) and the Rosemary sprigs over each doorway is a really good start. Has Christian been Smudged? With him being the third in line of a lengthy assault (term used loosely, of course) process, you may want to focus more of your attention on him. Along with the Rosemary, I would also hang (or bring in a potted plant) lavender.
I would also suggest, that as this experience seems to be draining your "upness", using a cleansed bowl and placing a handful of dirt in it from around your building (I do not know how accessible that may be for you), a pinch of sea salts and a few drops of pure water. Mix it up a bit, and place the bowl out of reach. Try to forget about it.
A sea salt bath could also help in the cleansing of your form from this being.
A rose water bath could do the same. I would suggest making your own rose water, as it lends a bit more "power" to the mixture.
Cedar dust on the window sills, and door frames. Red cedar is best, but other forms work as well. Do not dump a 2x4 amount of the dust on the ledges, just a pinch or so will do.
Open all doors and windows wide (Prop them open, if need be) and "sweep" your home. In this method you get a natural broom and start in the corner of your house that is furthest from the door. You are literally going to sweep the ghost out. Every inch of your house including all areas with carpets. As you sweep you are going to keep telling the ghost that you want it to leave and that it may not return. Sweep right out the door so that you end up outside. Once you have finished sweeping light a candle in each room of the house. Be sure to clean and dry the broom before you bring it back into the house or better yet, burn it.
There is also a bell method. Only problem with that is your neighbors may think you just fell off the Muk-a-wak truck this morning. In that method, you walk around your home with a lit candle and small bell. Ring the bell in each and every corner of each and every room. Yes, closets are considered a room. When you have gone through the entire home, you go to the four corners of the building and also ring the bell (Muk-a-wak is best eaten after boiling it, and then frying it with your favorite spices).
Are you alone in this, or would you happen to have a few friends that could take a "replacement walk" with you through your home?
It really DOES sound as if this is a jealousy situation. With whatever this is seemingly bent on scaring the boyfriends out of the bedroom (has the paralysis happened in OTHER rooms?) I think it is time for one of the boyfriends to stand up to him.
Forgive my direct approach, please, but is Christian a "keeper"? If so, why not have him take on a more active roll in getting rid of this negative being? Perhaps when this --whatever-- sees that HE is willing to "fight" for you as well, THAT will be the "broom" that it needs.
That is all this thing is doing. He is fighting for you in a way that the living can not. Or WOULD not. Show him who is boss, and that you will not take this any longer. Three boyfriends are enough.
Personally, if this were happening to me, I would firmly state out loud that I would no longer tolerate his rudeness. I would further tell him that if he would like to stick around and BE my protector, he needs to recognise the difference in WHO he is protecting me FROM. I would also tell him that I (underlined a thousand times) choose who I love, I (also underlined) choose who I bring into my home and I (again) decide who is acceptable or not.
Do not take his crap any more. Get angry and ban him from your home.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-04-01)
Harlow: It's interesting that you mention others reluctance to sit near you... I have that happen all the time... My daughter says that it's because I give off the "Don't F**k With Me" Vibe! 😆...So I guess it could pertain to you and your situation, as you are blocking out not only spiritual entities, but you've created a sheild so strong that it effects humans as well...I'm a really friendly person, as I'll talk to just about anyone anywhere... But in crowded places like say the DMV, people won't come near me!...I sometimes make it a point to plop right down next to some, too... They'll get up to get a cup of coffee or water, and then sit somewhere else, as I sit there laughing to myself! 😆

Do you think the activity has picked up because you're trying to get help by writing your story here?...I think you may be able to get some help from your dad, but I'd be very wary of opening yourself up right now... If it is some nasty thing, it will take atvantage of the opening, I don't think I need to tell you that though...

I really wish you well, and by all means, keep us posted with whatever evidence you get as we dig that kind of stuff... I really hope we can help you to resolve this!... ❤
Harlow13 (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-01)
Kate could be correct... While typing the previous response, I see you've all been fairly busy. It's good to discuss; even debate. That's how you really start to understand things...

I failed to mention that I woke up with yet another bruise on my thigh (the opposite thigh; not the one with the burning sensation). Also, my LARGE hair comb, which is placed inside the same basket every single morning is now MIA. Searched high & low for it. Silly things like this keep happening - and I'm the kind of person who likes to keep "everything in its' place".

Christian (the bf) claims this is very real. I'm sure to anyone being choked in the middle of the night this would be terrifying; I'm experiencing different symptoms and am more curious as to what it is/what it wants and irritated by it's focus on me than frightened by it.

My depression is kicking into high gear, I'm getting no sleep and although as I'd mentioned previously - I am fully interested in what it wants - I do want *this* particular entity to go away. If you do decide to view the "evidence" separately, it can seem purely coincidental, but when you *are* a healthy skeptic, albeit one with a natural affinity for feeling energies, and you're really feeling these things, which is most certainly difficult to articulate properly, if at all (the actual feeling/vibe/etc) it's very difficult to dismiss them as coincidence.

Point being: I've been around the Paranormal block a few times, stopped by the Skeptic's house every day after school - I'm not super-eager for every little thing to be supernatural. I just go by what I'm feeling, and I feel this is an actual, personal haunting. As for demonic, that I am not qualified to decide but it is personal. I FEEL this thing's attachment.

That's why I'd like to be free of it. My other experiences in and of themselves are fine. I'll keep the rest of whatever "vision" or "feeling" was passed on to me, but this energy has to go.

Thanks again for discussing this. 😁
Harlow13 (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-01)
Wow. What a strong community; such diversity of suggestion and information being offered. Thank you all so much for your acknowledgment and for taking the time to respond to me... Http://

I feel I've come to the right place! While re-reading my post I came across some grammatical errors and do realize that it's a bit dis-jointed; non-linear. Apologies for that. Also, the more I write, read and speak about this, the more things seem to add up; other things I hadn't pieced together prior to this so for that I'm grateful. I'm going to respond to everyone individually and also post some updates and additional information here... And for the record: my boyfriend's name is Christian.

*DeviousAngel: Firstly, thank you for acknowledging my loss as it truly was a deep one, and also for taking the time to comment. It does seem jealous or fixated; What's strange and was brought up in discussion for the first time last night, when referencing your reply, was the idea of its immobilizing Christian so it can do whatever it's doing to me. That is if the injuries are in fact being inflicted by this thing. He's the one who suggested that this may be the case. He said that it's happened 4 times in one night (one incident was during one of the nights where I'd woken up with marks) and thinks its' intention may be to keep him from being able to 'protect' me? Just another thought. One definitely considers all angles when these events are taking place (or should; it shouldn't be pigeon-holed as I do personally believe that there are many forms of energy and a number of different entities that do exist). Explanations and considerations can become quite confusing! I am in agreement of this entity being non-human though. I can definitely feel the difference. I'm in the process of discussing all options and trying to find someone who may be able to tell me exactly what I'm dealing with as that's step 1.

*RobertR: Strange how our experiences with whatever this may be actually transfer onto others we care about. One can only wonder why? I'm glad your attacks have subsided and thank goodness the children aren't having any issues with this. I hope you continue to lead a peaceable life.

*Aussiedaz: Thank you for your acknowledgment of my loss. If he were alive he'd have helped me through this by now. Maybe I should 'call on him' for help? I'm sure he'd know more about this than I do having had 47 years of experience with this as opposed to my 29. I do have a strong will, and will not allow myself to give in or break down because of this thing. I agree regarding the power of the mind: I believe that as long as I remain firm in keeping this thing out of my body, and proceed with caution, I may find a solution. Your experience definitely sounds trying; you laughed in the face of it and that's a very brave thing to do. Thank you for sharing that with me as it confirms my strength of will and gives me hope that it's possible it will "get the hint" and go elsewhere.

*Zzsgranny: Yes, her shrill little bark is driving me mad; all she does is pace back and forth on top of me barking and trying to howl in an effort to protect me (if yours sleeps with you I'm sure you know what I'm referencing, lol). She's lucky she's such a cutie.;) I love her; to be honest, though I have an innate connection with all animals, she is by far the most unique and connected animal I've ever brought into my family. She truly is my baby, and is so deeply tied to me; sometimes she just stares into my eyes and I swear it's like she's completely aware of everything. She's my good girl; protects me - like her tiny 4-pound body could do any damage, but it's no matter, she tries. Brings me a lot of joy and comfort; I just worry that it's stressing her out so badly that she's going hoarse. I think that, since I definitely don't want to give anything control over my body - which with traditional auto-writing would be necessary - the paper idea sounds fairly harmless. I may try that so thank you for the suggestion. Cute name for the Chi baby! Mine's "Ms. Bella Bellini". Chihuahuas all seem to need absurd names; in the breed book, their disposition is described as "Saucy". Too funny.

*Kate: As for the poltergeist activity; a friend of mine had sought my help when she felt a presence in her home We had recently reconnected since high school, so I hadn't seen her new home; she was a deeply frustrated and troubled person at that time, and this thing was terrifying her as well as her children, her 2 and 4 year-old daughters. When I walked into her home for the first time I immediately knew it was HER; she was the cause of this negative energy that was actually manifesting itself. I'm familiar with the concept, but it doesn't seem to 'feel' right as an answer for me. I could be wrong though. Secondly, yes, I have been curious to know what it is and what it wants but I can't seem to find a means to commune with this 'entity' in a non-threatening way; I'd like to know what it wants, or what it has to say... It does not feel completely malignant and yes, it could be my own fear that's causing the feeling of unease, but it doesn't really feel benign either; and then there's the violence against the men I date as well as the marks its caused on me (if it is the source of the injuries). To be quite honest, and without going into too much personal detail, this current boyfriend who is suffering these attacks happens to have a lot of latent issues that he takes out on me; our relationship has been a tumultuous one to say the least. However the preceding boyfriends were decent, well-adjusted people; the relationships simply didn't work out. I'm going to seek out someone who may be more knowledgeable and experienced. I want to purchase a good video camera so I could simply leave it on a tripod and see what happens at night. Christian won't allow it though as he'd prefer not to see anything.:/

*FinanceMajor: In the article you relayed, it seems the pillow did help. It's scary to think that something can be so invasive as to be inside your own mind and know what would terrify you. Although I understand where you're coming from with the "openness" and acknowledgment being a possible invitation, I'll explain that my interest in the paranormal is healthy and again, I do have a certain amount of reservation and also that respect and fear. I will not "open" any doors or open myself for that matter to any entity outside of my being. I believe that Mediums are very brave people to take the risks they do. I will say that I have tried ignoring it. When it's knocked something over in another room and my boyfriend is about to get up to investigate I'll tell him to sit down and ignore it. I've tried this approach many times over the years and sometimes it seems that the activity increases, sometimes it decreases so I don't know if there would be any relationship between the activity and the attention paid. As I am writing about it now, when home I don't think about it unless something happens, in which case my first course of action is either to "reason it away" so as to not feed into it, or to ignore it altogether. Things will seemingly calm down and then I'll wake to Christian screaming and a huge purple welt or bruise on my leg that's inexplicable. Sadly, I do think I need to call someone in to assist. Thank you for your input! (btw - no issues w/the grammar)

*JimD: I was skeptical about the Auto-writing being a good idea... I may try leaving the paper and pencil out in another room, but I'll also be letting it know that I'm not in any way allowing it to stay in my home, or anywhere near me. I know this may sound silly - trust that I do take these matters very seriously and have seen what "demonic" entities are capable of - but I have encouraged this entity to go toward the light. Again, I also "claim my space", tell it it's not welcome and do have a very strong will. I feel that if it were going to do anything major it would have already, but then one can never be too sure. I'll email you, and look forward to hearing your suggestions or input on the subject as I am open to anything.

*Pjod: I appreciate the warning; I know there are many religious zealots out there who feel that every spirit is demonic in nature. As a "newbie" to the ghost Forum world, it's good to know people will honestly inform you. I will however, entertain any and all suggestions and keep my mind completely open to all possibilities as it could be anything, you know? I won't be duped though. I'm not a religious person; spiritual but not Catholic or even Christian. I'm Agnostic... Don't know what exactly I believe, but I do believe in spirits, entities and the number of paranormal experiences I've had with corroborating witnesses...

That was rather long; but I received many responses so again, thank you! Just for reference here: my father taught me many things: one of which was to constantly keep my mind/spirit/body "closed off" from other energies/entities. He instilled a healthy respect, fear and sensibility in me. I have spoken aloud to it - claiming my space/my mind/my body, stating aloud that I will ONLY allow beings of peace, love and light co-exist within my home from time to time and that nothing negative is allowed; I've even shouted at times out of frustration, when it's felt so strong, for it to get out as it's not welcome in my home or anywhere near me, but one thing I refuse to give it (now, as I've matured into a bit of self-control on this part) is my fear. I don't fear it and refuse to allow it to feed off of that. I will not allow it to break me down either. It has been doing this off and on my entire life, so I'm fairly used to it; I just didn't realize that it would harm other people and/or why the activity starts to kick in out of nowhere.

I'm aware that some particular entities can present as 'harmless' spirits and merely seem to seek communication/acknowledgment, yet may have a different agenda entirely; that these particular energies can appear however they'd like in order to achieve that agenda. I'm also aware that many legitimately benign energies purportedly seek out those who they feel notice them or who are 'gifted' as if we're a beacon in the fog and so they're drawn to us as a means of acknowledgment or communication... I'm apprehensive to communicate with this particular one due to its violent approach to the men in my life. My father had a similar entity he had experienced his whole life... I'm wondering if this could be related? It doesn't feel like the presence of a deceased relative at all, and again, any suggestions as to a means of 'safe' communication would be thoroughly appreciated.

*New events:

1) Since the activity started increasing over the past 2-3 weeks, it's affecting me on the subway: no matter how packed the train is, no one will sit next to me - only if they're already seated and I sit down afterward; then once the train empties out a bit they'll actually move! It's so strange. Not to sound conceited at all in any way, but I'm a 5' 5", 110lb woman and am definitely happy with my god-given (for lack of a better term) appearance. Usually, daily during my commute I'll get stopped on the street and men will say "I'm sorry, but there's just something about you; I normally wouldn't ever do this but - would you go out with me?" Things of that nature, so point being - usually people are drawn to me for whatever reason, I make friends easily, I dress well (a bit on the edgy side of high fashion but always well-groomed/put together), take care of myself and see no reason, since I usually smile at everyone if they make eye contact with me, for anyone to feel uneasy around me or for people to prefer to stand for a 1/2 hour on a packed train simply to avoid sitting in the one free seat next to me. All the while I'm freezing.

2) Friday 3/26/10: At work; for the first time at my place of work at 2:05pm this 'thing' opened my office door on its' own and the room was freezing. The feeling of extreme cold came and went but my co-workers (whom I haven't explained this to) were commenting on the temperature changes inside my office... I actually dared it to open or move my office door again; and yet again, without fail - after some mild shaking, it moved the door back & forth about a foot at least.

3) Saturday, 3/27/10: I was in the kitchen, cooking and prepping food and was speaking about this issue loudly as Christian was in the other room; a plastic bowl flies off the baker's rack and across the kitchen. Also, the keys, which are -out of habit - placed on the hook near the door go missing and I have no keys until I find them hanging on that very hook around midnight that night. Christian hadn't even known.

4) Sunday, 3/28/10: While sitting on the couch watching a movie, I was wearing a plain tank top, Christian hooded, zip-up sweater, hands inside the pockets, and plain, smooth leggings (no pockets). Hands were in the pockets for the most part as it's been very cold and rainy here in NY and our Superintendent loves to leave the heat off quite frequently. We don't have any "throw pillows" on our couch, and we have one single blanket that's folded over the top of the couch. We recently had our door lock/knob replaced and Christian had given me the new key, which I'd placed directly on our bookshelf right before we went to bed, where I usually place things I'm going to be taking with me to work in the morning. In the morning, it was gone; the key ended up missing for days... The following night, I came home, changed into my pjs and after I'd gotten up off the couch a few times to sort laundry, etc, I get up and the key falls out of my lap as if it were there the entire time. It wasn't; Bella however, was.

5) Monday, 3/29/10: Sitting on the couch after I finally end my crazy rain-soaked commute, Christian and I settle in - pup in lap - to watch a movie. Sudden, loud "boom" comes from the bedroom. Upon investigation nothing had fallen or broken and there's no way anything's banging into the house.

6) Tuesday, 3/30/10: Again, after work, commute, home at 7:30, dinner, strange sounds, I finally go to bed around 1am; I fell asleep on the couch, laying on my side and facing inward in a semi-fetal position as the dog likes to curl up in between my stomach and legs when we sleep. I'd suppose around 3:30am I started to feel as if I were having an OBE yet didn't "see" myself. Eyes were closed; 'felt' myself trying to feel my body and "wake up"; was scratching at the back side of my right thigh. Instantly and very stiffly as I almost didn't feel like I were in control of my body, rolled flat & straight onto my back and shot up; now sitting upright, bent at the waist and screaming. Trying to piece together a vague memory of something akin to a dream, but this feeling of not having been inside my body is lingering... Still scratching at my leg but it doesn't itch. It's very painful but NOT a cramp? Christian was awake; so he jumps up and tries to hold me; freaking out "are you OK? What's going on; how can I help you? What can I do?" etc and I am not at all receptive. My thigh feels numb yet like it's burning from the inside. Not a cramp; not quite like "pins & needles" either. I try to crawl away to get up and cannot walk. The effect wears off within 5 minutes Never felt that sensation prior to that.:/

Again, the more I read, write and speak about it the more it all seems to add up. Pieces of a puzzle in a way; a series of random events that becomes linear. Also, I've read that 3:00 am is somehow considered a paradigm of paranormal activity. Whenever I or my boyfriend has been woken up - all through the year - it's been around 3:00am (along with previous years)! How is that possible? I suppose it's become more credible if such a multitude of people are reporting this; it's not just some fantastical, sensationalized Hollywood theme. I'd also like to mention (and I know those who are religious may respond to this) I've heard the sound of what I can only liken to be that of a cross between a hiss and a rattlesnake with a low hum from time to time. It brings a true feeling on unease that actually does frightens me. Obviously, living in NYC (now), and growing up on Long Island, we don't have rattlesnakes. I immediately smudged my house and tacked rosemary sprigs over every doorway (Romany thing). What could this all mean? I'll try to post more details and maybe I'll post particular instances/stories individually to paint a better picture, but for now anything pertaining to the present situation I'd like to contain within this thread.

I may try to use the paper and pencil idea as I've toyed with that idea in the past. I won't be telling my boyfriend, that way I can be certain that it's completely legitimate. If I do try this, and something comes up - I can swear on the beauty and grace of my father's honorable spirit that I would NEVER fake evidence of any kind - I will post photos/scans for review. Also, if I can get Christian to finally agree to a video camera on a tripod, I'll be posting videos or stills up as well. I'd like to chronicle this because it's helping me add it all up, put things into perspective as well as possibly providing an area of interest and support for others. If anything good comes from this experience when relating to others who feel they're alone in this, then I'll be more than satisfied.

Please continue to share experiences with me. I listen to everyone and consider all options as I'm very open-minded. Thoughts and comments always welcome and thank you again! ❤
JimD (431 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-31)

I am sure. Seperate, credible witnesses are all reporting being choked an night. I assert that that is NOT explainable by science. I handeled a case where a childs 100 lb car drove all by itself in a huge circle, while his mom was reporting very similar symptoms, i.e. Night time choking. The dad jumped through hoops, explaining it may be low flying planes (Republic Airport was close to the home) (not sure of the correlation), vibrations from trucks, or, as he finally admitted "something beyond his belief system". He was correct on the final assumption. I know what I know to be true based upon many cases of actual investigation, not simply an academic or preconceived idea. These symptoms fit what I've actually observed and investigated, and not vice versa.

You're correct to be skeptical, but most of the American judicial system is based upon what you call anectodal evidence. Probable cause is an even lower standard, in point of fact. Even if these incidents are coincidental and unrelated, which is very unlikely, they are still 100% unexplainable by science, or most people's "belief system", as that dad had said to me. Three people, with no reason to lie, report night time assaults. The cause is clear, and so, ergo, is the remedy. I appreciate another civil and thoughtful post. You folks are ok, and it's appreciated. You made me think, and that's good. God bles you.
Kate (18 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-31)
"the symptoms in the overwhelming majority of these cases do, without doubt, point to a preternatural explanation, i.e. Demonic."

Without a doubt, hmmm? Are you sure you're not just interpreting the details of these cases to fit what you believe? It's always good to be skeptical of paranormal explanations because there's nothing but anecdotal evidence that any of it exists at all.

Many people would combine all of the phenomena described by Harlow and come to the conclusion, based on her suggestions and the nature of this website, that this must be the work of the supernatural. But what if these incidents are actually coincidental and unrelated? Many of the things in her story could easily be explained as natural.
JimD (431 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-31)
There may very well be other factors in play, i.e. A history of mental illness, and / or an overactive imagination - even outright fabrication. However, this site serves as a repository for people with very extreme, often violent, cases. This pool is not statistically representative of the general public. Bear this in mind.

Having said that, I am passionate about helping others, but the symptoms in the overwhelming majority of these cases do, without doubt, point to a preternatural explanation, i.e. Demonic. I suggest spiritual remedies, because they are warranted. I won't sugarcoat that reality, even if it can lead to ridicule. We live in a secular world that denies the existence of both God and the Devil. I've successfully assisted a growing number, and will continue to do so, if needed and if requested. I work pro bono. There is more on Heaven and Earth than any one of us knows, but the majority of these sympotoms are clear. Thanks for a civil and informed comment.
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1523 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-31)
JimD, I think this site needs someone like you to post here, as there are genuine cases here of people needing real help in your field, even if it is just for psychological benefit, however I do agree with pjod to a point, we all have a responsibility to ex aim all possible causes before posting and you do tend to jump to the demon conclusion quite often, no offense I'm sure you have passion and belief in what your doing... Also appreciated by those you help, but just keep in mind that there are other reasons for some of these stories that have nothing to do with demons.
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-29)
fair enough.
I will look into the authors you mentioned. I still find it curious that you, a demonologist, admit that such hauntings are not a rare event... When everything I ever heard has pointed to the opposite.
Thanks for responding, and good luck with the stubborn haunt.
JimD (431 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-29)
Ok, I am what I claim to be, but my record of cases, which I perform pro bono, speaks for itself. But that aside, most so called demonologists have asbsolutely no formal or informal training. I have both; but, to answer your querry, a growing number of dioceses are now appointing exorcists, which are priests specially trained in performing the Roman Ritual. The Vatican has actually begun a formal course in exorcism, for the first time in history.
So, I'm not in the minority at all. You're right to be skeptical, but not to the point of dismissiveness. A lot of these folks need help. I'm in Long Island, New York, and am currently handling three cases. Two were completed - with final relief. One is proving more stubborn, so please pray for him. He needs it; but, I'm still doing my best.

Unfortunately, demonic hauntings are not rare, and becomming almost common. It is quite scary. I don't know who you spoke to, but they are incorrect. May I suggest 'Beware the Night' by Sarchie and / or 'Hostage to the Devil' by Martin. It's a start. God bless.
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-29)
vast majority of these cases?
So, if that is how you feel, then a demonic haunting is not one that is rare, but very common. If this you believe to be the case, you are the only Demonologist that thinks so. Which leads me to believe that you are not really what you are claiming to be.
JimD (431 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-28)
When demonic symptoms are evident, as they are in the vast majority of these sad cases, it is what it is. It is tragic that uninformed persons inject baseless opinions, which offer no hope to those in glaring need, in my opinion.
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-28)
watch for those who come in and warn of the demonic. If you track their posts, every and any type of haunt involves the demonic.
rather ignorant, in my opinion
JimD (431 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-28)
PS Automatic writing is equal to the Ouija board - it will make his oppression stronger. Email me at He's turning up the attacks, and will not stop, unless forced to do so. Catholic holy water is at least a good way to halt the night attacks, but probably won't be enough. In this case, inferstation has transformed into oppression. Email me, please.
JimD (431 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-28)
Seeing shadows, feelings of being watched, and the other symptoms are all 100% demonic. Please try Catholic Holy water and prayers, including the Rosary, to stop him. The old boy will use your own psychic gifts to torment you. If Catholic, I'd suggest mass, confession, communion - often. If not use the holy water and command it to leave, and invoke the names of Jesus, Mary and St. Michael the Archangel. Nothing else will work. Email me at, if you need more assistance. I live on Long Island, and get very busy prior to Easter. Good luck and God bless.
FinanceMajor (1 stories) (64 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-27)
sorry for the incorrect grammar, typing in the dark. Did not have time to check.
FinanceMajor (1 stories) (64 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-27)
The bottom half I copies and paste from another article, because I wanted to rely this to you. In my opinion this is Bad. Not sleeping,interntional, scratches bruises is Malice. Your curiousity and openess gives it power I am sorry to say but its true. Acknowledgement and recognition feed strong emotions that give it power, Use cleansing or holy water, it works. And yes this thing creates conflict with your boyfriend it dwells on bad emotions and despair. It can and may succeed again if you keep the door open to the paranormal so wide. Unfortunately the bad entities come through more frequent than the enlightened ones.
There is Power with Prayer, say it with Conviction and Strength.

When I would sleep on my back I would wake up imobile, unable to move, feeling like something else was in the room. And boom like lightining I would feel my body shake and how to explain this; like energy being drained from me. Fight it off and then fall back asleep and again the same thing would happen.

A long time later I said to myself why not Sleep on my stomach and cover my head.
If there was something there it would not know if I truly was asleep; head turned to one side. The idea to cover my head came to me because; I said to myself well if something can influence your mind by draining energy, influencing auditory sounds or any type of constraint; the brain is the tool, so by covering the head, this would make it harder for an entity to get through as they cannot physically touch things and it would be obviously harder to penetrate a thicker barrier with clothes.
Thinking basic strategy again,

Now to those that experienced Sleep Paralysis or those that think it something more; I will say this after using this method; I could sleep again. Sleep Paralysis lessened if not eventually stopped altogether. And those that never experienced anything like this... Lucky.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-03-27)
Harlow: Wow, seems like you've tried just about everything that we could offer!...But I read on another comment somewhere (?) that if cleansing doesn't work, that the spirit is likely not evil...Sometimes, these spirits get frustrated, and in their frustration try any means possible to get our attention... Automatic writing I agree with you there...Maybe, before you go to bed, ask it out loud what it wants, place a paper pad and pencil on your night stand or preferably away from your bed and tell it to write on it what it wants to tell you... Some people get results that way... I always sleep with my crystal under my pillow... You could try Amethyst also... Get one for your boyfriend also!

And I can relate with you on the subject of a Chihuahua's bark!...Very irritating... My Chihuahua'a name is "ichee wawa"...Love him to death, but ooohhh that bark! 😆...It cuts through you like a hot knife through warm butter! 😆...I live in the southwest, and there is a fairly large Hispanic populus... Also work in a grocery store formated for Hispanics, so I always wanted to name a dog "Aye Chihuahua!"...just spelled differently...
Kate (18 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-26)
Hi Harlow,

Your story seems to have an aura of credibility about it that is usually lacking in stories concerning the paranormal. This "presence" you describe interests me very much. You mention this:

"I hold it all in and have considered that it is possible that my subconscious frustration could act out on its' own, BUT -it's not the first time this has happened, and this feels completely separate, like an external presence."

I think it very possible that this is something you created inadvertently. It may feel external, but most traditional poltergeists do. They are, supposedly, externalized manifestations of your own energy.

It is also possible, if you are "gifted", that an external entity was drawn to you and desires communication. Seeing as it has been with you so long, it might be called a familiar.

You mention being frightened by this entity, but that it has never been openly malicious. What if this presence is there because it has something to communicate to you? I understand wanting to get rid of the problems it's causing, but aren't you curious to find out what it is and what it wants?
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1523 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-26)
Firstly let me say I am an 45year old father and I can relate to your dads life, I too don't force my beliefs on my children, it is up to them to follow what's in their hearts and mind, also sorry about your loss, he passed at such a young age.

Your story is probably the most genuine and the most serious one I've come across here at YGS, their are some very intelligent and knowledgeable people here (seeker) I'm hoping can help you with these experiences,

You are an intelligent and resourceful lady and I sense you have a strong will, this is a very important tool I believe in over coming the problems you are experiencing, any amount of fear you display will strength'n this entity and weak'n you spiritually,

I would avoid automatic writing, it will only give it more power... You just about have tried everything with no success, maybe reverse psychology? I think the power of our minds can be a useful weapon when combating such entity's, I will share this with you as an example, the last time I had an out of body experience I felt something grab me I couldn't see it, it shook me from side to side, I do not intend to write about it, I will give it no legs to hurt me in anyway, what I did when this was happening HONESTLY I started laughing, I had not one ounce of fear for it and you know something "IT" and its potential power to hurt me disappeared instantly, I'm not sure if it were real or my imagination, but I will never be intimidated by these experiences,
Good luck keep us posted.
robertar (223 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-26)
My wife never had a "sleep paralysis episode" until she moved in next door to me and we were friends.

I had had them for many years, I had first believed them to be nightmares for years until other things happened in addition.

I am now a Christian and I rely on prayer to handle this. It rarely happens anymore anyway, and it never worries me because prayer/the power of Christ's name never fails to stop it. It has been years since anthing bothering has happened to me/us. I try to pray daily/nightly now that we have children.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-26)
First of all, I have to commend you on your knowledge and your logical approach to everything. You sound like a very down-to-earth individual who has been gifted and blessed to have been taught by someone sympathetic and experienced as your father was. I'm sorry for your loss.

I can't necessarily say that this entity is trying to defend you, because it seems intent on harassing you and making your relationships difficult. It does, however, seem either jealous or fixated on keeping men away from you. One thing I'd like to recommend is seeing a knowledgable psychic to try and find out what this being is and what it wants with you. Unfortunately, coming across psychics who are "for real" is a difficult task. If you can find one that feels comfortable to you, that might really help you get a better grasp on who or what this entity is. I get a strong feeling that this thing is not human, but rather some sort of non-human entity of a demonic nature (not that I'm saying it's a demon in the Judeo-Christian sense, but a spirit for which there is no other name).

Another possible approach, if you haven't already tried it, is having your aura cleansed. You should be able to do this yourself through meditation. If doing it yourself doesn't work, you can try having your aura cleansed by someone who specializes in chakras, or a shamanic healer. Our resident Seeker, whitebuffalo, might be able to offer some sound advice in this area.

I hope I've helped at least somewhat and I also hope that you will be free of this entity to live your life peacefully. All the best, and love & luck to you and yours!

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